Sunday Washout, Monday Restart

Big Storm Move Fast

Like many of you I was planning on another day of juggling the remote between college hoops and Tiger at Bay Hill. As I predicted yesterday, TW made his move on Saturday and had another 54 hole lead to close out for an 8th victory at Palmer’s tourney. All seemed to be going to plan when Woods made birdie on 2 and took a 3 shot lead. Then somebody turned on the fan and the shower, apocalyptic weather ensued.

Seems fitting with the crazy weather golf fans have endured in 2013, doesn’t it? The good news is everyone got out ok. The bad news is Johnny Miller got out ok. Oh, I kid. The journos that are on the scene were complaining about being evacuated from the media center when the power went out. The players and caddies had the same problem as the clubhouse lost power too. What do you think Tiger, Rickie, and the others were talking about in a dark, crowded, powerless clubhouse? The correct ratio of lemonade to ice tea for a proper Arnold Palmer?

Once the tour got a look at the golf course they called off the action for the day. Things will restart tomorrow at 10:00 am. That means tomorrow’s Tavistock action will be changed up a bit too for those of you that care. Players not involved in the Bay Hill MasterCard Arnold Palmer Invitational will still play, but do so in a different format than what was planned. Riveting isn’t it?

Look At The Little Monkey 

There was some golf today before the lights went out. Check out our boy Sergio in the tree on 10. grabbed the action for us and put it on the YouTube for all to see.

Garcia made double there. He had a quad on 6 (which is nothing compared to the 11 Billy Horschel made), and promptly WD’d after he putted out on 12. Sergio and his people have yet to comment on why he withdrew. My guess is bruised ego or sore vagina. Seve would have made par from the tree and certainly wouldn’t have quit. Pussyfart.

Smoke Weed Everyday

Hopefully you saw my brief post yesterday that included a sexy shot from Nick Thompson in the water to save par. Matt Every topped him today, at least in my opinion. He didn’t have to turn his pants into knickers or get his feet wet, but the end result was more impressive.

No truth to the rumor that Every was immediately drug tested after the shot.

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1 Response to Sunday Washout, Monday Restart

  1. shankapotomus says:

    I hate Monday finishes – I’d rather they just shorten the event to 54 holes. But I guess they’d have to declare Dustin Johnson the winner, and he wasn’t even in the field.

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