Augusta Virgins Take Note

The Texas Open doesn’t do much for me, so with the Masters quickly approaching I thought I’d give you folks another peak at this.

Here’s some more good info for you first timers too:

I know most of you are thinking that due to the title of this post and my warped sense of humor this entry will have something to do with Tiger or Adam Scott ascending upon the town of Augusta and it’s young, virginal women. That simply isn’t the case (today). Instead, I’m providing you with my anecdotal to-do list for those of you heading to the Masters for the first time this year. I hope you find it helpful.


The Church Of 18 Holes

September 2, 2010 was my lucky day. I played 36 holes at two top 100 golf courses and returned home to find an envelope casually included in the pile of mail my wife left out. I noticed the Augusta National logo on it immediately and my heart raced. I felt like the kid in Willy Wonka finding a golden ticket. This was my letter from Augusta…

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3 Responses to Augusta Virgins Take Note

  1. T Money says:

    sick of the tune–shmaltzy, saccarine. This is how to open a golf telecast- Jim McKay and Barry White baby–

  2. shutfacegolf says:

    Thanks T Money, and RIP Jim McKay.

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