Lydia Ko Goes Pro, But Who’s The Rugby Brute Flirting With Her?

We’re All Whores For A Price

As of yesterday morning, sixteen year old Lydia Ko was the top ranked ladies amateur player in the world for 130 consecutive weeks. Inevitably, that changed when she turned pro yesterday afternoon. Ko, with her trademark spectacles, has been the freshest young face in the game for a few years now.  She’s already won 4 professional events as an amateur, including the last two Women’s Canadian Opens, so announcing to the world that she would play for money was a foregone conclusion.

Ko was born in South Korea but claims New Zealand as her home. Having played in 25 professional events and never missing a cut as well as placing 2nd at the last ladies major of the year, now seems like as good of a time as any to make the leap. If she were American, perhaps the experience of a year of college would have been something to remain an amateur for, but she’s a Kiwi. I’m sure college never entered her mind. Lexi Thompson recently won on the ladies tour, did her road to stardom without college golf clear the path for Ko? I doubt it. This was a slam dunk.

The Video

With Ko’s choice being so obvious, the only question left for those paying attention was, how would she make the announcement? The obvious method would have been something like Tiger’s ‘Hello World’ press conference and world wide ad campaign from a company like Nike, or Under Armour, who Ko seems to be fond of. Perhaps Ko is more laid back, or perhaps women’s golf will never be big enough to operate in that fashion, but LK went a different route from what you’d expect in making her announcement. Like many kids her age, she got together with a buddy and made a funny video with the hope that it would go viral. That seems to have worked. It’s playful, amusing, and also stars Israel Dagg of New Zealand rugby fame. Take a look:

Brilliant. I loved almost everything about it. The tone of the video shows her personality and how making such a decision really was that simple for her. What did she have to lose? What I don’t get is the involvement of Dagg. Is he a pedophile? Does New Zealand have more relaxed statutory rape laws? Whatever the case, I find his involvement a bit creepy.

Sure, maybe they are just pals and I’m an ass for being a filthy minded cynic, but I can’t fathom a 16 year old girl hanging out any 25 year old male, let alone a superstar athlete, without something creepy going. Being as famous as he is in his homeland, Dagg probably gets more ass than a toilet seat. It’s very possible he’s not into Lydia in such a way. He’s also is very playful with her in the video and it seems quite innocent, so perhaps he’s gay, but it’s still an odd vibe. If one of you has any info on the relationship, I’d love to hear about it. Until we hear otherwise, I guess we’ll just take it for what’s its worth. That is, a kid being a kid, but telling the world she’s ready for more. Good luck Miss Ko, and whatever you do, keep the glasses.

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4 Responses to Lydia Ko Goes Pro, But Who’s The Rugby Brute Flirting With Her?

  1. R. Smith says:

    Really, the only thing creepy about the video was his black socks.

  2. cheesefunnel says:

    The video is a little hammy, but I think you’re the only one picking up any sexual tension.

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