Dustin Johnson Is A Bad Man

Probably anyone reading this already knows that Dustin is indeed a bad man. Amazing that he hasn’t won the ToC before at Kapalua. He’s 3 ahead of the pace and left a bunch out there today over 36 holes. Should be his to lose tomorrow, but I’m sure we’ll see good golf from Keegan and Bubba to make things interesting. I’m not sure Strick has enough fire power to make a push with an ailing back. Who’d I pick as a sleeper? Oh yeah, Blixt….he’s out of it. Nice pick.

Johnson was pretty impressive with his long game today. Some shots he hit into the wind were just amazing. The 2nd round tee shot on 14 driven on the green, that was probably playing 340 today (actual yardage 280) and he flew it on. 14 is up hill and the wind was in at about 20 mph. Get the fuck out of here. DJ quickly jumped on his #tweeter to thank Taylormade for the fun new equipment. Do you think that’s an obligation he has in his contract with them? If not, it’s a bit queer. Either way, dude golfed his ball today, well done.

In DFL we have Kyle Stanley. Sorry Kyle, but my 36 hole split on the Plantation from further back tees ties yours today. Lucky for you, it’s a no cut event and I think you’ll make 70k just for walking 18 tomorrow. Life is good. Seems like the course would be perfect for him, but a recently inked Nike deal might have him in equipment coma right now. I root for this kid, he’s got a tight game, but his peers always seem to call him aloof. Whatever. Enjoy tomorrow, when the fuck is it on TV anyway?

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