Euro Tour Magic And The Shutters Are Coming: Hump Day Musings

Magicians Get Laid Too

Just not until they’re successful enough to move out of their mother’s basement. Where am I going with this? Well, a year ago a Glen Eagles magician DMC showed up to give the Euro boys a bit of an experience in magic. No, he didn’t take them to Hogwarts or whatever the fuck that nerd magic shit is called…..he just pulled out all his sorcery stops right there on the golf course in an amusing display of shock and awe. I’ve never seen this before, so I’m guessing you haven’t either.

Seriously, burn this fucking creep at the stake right now before he shows up in your dreams tonight and makes you wet the bed. I don’t know how the fuck he does some of that, but even his simplest trick of catching the ball off Paul Lawrie’s three iron must have taken some magical power.

If you’ve missed other Euro Tour ads like this, you’re missing out. I posted Rory v. The Robot a few months ago. You might also remember the ad where the players skipped balls across a lake at a gong and other ads with similar themes. While the Euro golf tends to be a bit on the dull side, the Euro ads are killing it. Whomever is creating them should be pursued by Nike and hired, tomorrow.

More Site News

With a week off between the Tour Championship and the Presidents Cup the golf season is about to hit a bit of a lull. Don’t worry, that just means it is time to post the year end awards, the Shutters! We’ll have categories like Shot of the Year, Player of the Year, WAG of the Year, Whiny Bitch of the Year, etc. Now is the time to nominate some of your favorites and even suggest an award.

I’ve got a few contenders for the awards on my mind, but I’ll consider your write-in votes too, plus we’ll poll the readers here to see if they agree with my selections. Each award will be announced in its own post over the next week to ten days, or maybe longer, and each post will preview the next award so you can provide your comments on who should be nominated.  Try to have a little fun with this, that’s the whole point of this place after all.

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