Scotty Beats Fowler In Land Of Oz Victory Lap

I Heard Rickie Was Mistaken For A Member Of The Lollipop Guild

Adam Scott stated almost immediately after his victory at the Masters that the most enjoyment he would have from winning his first major would be going back home to Australia with his new green jacket. When his season in United States ended Adam’s fantasy trip to Australia was about to begin.

Scott will play several events in Oz on his journey, including the Australian Masters, but first up is the Australian PGA Championship. Due to Australia’s geographic location it is summer in the southern hemisphere which means it is the peak of Aussie golf season. Adam Scott, several other Aussie professionals, and Rickie Fowler teed it up this week at the RACV Royal Pines Golf Course. I have no clue what Fowler was doing there. Perhaps he wanted to see the world, perhaps he was paid a nice appearance fee, or perhaps he was visiting relatives of his….

Oh come on! There is a resemblance, isn’t there? If you’re not getting the joke, I can’t help you. Whatever the reason, Rickie finished in a respectable 2nd place to a guy who is arguably the best player in the world right now. Hopefully that gets him going and gives him some confidence heading into 2014. Still, I can’t help but think that Rickie might have been better off playing in the McGladrey Classic where valuable Fed Ex points and Ryder Cup points are at stake. Plus, money won at the McGladrey would go toward his total for the the current tour season. Those points and dollars add up quickly and help get you into future WGC events, majors, etc.

Where Is Golf Channel 2 When You Need It? 

When Tiger’s run in Turkey ended it would have been nice to have been able to switch to another channel and watch the Scott/Fowler dual go down. I realize this would have likely have had to have been previously recorded due to the time differences in Turkey, North America, and Australia, but still….. a guy can dream. If Scott and Fowler were 3 shots clear of the field and paired together at the John Deere Classic CBS would be frothing at the mouth to see the ratings it produced. It goes down at the Australian PGA and the Golf Channel leaves me hanging?!? That doesn’t seem right. Who’s asleep at the wheel in Orlando?

Triumphant homecoming for Master Scott

All Adam Scott did was go out and dominate the field like you would expect. He was 3 clear of Fowler to start the final round and he stretched that lead to 4 in victory. These Aussie events might not matter much to you and me, but to Scott they are practically majors. To come home with a green jacket, to win your home country’s PGA, and to be the defending champ at next week’s Australian Masters……well…..I’m not sure how much better life can be for Mr. Scott. I suppose he could be swimming in hot golf groupies that throw themselves at him too……….oh wait……. he is.

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