Russ Busts Out, Final Thoughts On Sony

Russell Henley, PGA Tour rookie playing his first event, put on a pretty good show today and saved a telecast that was otherwise terribly boring to watch. Henley birdied his last five holes to win the Sony and tie the 256 stroke mark that is 2nd lowest 72 hole total in tour history. Nice playing kid.

Lack of star power on the weekend really hurt the event. Tweets of Scott Langley (another rook) and Henley making a run up the leader board didn’t exactly move the needle, especially going up against NFL playoff games for much of the weekend. But hey, somebody has to win, and Henley played great. The 5 hole run to close it out was incredible and I tip my virtual cap to him. It was nice to see a resurgence from Tim Clark too. Now the debate begins, is Henley the next star in the making or is he CH3 all over again? Time will tell.

I was really hoping for something more interesting today. When Pat Perez ripped it off a tree and was nearly out of bounds I could feel an eruption coming from him…..I thought we had something….. a broken club, a four letter word diatribe, a punch to his caddie’s groin…..but no, he remained calm. How fucking dare he?!? And that left us with Johnny Miller. Miller is fantastic in his analysis and critique of a players swing, decisions, and demeanor. He’s been in most of their shoes and earned his spot in golf. However, Miller is a horrible orator and most of the words he actual gets out of his saliva filled mouth are an abortion of what English speaking humans recognize as a form of communication. When the golf isn’t doing much for you the focus can be shifted too much to what Johnny is actually saying, and that is a problem.

Enough of Miller. Let us talk style now. Throughout the golf today NBC/TGC went back to Matt Kuchar to show the people some semblance of a star doing something in this event. Kooch did his part, played well, collected a big check to add to his bank account, and smiled for the cameras. He’s great at all of this.

Matt Kuchar Sony Open in Hawaii - Final Round

Every time we saw him he had that preppy flipped collar thing going on circa Jim Colbert of the old Senior Tour.


I realize some people do this for protection from the sun and I’m all for protecting yourself from ultra-violet rays, but use some sun screen and common sense. You look like a jackass flipping it up like that. I’ll give you a pass if you’re 21 years old and in a frat.  Go for it because it’s just going to end up flipped after your keg stand is done anyways. Am I wrong here? Ok…. I’m done ranting.

This week gets a little more real for the fans that care. Tiger and Rors playing in the middle east (is that on Wednesday night?) and the American tour goes back to the mainland to see Bill Clinton in Palm Springs. I hear Phil is playing, which means next Sunday is bound to be more interesting.

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