Tiger Goes Intercontinental, The Tax Man Cometh, And Sneds Goes Down

The Ball I Hit Down Turn 3 At The Speedway Is Still Rolling

Before you woke up on Tuesday, Tiger Woods was having fun hitting golf balls over the Bosphorus Bridge that connects Europe and Asia via Turkey. Only one side of the bridge was closed for the publicity stunt which was organized to promote the Turkish Airlines Open that Tiger will play in this week. Why the fuck is he playing in Turkey you ask? Because TW gets $2.4 million just to show up.


The joke going around the #twitterverse is that event organizers must not have seen Tiger play of late because the lanes of traffic on the bridge to his right were not closed and were filled with cars. FORE!!!!!! People on the scene say Tiger hit something less than driver right down the center lane. Good course management. Video of the stunt can be seen below, but I cannot translate the full report from the news crew for you. Good luck with that.

I’m serious about Turn 3. If you ever play the Brickyard Crossing course that dissects part of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you’ll be taken into and underneath the track to play a few holes of the Pete Dye design. It’s a pretty cool gimmick. You make the turn inside the track and leave the race track grounds to play the 12th hole and continue your round.


This is your chance to have a moment like Tiger’s bridge shot. As noted by the arrow above, if you’re playing the back tees it’s very possible to take a shag ball and blast one over the fence into turn three. You’ll know if you’re successful as you’ll see the ball bound down the track after it lands. With the high-banking turn it seems possible that you could hit one about 1/3 of a mile or longer if you placed it right. Try that Tiger!

Of course, you assume all risk if you attempt such a stunt and hit a car, wound someone near the track, etc. My lawyers made me say this.

Tax O-Meter Still Running

The tax man doesn’t sleep, so don’t you think for one second that Phil earning 100k in China doesn’t get noticed by the IRS. This is an official PGA Tour event. It was played in the tax year of 2013, even though the cash and Fed Ex points count toward the tour’s 2014 season. It doesn’t matter where he earned it.

The IRS makes no exceptions, so neither do I. I’m taking this thing right up to midnight of December 31st. Keep raking it in in Phil, I’m still counting.

How’s This For A Segway? 

This story is going a bit unnoticed, but I’m sure you’re following it. While in China Brandt Snedeker suffered what was, at the time, labeled an undisclosed injury. Sneds was scheduled to play in a few more events overseas but he has withdrawn from them and returned to Nashville to see his doctors. The story now being slowly leaked out is that BS jumped off a segway and injured his thigh and knee. The injury to his knee is being called a sprain. He might be on the shelf until January 1st.

Yes, you read that right. Sneds ‘jumped’, or fell on his ass, off one of those two-wheeled devices pictured above that are typically used by douche bags or mall cops that are too lazy to walk or run. I know they’re popular for urban tours of major cities and that would probably be a fun way to see the sights, but an athlete injuring himself because of one has to be one of the funniest injuries of the year in professional sports. Get well soon, Sneds.

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1 Response to Tiger Goes Intercontinental, The Tax Man Cometh, And Sneds Goes Down

  1. BB says:

    Any insight on the Simon Dyson witch hunt? Sure, he breaks a rule for tamping his putting line and gets DQ’d from the tournament, but why talk of suspension/ban from the Euro tour? Is there a past history of other transgressions? It seems a bit extreme for the situation considering all the other high profile “cavalier” rule shenanigans this past year.

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