PGA Tour Wives: Hot Or Not?

Yes, I’m going there. I’m playing the most juvenile grade school game of Hot Or Not with PGA Tour player’s wives. Why Am I doing this? Because the PGA Tour Wives Association played their 9 hole golf tournament last week before the Players to raise money for their association. Their husbands caddied for them and the good folks at Golf Digest took pictures like it was a fucking prom and made a gallery of them for us to comment on and judge.

Because they’re so charitable and I’m assuming that whatever money they raised from this event is going to charity, I won’t post the ‘Nots’ here and provide commentary. Yes, I’m a mean heartless fuck, but I’m not that mean and heartless. So this is where you need to step up your game. Check out pics in the gallery linked at the end of this post and say what’s on your mind. Who’s fugly? Who’s smoking? Who’s definitely cheating? Who’s oddly matched?

And you thought these guys were all married to models……

Pat Perez

PGA Tour Wives Classic Golf Tournament: Pat Perez and Ashley Pendley

Oh Pat, you motor-boatin’ son of a bitch, you old sailor…..that’s a nice catch. This broad’s name is Ashley Pendley. I have no clue what their deal is. Google says not married, but who knows what that means. Either way, Pat has out kicked his coverage.

Steve Wheatcroft

PGA Tour Wives Classic Golf Tournament: Steve Wheatcroft and Sara Skevington

Is Wheatcroft even a tour member? If not, how’s his ‘wife’ involved in the association? Her name is Sara Skevington, and like Pat Perez’s situation, we have no clue if these two are married, just fucking, or somewhere in between. Remember when Wheatcroft was crying in Houston a month ago about trying to make a living playing golf? Well, if crying gets you this piece we all should do it. Next!

Charl Schwartzel

PGA Tour Wives Classic Golf Tournament: Carl and Rosalind Schwartzel

Charl is a goofy looking, skinny, buck-toothed dork with more body hair than anyone on the planet aside from Robin Williams. His wife Rosalind must feast on a steady diet of chest hair sandwiches. Good for her. Maybe South African chicks are just weird like that. Or maybe she saw him in a green jacket and couldn’t say no.

Chris Stroud

PGA Tour Wives Classic Golf Tournament: Chris and Tiffany Stroud

Perhaps you’re asking yourself right now, “who the fuck is Chris Stroud?”. Well, he is a tour member. What do we know about him? We know he likes big knockers. His wife is blessed. 

Brian Gay

PGA Tour Wives Classic Golf Tournament: Brian and Kimberly Gay

Brian, are you compensating for something? Like your last name perhaps? Who knew that Gay married Jenny From The Block. Seriously. If you can’t see the resemblance then I can’t help you.

Kimberly Gay looks exactly like J-Lo. Does her ass? Does it matter? J-Lo is a cunt and by all accounts Mrs. Gay is a sweetheart and very popular on tour. What’s weird is I’ve seen pics of her via Twitter and she never looked like this before.

Jason Day

PGA Tour Wives Classic Golf Tournament: Jason and Ellie Day

If you’re a regular reader here you’re already aware of my affection for Ellie Day. I’m going to chalk this one up to just being a bad picture. We’ve all taken them. I’m the least photogenic person I can think of, so I’ll just leave this one be unless she starts providing evidence to the contrary. Poor girl. Becoming a mother looks hard.

Nick Watney

PGA Tour Wives Classic Golf Tournament: Nick and Amber Watney

Speaking of bad pictures, Amber Watney took at bad one here. Look…. I can prove it!

See. Mrs. Watney belongs on the good part of this list. Judging this takes perspective.

Let’em Rip!!!!

Okay, there’s my list of “Hots”, now have at it in the comments section with the “Nots” and whatever the fuck else you want to add. There are some delicious ones to dive into. Try to give the old guys like Finchem, Ken Duke, and Peter Jacobson a pass. Aging sucks. And does anyone else think it looks like Oosthuizen’s head was photo shopped into his picture?

Here’s the gallery:

Say It Ain’t So Win

Before you get to the end of that gallery and tell me I missed something, let’s just address it right here. Southern sweetheart and Golf Channel anchor Win McMurry also participated in this little outing put on by the tour wives. McMurry’s caddie was all-time goldshower medal takerwinner Michael Phelps. Of course this was orchestrated by the Golf Channel since she works there and Phelps is on the latest edition of the Haney Project. Still, there’s plenty of interweb rumors about the two already dating. Busted Coverage had the story here a few days ago.

PGA Tour Wives Classic Golf Tournament: Michael Phelps and Win McMurry

They look pretty cozy. Another case of a goofy fucktard getting a girl he couldn’t without his fame. Que sera I suppose.

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8 Responses to PGA Tour Wives: Hot Or Not?

  1. cheesefunnel says:

    Dowd not in the hots? Are you gay?

    • shutfacegolf says:

      There is nothing wrong with Mrs. Simpson. I just find her to be a bit vanilla in comparison so I didn’t comment on her. Plus, she’s the 1st pic in the gallery so readers will see her anyway. Mrs. Furyk isn’t listed either, it’s not that she’s not hot, but her feathered 80’s hair made me decide to not display her.

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  3. Coach Hoke says:

    What is Phelps signifying with his fingers in the picture? The size of his penis. He’s a goofy looking bastard.

  4. Duane Paige says:

    Pat Perez’s girl is really hot! But she is not Pat’s wife now just the new fiancee! She recently shows off her huge diamond rings and shares a lot of photos with Pat on facebook! Good for them!

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  6. scooter graybill says:

    Ever see Jason Duffners wife? Soon to be ex. Tell me how that dork could hook her W/O fame and cash.

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