Breaking News: Brandel Chamblee Is Still A Giant Douchebag

Ummm…..Mr. Chamblee, I Have Ben Wright On The Line For You

By now you all know the back story here. Brandel Chamblee wrote a dumb article in which he graded players for their 2013 season. Well, it wasn’t completely retarded until he told a story about how when he was in grade school he cheated on a test and the teacher caught him. His paper was marked with a 100 that was crossed out and an F was written in for his grade. He then compared Tiger’s 5 win season to his paper because, like Chamblee did in grade school, Tiger cheated. His comparison, not mine.

Tiger Woods

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa…….cheated? Come on BC, that’s dumb as your prep school hair cut. And that’s largely why I’ve tried to ignore the story up until now. It was too stupid to acknowledge. Chamblee wrote it for shock and nothing else, well……shock and the fact that the guy hates everything Tiger Woods does.  Going out on this limb and calling the most influential golfer of all time a cheater is an ice and olive oil covered slippery slope, but Chamblee went there, and now he has to eat it. Let the backpedaling begin.

Don’t Get Me Started On His Hair

I’m not going to pull punches here, that’s not the M.O. of this site, but you know that by now. I don’t mind Chamblee giving is opinion on most things golf, I don’t often disagree with him, but when it comes to Tiger all bets are off. You know I’m not a Tiger hater and that I criticize the swooshed cat when it is deserved, but Chamblee can’t find that middle ground……EVER. He can’t do it when he’s discussing Tiger. I don’t know why, but I’m beginning to think he’s a giant racist piece of shit. That’s what he’s coming off as, isn’t he? What is his motive? His bias against Woods is hard to ignore.


Today Brandel realized what a mess he stepped in. He tweeted away like a sniveling little bitch about how he was wrong, he went to far, blah blah blah. Of course this happened within hours of Tiger’s agent telling ESPN that legal action might be taken against Chamblee for his comments.

Brandel also tweeted that his apology wasn’t forced by anyone. Bullshit. The odds of that are about the same as hooker in Tijuana not having chlamydia. The Golf Channel had to be feeling some heat and I’d make a decent sized bet that someone doing public relations for them stepped in and strongly advised BS to take action. It makes no difference. No one in their right mind agreed with him in the first place. All Chamblee did with his pathetic column was make himself look like more of biased fool to golf fans. He’s getting good at that.

I Warned You

I detailed how I feel about Chamblee and his Tiger angst just recently when I nominated him for my Shutter Award for golf’s Whiny Bitch of the Year. Looking back on that nomination, it’s quite a harbinger of Chamblee’s report card on Tiger. I’ll try not to pull a muscle patting myself on the back for that. Brandel’s numb-nuts writing and subsequent apology still don’t take the Shutter away from Vijay for the year. The year is over, but this does solidify Chamblee as a nominee for next year and makes him a strong candidate to actually win the award. He’ll be tough to beat.

What’s the next act in the Chamblee-Woods saga? Sadly for us, probably no more fireworks or actual drama. I suspect that BS will be suspended by TGC for his stupidity, but it will be nothing more than what they did to Kelly “Lick-A-Lot-Of-Puss” Tilghman when she said something stupid about lynching Tiger in the alley. Then perhaps a more formal apology. I can’t imagine Tiger thinks Twitter is the proper medium to make this right. That will be followed by some sit down interview where they both tell Dr. Phil or Tom Rinaldi  about their childhoods, a priest touching them…… get the drift. Shit. Maybe Sergio will sit down with them and they can all clear the air. I’d pay to watch it.

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3 Responses to Breaking News: Brandel Chamblee Is Still A Giant Douchebag

  1. Tee-biz says:

    I rather enjoy the fact that people will call Tiger out on things but Chamblee’s hate fest on Tiger is too much for me even.

  2. More like Brandee Chamblue

  3. Ken says:

    Brandel Chamblee……is an asshole. Way too oppionated and acts like everyone gives a shit about what this dick has the say. Save your breath and get a job as Bill O’Reilly ‘s bitch. Angry little fuck!!!
    We won’t even talk about his goofy f’n name………. or the fact that he is 4’8″ tall.

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