Gary Player Naked (As Promised), Natalie Gulbis Engaged, And DJ’s Girlfriend’s Latest: Hump Day Musings

He Kept His Two-Ball Putter In The Bag

As we’ve all been warned, Gary Player did a shoot for ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue recently. Of course ESPN isn’t a smut peddler so Gary’s shaft and balls didn’t get put on the cover. Thank god. No one wants to see an 80 some year old man’s junk, but the issue ESPN does isn’t about sex as much as it is fitness, and Gary Player might just be the most fit octogenarian on the planet.

I give Gary a lot of credit for having the balls to do this. And I’d like to let the record show that this site has now posted more male nudity than female nudity this week for the first time in its history. Now calling me a chauvinist pig will only leave you feeling empty inside.

Gulbis Got Got

It’s possible I’ve never talked about Natalie Gulbis on this website. That doesn’t seem right, does it? I’m sure by now you’ve heard the word that she’s recently engaged to some bro who played football at Yale. That’s an odd combo to me. At first glance it makes sense because we know she loves quarterbacks, see Roethlisberger, Ben. Yet, she dated Ben and Dustin Johnson who probably don’t have the combined IQ of the Yale grad fiance. Have you heard DJ or Big Ben speak? They sound as if they’ve been plucked from their special education class when doing interviews. Gulbis would appear to be right there with them from what she shows on her Winn grip commericials. Great acting Nat!!!!! I’m sure Ben, DJ, and Gulbis had plenty in common, like eating crayons and boogers.

Fake or real? That’s what I’m wondering about Gulbis’………..relationship with this new beau. BTW, his name is Josh, and he’s the co-owner of one of these companies that makes bracelets people wear for balance, energy, and whatever other super powers the ions in them can give you.

I’ll give it 3 months. My gut says she turned 30 and felt the need to settle down. Who wants to be the old single straight chick on the women’s tour anyway? Oh, and there’s your female nudity to even out the hairy pic of Player above.

Sweet Paulina

I know you were probably wondering why Paulina hasn’t been featured on this site for a while. Well, DJ hasn’t done anything of note and she hasn’t been putting selfies on Instaboner as often. But hang in there pervs, as our friends at Busted Coverage revealed the other day, Paulina was found honking her friends tits over the 4th of July and this fun GIF was created in honor of it.


I think BC said it best in their tweet when they indicated this GIF almost shut down the internet. It likely did, albeit briefly.

You know what the worst part of the British Open is? The fact that it’ll be cold and rainy and Paulina will be wearing way too many layers of clothes for us to see and fully appreciate her female form. Ahhhh fuck……now I’m sad.

Oh, did you want actual golf talk in your Hump Day Musings? Sorry, that didn’t happen, but there’s a course review released recently about TPC Deere Run that you can read in the previous post.

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5 Responses to Gary Player Naked (As Promised), Natalie Gulbis Engaged, And DJ’s Girlfriend’s Latest: Hump Day Musings

  1. Brotkopf says:

    Player is actually 77 years old.

  2. Herr Brotkopf says:

    Player is annoying. He says he does 1000 situps a day…bullshit.

  3. Dustin is so enamored about getting his Johnson dusted by number 69, Ms Gretzky, (her Dad, Wayne was number 99, so you see what I did there) that hitting balls has taken a back seat to hitting THAT.
    Paulina is more ass than class.

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