#Dropgate – The Men of the Masters Have Spoken And Now You Can Too

In case you missed it, Tiger took a bad drop yesterday after rattling his 3rd shot at 15 off the flag stick into the water. Yeah, no way you missed that. You can see the details of the incident in my previous post.

The Men of the Masters (MOMs) reviewed the drop and had no issues. They were alerted the infraction while Tiger played 18 yesterday. They allowed TW to sign his scorecard after seeing no problem with the drop. They later decided his drop was illegal. Now what? Do you DQ him?

Apparently not. Rule 33-1 was revised by the USGA recently to protect players from themselves for not knowing the rules. The MOMs have slapped Woods with a two stroke penalty, turning his 15th hole on Friday into an 8 (think how easily it could have been a 4). Now’s he -1 and 5 shots behind leader Jason Day.

The debates have gone on all morning. Should Tiger be DQ’d, should he withdraw knowing he was wrong? Should he play on? Should his signed score stick thanks to Augusta’s original review of the drop? If you’re following on Twitter you’ve seen my thoughts, if not, check the feed over here to the right of your screen (non-mobile viewers).

Now’s your chance to weigh in:

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2 Responses to #Dropgate – The Men of the Masters Have Spoken And Now You Can Too

  1. Ahem says:

    Who would have thought that Tiger may (potentially) lose his shot at a major by being TOO vocal with the press? The fuck?

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