Marry/Fuck/Kill PGA Tour WAG Edition

What do you do when the golf is tape delayed, you already know the outcome, and Tiger barely breaks 80? You play Marry-Fuck-Kill with Celebrity WAGS of PGA Tour players.

As I tweeted yesterday…..

Wait, you old farts don’t know what MFK is? Jesus….go read here. The basic premise is you name three people or objects and decide which you’d marry, which you’d fornicate with, and which you’d straight up murder. For our purposes, we’re using the girlfriends of Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, and Tiger Woods.

Your options:

Rory’s Girlfriend, Caroline Wozniacki

Tiger’s Girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn

Dustin Johnson’s Fuck Toy, Paulina Gretzky

Personally, I’d marry Wozniacki, she seems nice and buys Rory cool shit according to his tweets. I’d kill Vonn, as you’ve heard me say, she’s thick and harry. I’d EFF Paulina, because as hot as she is, she must be crazy and likely has the herp. You wrap up your cock and take that leap of faith in latex just one time. 

There you go….comments please.

And BTW, I’ve got Kooch in Fantasy Golf, so there’s no chance he wins tomorrow.


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5 Responses to Marry/Fuck/Kill PGA Tour WAG Edition

  1. tapsharma says:

    Hmm….some floozy with sculpted by the gods’ arse or the other two pro athletes? Far too difficult to choose. I say fuck all three and be done it….

  2. Big Jim Spooner says:

    You know the worst part about fucking Lindsey Vonn? Telling your dad you are gay! Yup, pretty sure she is packing a hog down below. So obviously I am killing Vonn. The other part is tough. First instinct is obviously fuck Paulina and marry Caroline. But really, how sweet would it be to have “the Great One” as your father in law? Sweet not because he is the second greatest hockey player ever, but because I would love nothing better than to tell him I just went top hole with his daughter. So I am marrying Paulina and simply using Caoline as a fuck toy.

  3. NeeHurtz says:

    Does Bobby Orr have a daughter?

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