Hey Vijay…..Eat A Shitburger!

What A Sad Sack Of Shit

Honestly, this is the last time I’m going to discuss this walking turd and his case with the Tour, deer antler spray, or anything else related to this long line of tomfoolery Mr. Singh led us through. So why am I bringing it up again now? Because Mayor McDickhead decided to sue the PGA Tour today after they let him off the hook last week with no suspension for taking a banned substance.

Excuse Me, What Was That?

This can’t be fucking serious. In the immortal words of the great Charles Ramsey, “you got some big testicles to pull this off, bro”. This is the ultimate example of biting the hand that feeds you. Singh thinks that after he admitted to taking what was at the time a banned substance he has grounds for a lawsuit against the organization that decided not to suspend him  a week ago. He must have also forgotten that it is a privilege be a Tour member and that the organization that he’s filed suit against (for nothing but explaining their lack of action) has made him about $100 million over his low-life-sack-of-shit-cheating-mother-fucker of a Hall of Fame career. The irony of this is that Singh should be sending Finchem and the Ponte Vedra Mafia a thank you note and hoping to blend into his surroundings this week at the Players while everyone forgets this ordeal and it goes away. Instead, he’s picking at the scab and letting everyone know how big of a first class fucktard he is.

Golf Channel’s Jason Sobel probably summed the situation up best via Twitter:

He Doesn’t Get it

Veej’s action today through his lawyers tells you that he just doesn’t get it, and apparently neither does his publicist. If you heard John Feinstein talk about this today, he was adamant that Singh’s actions are likely to go into P.R. textbooks of what not to do in a situation like the one Vijay is in. Feinstein went as far as to say that if Singh’s suit does go to court, it’s very likely that the first question out of the Tour’s lawyer’s mouth would be about Singh’s reputation as a cheater in Asia some 25 years ago. Filing the suit opens him up to all this things. It’s a public relations nightmare now. While the cheater story is out there, it isn’t a well known one. Put him on the stand and he’s open to it again, that’s fair game in a law suit. Why tarnish your career more?

I Wish Him Nothing But The Worst

You just know Vijay beats his wife too, don’t you? Errrrr………I mean………. we can only assume. There’s no truth to that, or evidence, that is. Fuck him anyway. I hope the Tour’s lawyers fuck him up like Colonel Jessup in A Few Good Men. I hope the IRS comes knocking on his door and finds that he hasn’t paid taxes in 14 years. I hope the tax evasion lands him in Federal-Pound-Me-In-The-Ass-Prison. I hope the people that run the golf Hall of Fame kick this phony out and mount his fucking head on the wall of the janitors closet.

Somewhere at a bar drinking a Michelob Ultra, Lance Armstrong is hitting on an under age girl and laughing at Vijay (and thanking him).

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