Gay Pride And Final Thoughts On The Hope……Errrrrrrr…… Humana

Congrats to Brian Gay for surviving the choking dog exhibition that was put on by his fellow competitors today at the Humana event in Palm Springs. The veteran birdie machine kept his ball the cleanest, made plenty of red numbers, and let everyone around him fuck up and hand him the big check. Gay has paid his dues and I’m sure he’s come up on the short end of tournaments where he has played great and lost, therefore, I’ll give him a pass for stumbling into his latest victory. The better question is, what the fuck was he thinking when he got out of bed this morning? He and (presumably) his sponsors decided on these threads:

Humana Challenge Golf

I hear you do indeed get a free bowl of soup with those pants.

I feel a bit for Stallings, but you can’t give a winner’s check to the guy pulling a 6 iron in the drink on the last hole. Howell, Cink, and Lingmerth choked just about on cue. I think I covered Chuck pretty well last week in discussing the Sony so there is no reason to rehash his troubles. Lingmerth, after shooting a phenomenal 62, did what you expect a rookie to do in that situation. That leads me to Cink. Faldo and Gannon summed up Cink’s issues quite well over the last 3 years. Their hypothesis is that Cink can’t live up to his own expectations that he’s placed on himself (what he feels others expect of him) since he became a major winner. That sounds about right for Stew. What do you think?

Overall TGC did a swell job of covering a tourney lacking star power on a course with a sewage canal through the middle of it (but hey, the mountain back drop should distract us from that!). They provided just enough Phil for his fans, great green graphics showing depth/slope/break, aired every important shot for the viewers in context, and did a fantastic job early in the telecast picking up on the story of Kevin Chappell going looooooowwwwwww. Speaking of Bitch Tits, nice of him to turn it around for the last 3 days and give us a taste of what he might bring to San Diego next week.

In the middle east, there is not much else to say about Abu Dhabi. Nike is of course taking (unwarranted) heat for Rory’s performance. I didn’t watch much of it as a tourney in which Tiger misses a cut can be like a tree falling in the forest. My only thought is that the Tiger gaffe isn’t getting enough chatter. For TW to not pay attention and get a penalty for taking relief in that situation shows it can happen to anyone, but quite honestly, IT SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO HIM. It was unprofessional, sloppy and cost him the weekend. Tiger haters rejoice. I wonder….  is Joe LaCava short a few pennies this week for not getting involved or knowing better?

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4 Responses to Gay Pride And Final Thoughts On The Hope……Errrrrrrr…… Humana

  1. DTShangers says:

    Happy for Brian- seems like a good guy who was stuck in a rut. Seriously though who looks at that shirt and those pants and says “yeah these will make me look awesome on TV!” Wow he needs a shrink more than a swing coach.

  2. datoush says:

    testing testing. Wow the guy needs a shrink and his wife or manager or both should be fired for letting him wear that outfit.

  3. datoush says:

    Ah! comment works! I didn’t even know I had a wordpress acct. Love the site- keep it up. Good antidote to most of the boring golf blogs. Keep posting hot golf babes/gf’s!

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