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#Dropgate – The Men of the Masters Have Spoken And Now You Can Too

In case you missed it, Tiger took a bad drop yesterday after rattling his 3rd shot at 15 off the flag stick into the water. Yeah, no way you missed that. You can see the details of the incident in … Continue reading

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Masters Week: Round 2

Rule With An Iron Fist With the wind up and conditions and hole locations more difficult than what we saw Thursday, scores shot up significantly in round 2 of the 2013 Masters. The field average increased from 73.05 to 74.16. … Continue reading

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Masters Week: Round 1

Never Disappointing Like Christmas for Bill Gates’ kids, the 1st round of the Masters is never disappointing. Sure, some contenders didn’t play their best, but are any of them really out of it? Nope. Tiger, Phil, Rory…..not a one of them … Continue reading

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Masters Week: Day (Par) 3 Round Up

Whew…..we’re just a few hours a way now. I wasn’t sure we’d make it, but by the time the dog barks in the morning to make me aware of her need to shit, the 77th Masters Tournament (pronounced toon-a-mint for … Continue reading

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Masters Week: Day 2 Round Up

Ahhhh yeah wakaflakas!!!!! We’re one day closer to getting this shindig started. Nothing too news worthy happened today so we’ll keep it quick and low brow, per usual. And Bubba Said, “Let Them Eat……Grilled Chicken And Mashed Potatoes?” That picture … Continue reading

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Masters Week: Day 1 Round Up

The next two days until the Masters starts are going to feel like a lifetime. But hey, we’ll suffer together and muddle our way through it. Here’s some tidbits from Day 1 of Masters week for your amusement. It Doesn’t … Continue reading

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Phondi And A Side Of Pimento

It’s Masters Week!!!!!!!! And the #twitternerds are a buzz with delightful nuggets about the goings-on already happening on the sacred grounds of Augusta. Phil, Condi……Condi, Phil Golf’s new power couple, Phil Mickelson and Condoleezza Rice (who I’m calling Phondi) played … Continue reading

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Look What Rory Found, Laird Goes Low & Final Thoughts On Texas

The Stars At Night Are Big And Bright… Didn’t I say the other day that the Texas Open didn’t do much for me? Boom. I was wrong. My low expectations for this thing made this weekend’s golf thoroughly entertaining. Just … Continue reading

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Augusta Virgins Take Note

I know most of you are thinking that due to the title of this post and my warped sense of humor this entry will have something to do with Tiger or Adam Scott ascending upon the town of Augusta and…

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Tits And A Hovercraft, Every Boy’s Dream

Golf Digest Editors Read This Blog Clearly they do. Either that or they know how to sell magazines in a day and age when no one buys them. In case you somehow missed it, Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders is in … Continue reading

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