Ka-Ching! $woosh Breaks Bank For Another Big Name

Maybe a few of you missed the big announcement Nike recently made of their addition to the Nike Golf family. It was largely glossed over and swept under the rug by most golf scribes. Yes, Nike has signed a former Titleist equipment user and Fed Ex event winner from 2012. Clearly I’m talking about Nick Watney. OH HA!!!!!! Gotchya! But seriously, they did sign Watney and it seems as though no one has really noticed.

In other news, the Swoosh inked Rory McIlroy to a $200 million dollar (or more) deal that will likely be quite lucrative for both parties.

This has been the worst kept secret in golf for the last 3+ months. Some Nike whores I know that are in the golf business told me about it while at the Ryder Cup in September. Oddly, I asked my local Nike rep about it a few weeks later and he denied the whole deal. Moral of the story, trust your friends, not equipment reps.

Mr. Shipnuck at golf.com had the most detailed version of the story here: http://www.golf.com/tour-and-news/rory-mcilroy-and-nike-announce-new-sponsorship-deal

I guess they do everything big in Abu Dhabi. For fucksake, holograms, laser shows….seems a bit over the top, but what do I know? What I do know is that a change like this to your equipment isn’t something you get used to overnight. How long has he been playing Swoosh shit? I’m shocked he’s moving from his Scotty Cameron to a Nike Method putter. Those putters are awful. Rors’ game will be even more interesting to watch early this season as he revs up for Augusta and he’ll be under even more of a microscope because of the new sticks. At the first sign that he’s not playing like the No. 1 golfer in the world his doubters will chime in a blame the equipment. It shouldn’t matter. Rory’s swing is so good he should be able to shoot 72 with a shovel and a shuttlecock. I predict two wins before Augusta.

Lastly, Nike left us wanting more with a look at the new Tiger/Rory commercial they’ll air this week during coverage of the Abu Dhabi event. I loved it. It reminds me of the old Larry Bird-McDonald’s commercial where he’s playing horse. Money well spent.

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1 Response to Ka-Ching! $woosh Breaks Bank For Another Big Name

  1. Phil Mickelson says:

    You’re such a fucking smart ass hater that I’ll have to save this site on my favorites. I have to remember not to drink my coffee when reading this shit so I don’t “snork” coffee through my nose onto my screen again.

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