Paulina On Fire……Literally

Call 1-800-VALTREX

News broke today from the good folks at TMZ that Paulina Gretzky, fiance’ of Dustin Johnson, had caught on fire during a recent evening out in Southern California. I realize that this isn’t exactly germane to the world of golf, but I think I’ve covered the future Mrs. Johnson enough here in the last 10 months that you’d be pissed off at me if I didn’t post such news. Here’s my tweet about the incident that contains a link to the write up provided:

If you’re too lazy to click the link and read for yourself, let me sum it up for you. Ms. Gretzky was out with friends and rid herself of her most recent fag….errrrr……cigarette by depositing the used butt into the nearest fire pit.


The report tells us that she got too close to the flame, her sweater caught on fire, and Paulina was in the midst of a blaze. She removed her top quickly – I bet she did – and escaped frightened but mostly unharmed. Whew. What do you think DJ would have done had she been burned horribly with no chance to ever heal or look the same again?

Still On Fire

Paulina’s exciting day wasn’t over. Little did we know that she’d be the cover girl and featured in the December issue of Maxim magazine. The cover photo was made public on Thursday just hours after news of her going up in flames hit the wire.

Between DJ’s win, her visit with tigers, catching on fire, and being Maxim’s newest pin-up girl, it’s been a busy week for Paulina. She’s certainly strengthening her case to win my year end award (known as a Shutter) for golf’s WAG of the year. That post is just around the corner. Stay tuned.

Oh, here’s a bonus shot from PG and Maxim for you.

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