PGA Championship Week: Round 1

Beam Me Up Scotty

Inevitably if I pick a player to win for my fantasy golf pick’em he misses the cut that week and then goes on to a high finish or win the following week. I picked Luke Donald in the Canadian Open and he top fived at Firestone. Last week at Firestone I picked Adam Scott. Today at the PGA, Adam Scott went out and birdied 5 straight fucking holes on the front nine at Oak Hill. Playing in the featured ‘major champion’ group with Justin Rose and Phil Mickelson, Scott had the golf world buzzing that he could threaten the sacred 63 number for low round in a major when he turned in 30 strokes.

Scott’s hot start slowed with 4 pars to start his inward 9. A birdie at 14 and 63 was back on track, and 64 (which would have been an Oak Hill record) seemed like a sure thing. Scott bogied 16 and saved par on 18 to (only) shoot 65 and tie clubhouse leader Jim Furyk.

Tiger And FIGJAM

They had their moments, but both had shitty tasting meals after completing their opening rounds. Tiger looked solid early, except for the shirt he was wearing, when he was cruising around Oak Hill 2 under par. A bogey at the par five 4th hole was sloppy, but the double he made at his last hole (the 9th) was as careless as I’ve seen Woods play a hole in forever.

Woods missed the fairway on his last hole but found the intermediate cut. To hit the green he would be forced to cut the ball off an odd stance but likely would miss the green and find the deep rough around it if he couldn’t pull it off. That’s exactly what happened, despite his best effort, Tiger found rough so deep that he couldn’t execute a simple flop shot out of it. His flub-shank of a chip snuggled under the lip of the bunker and caused Tiger to card a double bogey six on his final hole. Woods declined TV media requests after his round and left the course a bit irked in his courtesy car. He did do his post round presser for the PGA and golf scribes where he commented on the fact that he played well except for the 2nd shot at 9.  He’s at +1 and tied for 50th.

We all want to see the PGA come down to a dramatic Tiger/Phil showdown that we got jobbed out of at Muirfield last month. At the rate they’re going, we might see them together, but it might not mean anything. Bitch Tits got off to a rocky start with an early bogey that he followed up by hitting his tee shot O.B. A hot stretch in the middle of his 1st round got him back to the right side of par until he too doubled his final hole to finish at +1. How does a guy hitting a 3 wood off every tee hit it out of bounds? You might as well play, carry, and hit your driver.

The Field

Well, well, well…….we have a sign of life from World No. 3 and defending champ Rory McIlroy. Rory hinted that things were about to turn around after he found something at Firestone last week. What he found is an actual golf course and four rounds of competitive golf. I think that is the first 4 round event he’s completed in a few months. McIlroy’s comments about how he’s played lost and brain dead over the last 6 weeks have been quite head scratching to me. It’s clear that he needs to play more and spend less time chasing tennis balls. With the Fed Ex events being played in succession forcing Rory to take no time off, we might just see the young mick grab a trophy this year.

@WestwoodLee had his best ever round in a PGA Championship when he posted 66 on Thursday. You know Lee is going to hang around this weekend until the very end, he just won’t win. His resume tells us so. TNT had a nice moment today covering Lee. While lining up for birdie they prompted Ian Baker-Finch to comment on the recent changes Westie has made in his approach and theory on putting. It was telling because IBF is Lee’s putting coach. Ian didn’t give us much as he was cut off quickly, but if Lee stays on the 1st page of the leaderboard over the weekend we’ll hopefully hear more of it and get the full explanation.

Anybody that broke par today is in great shape to chase and pass Adam Scott and Jim Furyk’s mark of -5 today. Oak Hill had about .25 inches of rain over the night before the 1st round. The rain softened the course and left it vulnerable to some low scores. Late in the day on Thursday another system blew through and brought severe weather with it that suspended play for over an hour. When play resumed it was clear how the course had become even more exposed thanks to the soft greens. I suspect someone that can keep the ball out of the thick rough could go quite low on Friday. Look out for someone lingering around E or -1 to go out and shoot a 64 early in the 2nd round.

The (Not) Shot Of The Day

If you watched TNT’s coverage today and saw Tiger finish his round with that shank-flub shot out of the thick rough, you’ve probably got a good gauge as to how thick it actually is. If you didn’t see that, check out this strike from golf’s most interesting man, Miguel Jimenez, today from the cabbage with a fairway wood.

I have no idea what this crazy fucker was trying to do. Perhaps those Dos Equis commercials have gone to his head. Even if he hits it clean he’s going to hit a tree in front of him. I’d expect that from Phil, the Mechanic should know better.

Live Chat

I’ve been kicking around the idea of setting up a live chat session similar to what I did for the 3rd round of the Masters earlier this year. As of now, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to be in front of a TV during the live broadcast at any point this weekend to do this. If you’re interested still, speak up and I’ll see if I can find a way to be more accommodating. If you’re not, well……don’t say shit and I’ll get the picture.

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