BREAKING: Hunter Mahan Withdraws From Canadian Open After Holding 36 Hole Lead

What The Fuck?!?

Yeah, you read that title right. Hunter had a two shot lead thru 36 when his wife Kandi, due with their first child next month, called to tell him get home quickly as she was headed to the hospital in labor. The former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader and Mahan announced their joyous news earlier this year and when I heard it I figured this would fuck up his Fed Ex chances and perhaps even a run in the PGA. The good news today is that he’ll have this behind him by the time he tees it in Rochester for the season’s last major. The bad news is that he just missed out on a good chance to win and will likely miss a big event at Firestone next week.

I don’t play for a million bucks like these cats do, but I do play a lot of competitive golf and have been in a similar situation. It would have been an easy call for me to leave not playing for a living, but Hunter made the right call and gained fans showing his class today in leaving Canada to get home to his new family.

Mahan’s departure leaves the Canadian Open’s new leader, John Merrick, in a strange situation. The twosome would have been on the course when the call came if not for a weather delay that bumped starting times back. Warming up in rainy conditions, Merrick was informed that he’d be playing sans Mahan by a Golf Channel reporter. It’ll be interesting to see if Merrick elects to play with a marker so he doesn’t wait on every tee shot.

Whatever happens, congrats to the Mahan’s on their bundle of joy and I hope Hunter is back in good form for the PGA. He’d been playing well of late for the first time since much earlier in the year.

DJ Had To Play

When you’re dating the hockey god of Canada’s daughter you sure as fuck know you’re going to play the Canadian Open if you’re a PGA Tour player. You have no choice. No one was surprised to see Dustin Johnson’s name in the field this week at an event he’s never played in before. The couple is hitting the town and Instagramming their adventures to the #twitternerds following them.

The real DJ news is that he woke up and shot 63 today before the leaders even teed it up. When Mahan withdrew, Johnson found himself tied for the lead with Merrick.

You’d assume that something around 15 under or lower is likely leading at this time tomorrow, so perhaps DJ will need another low round to truly contend, but at least he’s in the hunt making it interesting and watchable for the fans.

While looking for the picture above showing DJ and Paulina in Wayne’s Toronto eatery I also stumbled upon this beauty of her telling us what she really thinks of president Obama.

Besides a scorching case of herpes, what’s not to love about this broad?

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1 Response to BREAKING: Hunter Mahan Withdraws From Canadian Open After Holding 36 Hole Lead

  1. Papa Jim "Big" Spooner says:

    I am pretty sure she has every STD known to mankind, yet I would have no problem throwing my Hot Dog down that Halllway!

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