Rory’s Pacific Rim Job

Away From The Noise

A big break up in the public eye, a law suit against your former management company, a slumping golf game……..those are just a few of the problems swirling around Rory McIlroy this fall. What better way to get away from such troubles but to take your game on the road to Asia. Time away plus a reported million Euro appearance fee might have been just the thing the young mick needed to clear his mind and get out of his slump.  Remember, Rors failed to qualify for the Fed Ex Cup finale at the Tour Championship. He hasn’t played tournament golf since the BMW Championship outside of Chicago a month ago. He needs some reps!

Rory’s trip to the far east isn’t just for cash or shits and giggles. Of course he’d like to hone his game, but the first leg of the trip was merely a warm up. After spending the weekend in Korea, he’ll join his contemporaries at tournaments in China, Dubai and Australia. Believe it or not, the upcoming tourneys in Kuala Lumpur and China actually count toward the 2014 Fed Ex Cup race on the PGA Tour. No shit.  

Rory’s schedule also helps him earn points for the Euro Tour’s Race to Dubai where he currently holds the 60th position which puts him on the cut line for the DP World championship in Dubai in November.  Sandwiched in the middle of Rory’s Pacific Rim job trip is the made-for-TV rematch of his clash with Tiger that only Ahmad Rashad was witness to. That’ll be fun. 

No Happy Ending

Last weekend in Korea Rory finished 2nd to Some-Young Guy, errrrr…. I mean Sung-hoon Kang. Rory also finished 2nd in the event in 2012 to Rickie Fowler. His rounds of 70-69-75-67 equaled only a 3 under total. The field was awful. I don’t think there was a single player outside of Rory ranked in the top 75 in the world, but I didn’t check. Prove me wrong, please.  Did his game show progress? That’s hard to say. The 67 on Sunday seems to show a positive trend, but I won’t expect much in his next event.

What’s the word on Horse Face? Nada, zip, nothing. He’s not talking. His team said something about it being a private matter and that he didn’t need to address it. That’s fine, I can dig it. Why would he want to discuss it? We’ve all dated an ugly chick we didn’t want to think about again, haven’t we?

Kyung-Tae Kim

Rory took some headlines merely by being there, and Kang’s win should have, but the real story involved 3rd round tournament leader Hyung-tae Kim. Kim came to the 17th hole of his final round with a two shot lead. At that time a rule official informed him that he was being stroked by the tournament committee for grounding his club in a hazard earlier in the day. He protested, but lost the protest and the tourney and shared 2nd with McIlroy. Poor guy. I find this strange because I’ve always heard when you get stroked in Korea it is a happy ending.  I guess you can’t believe everything you hear. (Insert Tiger joke here.)

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