Golf Boys 2.Oh

Yes, they’re back. (O’)Hair-ier and as farmer tanned as ever. They warned us over the last couple weeks that the 2nd installment of the Golf Boys would soon bless us and be viral with in minutes. Today it appeared in our mailboxes and Twitter feeds like a package from UPS that you didn’t even order. Take a look:

You have to laugh, right? It’s nice to see millionaire superstar athletes not take themselves too seriously. I enjoyed the way they worked in so many other tour player’s names. Snooz’in Louie Ooosthusin? Brilliant. The proceeds from the iTunes sales go to a good cause/charity if you’d like to help out. Here’s a reminder of the first edition for you in case you forgot:

For some reason Ben Crane just doesn’t fit in and reminds me of the dorky kid in school that tried to hang with the cool kids. He tries too hard, his jokes aren’t as funny, and he sticks out from the group for the wrong reasons. I don’t have anything against him and for once I’m not trying to be mean, that’s just the way I perceive it.

We go’in flat bills, we go’in flat bills……..we go’in chest hair, we go’in chest hair…….

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2 Responses to Golf Boys 2.Oh

  1. Craig says:

    I reckon it’s better than their first effort, better groove.
    Great blog BTW.

  2. jrtallent says:

    LOL. “I got a drippy faucet on my Stewie Stewie Cink”

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