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Lego-Man Wins With Mom’s Putter & #Dufnering: Final Thoughts On Houston

Darren Andrew Points Is A Thief As an 11 year old in 1987 D.A. Points stole his mom’s putter right out of her golf bag and made it his own. A few state amateur titles won with it later and she’s … Continue reading

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Tavistock, Houston Preview, And Recari

Houston, Hello Like a spring breaker from any campus north of the Mason-Dixon line, the tour has used and abused the state of Florida for the month of March and moved on. This week a (surprisingly) decent field with FIGJAM, … Continue reading

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“Get Your Finger Out Of Your Ass And Win”

Tiger Text That headline is the text message that Tiger Woods sent to Rory McIlroy after he won the Arnold Palmer MasterCard Bay Hill Invitational on Monday. The actual words in the message are no big deal. This is how … Continue reading

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Tiger Time: Bay Hill Final Thoughts

It’s Tiger, Of Course He Has Multiple Fuck Buddies Remember when Tiger won at Torrey Pines in January and I wrote about the course being Tiger’s Fuck Buddy? It’s very apparent that numerous courses on tour can also be described … Continue reading

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Sunday Washout, Monday Restart

Big Storm Move Fast Like many of you I was planning on another day of juggling the remote between college hoops and Tiger at Bay Hill. As I predicted yesterday, TW made his move on Saturday and had another 54 … Continue reading

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Bay Hill Round 3 v. March Madness

Bay Hill Or Hoops? Tough call on what to watch today. Tiger is about to make a charge on moving day and here we are loaded with a great day of college hoops. I’m not leaving my chair and the … Continue reading

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It Is Good To Be The King

Somewhere In Orlando Tonight… Arnold Palmer had dinner with supermodel Kate Upton. I’m not fucking with you. This isn’t some kind of Hugh Hefner punchline. How did this happen? You never know who you might meet on a golf course … Continue reading

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Streels Breaks Hymen: Final Thoughts On Tampa

When the stars stay home and par is a good score, most tournaments lose their shine and fall under the radar. The Tampa Classic was set up as a dog this weekend because the field was weak and most of … Continue reading

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Augusta Virgins Take Note

I know most of you are thinking that due to the title of this post and my warped sense of humor this entry will have something to do with Tiger or Adam Scott ascending upon the town of Augusta and … Continue reading

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Tuesday Potluck: Elin Fucks Coal Miner In Bubba’s House That Fell In Sinkhole

Say what? Yeah, none of that is even close to making sense. But that’s the smorgasbord of stories I’m throwing at you on this Potluck Tuesday. Coal Miner’s Step Daughter That’s what Tiger’s daughter may be referred to if this … Continue reading

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