The Shutters: Shot Of The Year

Award Shows Always Last Too Long

Today I’m presenting the award for the best shot hit this year in all of golf. Unfortunately for you, your 6 iron sliced around a tree out of a bunker to 4 feet doesn’t count because no one saw it. Therefore, you’re not eligible. Sorry slugger.

Unfortunately for all of us I didn’t nominate any shots that weren’t hit in PGA Tour events. I was hoping for something from the Presidents Cup to make it, or even some amazing trick shot from YouTube, but nothing was worthy. Maybe next year. Now let’s get back to it.

The Nominees Are

Jordan Spieth, 3rd shot, 72nd hole, John Deere Classic – This kid has no problem collecting hardware, does he? When he decides to build his Texas mansion he might need an entire wing just for his trophy collection. Perhaps he’ll display a Shutter proudly if he wins it.

By now you all know Spieth’s back story and how he went from no status on tour, to some status, to full status, to king status. Much of that came because of his win at the John Deere Classic. Without that, he’s not in the Tour Championship, Fed Ex Playoffs, or making the Presidents Cup team. Without this shot, he wouldn’t have won the John Deere.

This is Jordan’s 2nd nomination as he was also nominated for Player of the Year.

Tiger Woods, 3rd shot, 15th hole, Round 2 of the Masters – For an 80 some yard shot, this one was pretty good. Too good? Probably. Of course this was the shot that lead to discussion all around the world that made a sleepy Saturday morning in the spring fill with ‘what ifs’, ‘how dare he’s’, and ‘no fucking ways’.

It’s hard to convince me that if Tiger’s ball doesn’t drill the stick and carom back into the water he doesn’t run away and hide for the rest of the weekend to snag major number 15. He likely makes birdie on the hole instead of what ended up being a snowman. That’s a four shot swing if you’re scoring at home.

Not only did the shot impact the tournament results, but it also caused quite a stir within the golf community. Every Nick, Brandle, and Johnny had an opinion on what Tiger should or should not do with regard to withdrawing or continuing to play in the tournament. That talk didn’t go away after the green jacket was presented, it went on for nearly two months. The entire situation also raised questions about Tiger’s ethics and knowledge of the rules due to it being one of several rule fuck ups he was involved in for 2013.

This is Tiger’s 2nd nomination as he was also nominated for Player of the Year.

Patrick Reed, 2nd shot, 2nd hole of sudden death Playoff, Wyndham Championship – For a guy who’s just starting his career out on the PGA Tour, a win is like a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. One good week means $1,000,000 in your bank account, 2 years of not worrying about keeping your card, and one sweet week at Augusta in the spring. That’s what was starring Patrick Reed in the face coming down the stretch of this year’s Wyndham Championship.

Eventually Reed found himself in a playoff with phenom Jordan Spieth and, after watching Spieth make an all world par on the first playoff hole while he botched a short birdie putt, Reed had to feel like he let victory slip through his fingers. Off the tee he was wide right and needed to negotiate tree limbs on his 2nd shot. With Spieth already safely on the green, Reed let his instincts take over. (Start at the 20 second mark)

After Spieth missed Reed of course made his to earn his 1st victory. While this wasn’t a major or a hole out, it’s still an impressive shot considering that Patrick at one point thought he was hitting 3 off the tee when it appeared his first tee shot on the hole was out of bounds.

Phil Mickelson, 2nd shot, 71st hole of Open Championship – FIGJAM must have had a great year because I can’t stop nominating him for my awards. What’s amazing about this shot is that he only his his drive 256 yards into the wind. The 17th hole changes direction slightly which allowed Phil to not have to hit his 2nd shot directly into the fan. He still needed to cover 300 yards to get home and did so with a pure strike, great bounce, and 50 yards of roll.

Lucky bounce or not, the shot was amazing and likely secured his lead for good at the Open Championship to give Phil his 5th major. Was his 2nd shot at the next hole even better? It might have been. Phil flagged it at 18 when everyone was expecting a Phil-moment (think Winged Foot 18th hole 2006). In my opinion, the birdie at 17 took the pressure off on 18 and made the last birdie a bit like an insurance run for a baseball team.

This is FIGJAM’s 4th nomination for a Shutter. He’s previously been nominated for Whiny Bitch of the Year, Round of the Year, and Player of the Year. He’s won Shutters for both the Round and Player of the Year.

Justin Rose, 2nd shot, 72nd hole of U.S. Open – In 1998 Rose burst onto the golf scene as a 17 year old amateur that finished in the top ten of the Open Championship. From that point forward golf fans figured Justin would win several majors and be a star of professional golf. Better late than never. Rose is finally blossoming into that player, and he was in full bloom (you see what I did there?) at Merion in June when he won his first major at the U.S. Open. Rose of course edged out Phil Mickelson in Philly with his solid and mostly error free play.

The shot he hit on the final hole to the green was his signature moment of the tourney. The 18th at Merion oozes history and the plaque commemorating the shot Ben Hogan hit with a 1 iron to seal the 1950 U.S. Open.

Rose hit a 4 iron from about 15 yards behind the Hogan landmark, but his shot might have been even sweeter.

And The Winner Is

I truly have no problem picking any one of these. I think they’re all very deserving for their own reasons. I’ll stay away from Tiger’s pin seeker because I think the winner of this should be awarded for excellence, not a bad bounce. Phil’s Phrankenwood off the deck at Muirfield was amazing, but that required some luck to get a huge kick forward and reach the green. It’s out. Rose’s laser was perfection, but the result was that he still needed a tricky up and down to win the tournament. It’s out

That leaves Spieth v. Reed again. Both shots lead to upstarts winning their first tourney, but Spieth’s catapulted him to another level. He gets the Shutter. Congrats young man.

As always, this site is at its best when you speak your mind. Did I get it right? Which would you have picked? I know many of you will say that I missed Adam Scott’s putt at 18 at the Masters, or on 10 when he won it. Those were great strokes, but I’d prefer to nominate a shot struck from off the green. Plus, Scott didn’t even read his last putt. He needed Stevie’s eyes to see the extra break. I can’t give an award to any thing that fucktard was a part of.

Unless I get creative, there’s only one Shutter left. WAG of the Year is on the horizon.

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2 Responses to The Shutters: Shot Of The Year

  1. DTShangers says:

    I hate always agreeing with you but Speith’s shot was magic because of all the resulting glory it was responsible for afterward. I think Speith hit it fat and it should have gone right in the drink. Reed’s shot was more difficult and he nailed it. Speith went on to earn a Presidents cup spot (and almost beat Reed for win two), Reed went home and banged his caddy for a few weeks.

  2. AM says:

    Ehm… you put Spieth and took off Scott’s putt at the 18th at Augusta?!? Dude…

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