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Ready Or Not

If you missed my previous post, then listen up here. Because the tour season is officially over for 2013 I’m going to announce my end of the year awards post by post. Some awards will be announced after the Presidents Cup just in case somebody does something crazy in Columbus, but for the most part they’ll get rolled out over the next week or so. You’ll pick up on it as we go. These awards encompass all things golf, not just the tour. With October right around the corner most everyday golfer’s years are done too, so why not get this thing rolling?

Who/what is on the tee? Golf’s Tweeter of the Year is the first award to be addressed. This one applies to media, players, organizations, or pretty much anything and everything in golf’s social media world. You think I’m too AARP for lumping all outlets together under ‘Tweeter’? Maybe I’m am, but I’m not giving out awards for YouTubers, Facebookers, or J-Daters, so deal with it. Here we go!

The Nominees Are…..

David Lynn, PGA Tour Member – It’s quite possible that no golfer has a more creative and dry wit than @DavidLynndawg. The British golfer loves to tweet about his planking prowess, binge drinking, and bad jokes. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve glanced at my feed while having a miserable day at work and read something Lynn poetically stated in less than 140 characters to make me giggle like a little boy. Here’s a sampling for your enjoyment:

Where Lynn might lose some points to his fellow competitors in this strong category is in his variation of Twitter interactions. He’s kind of a one trick pony with his humor and rarely lets us into his personal life. Still, he’s great to follow because he’s one of the quirkiest guys on tour. If you do follow him, consider yourself warned, several of his tweets are NSFW.

Jason Sobel, Writer – The hack Golf Channel writer (I say that tongue firmly in cheek) gets the only media nomination in this category for 2013. He beat out his peers of @shanebacon and @EllingYelling mostly because of his sarcasm and range/variation of tweet content. Bacon gives golf fans plenty of great nuggets of information you won’t get anywhere else, but he does it in a humorless way. Steve Elling is one of the best at what he does, but he’s clearly moved away from covering golf for a living .

@JasonSobelGC is on the scene at most big events and always has a quote from the player of the moment that provides insight and timely information. He’s also a sarcastic ass that has no problem taking pot shots at Phil, Tiger, Rory, and others when they’re deserved. Here’s a typical Sobel tweet from last week:

Lee Westwood, PGA Tour Member – I’ll freely admit that @WestwoodLee is probably the weakest nominee in this category. In fact, Lee doesn’t talk much golf at all via social media. What he does discuss (when not taking shots at @IanJamesPoulter) are his beloved soccer matches across the pond, American sports betting lines, TV shows, and general pop culture. Why is he nominated? Because he drinks and tweets. That’s a fun combination.

Lee Westwood

Perhaps you recall that after the PGA Championship Lee got in a little trouble with his sponsor for his Twitter rant on “haters” trashing him for failing to win another major. Lee fought back at the trolls after a few pints and said somethings he probably doesn’t regret, but says he does because UPS told him he better behave. That tirade alone puts him on this short list.

Jason Dufner, PGA Tour Member – Golf’s newest major champion does a little bit of everything in 140 characters or less on the Twitter. He verbally spars with pal Keegan Bradley, encourages followers to send him funny pictures of rednecks moving over-sized loads of their crap, and provides jewels of information during televised action of his peers playing the course he just finished a round on.

Remember when Phil was going nuts in his final round at Muirfield to win the Open Championship? Well, as Phil snaked his way around the links, Duf was live-tweeting what challenges Phil would face on virtually every hole and shot. He was spot on with every comment and the tweets were pure brilliance

Duf loses a few points because at times he and Keegan are needling each other to the point where it annoys you. Plus, his dog, @PrinceDufner, is now tweeting about the world he lives in and Jason retweets the dogs musings far too often.

Trying Too Hard

Whenever applicable with whatever award I’m giving out, I’ll give you the nominees but I’ll also take a dump on someone who’s at the other end of the spectrum, the toilet bowl nominee for the same award, if you will. In this category I have to call out Ben Crane. I’ve ranted enough about his nerd videos and bad tweets. Hey, Ben seems like a nice guy, but his comedic timing and style just don’t do much for me. Am I wrong? You tell me. This was his latest video that I already crapped on when it came out.

It was topical, this much is true, but I find it annoying because at this point I think he’s trying too hard. I like both the Golf Boys videos, but even in those Ben seems out of place to me. Even if you enjoy his videos, I challenge you to follow him on Twitter. It’s more of a sermon or a church service than anything else.

And The Winner Is…..

Jason Du…..nope, can’t do it. I’m going with Jason Sobel. Duf seems like the obvious choice and his tweets from Muirfield should have been enough to give him the win. I think I’m penalizing him for the dog having it’s own Twitter account. That and Dufnering has now jumped the shark. I think Sobel is more deserving too. He gives too much good info to over look. The fact that he does so with some levity and humor only makes his case stronger.

There you have it, the first of many Shutter Awards goes to Jason Sobel for the Golf Tweeter of the Year. I obviously didn’t deduct points for him dressing like a douche bag. What say you? Speak your mind in the comments below or the poll in the post. Did I miss someone, would you have given it to Duf-daddy? Westie? Someone else?

Next up I’ll get a little more serious and hand out the Shutter for the Round of the Year. All rounds all across the globe are under consideration. The winner could be from any tour, or any event, on any continent. Phil’s final round at the British, Furyk’s 59, and the mini-tour pro in Kentucky that shot 56 are the early favorites, but suggestions are encouraged.

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5 Responses to The Shutters: Tweeter of the Year

  1. Brotkopf says:

    Best round of the year nominee—Dufner’s 63 at the PGA Championship. That was impressive.

  2. BB says:

    How could you leave out Paulina? At least an honorable mention and some gratuitous pics…

  3. patty says:

    Dufner’s dog should have won. He’s the best.

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