We had actual fucking golf to talk about today, sweet Jesus! And then we didn’t. Was that a colossal fuck up by the tour to even let them start today or was it a hailmary with good intentions? I’m not sure, but I’d bet the ranch no one is WD’ing this week. The event is a no cut tourney that guarantees a large pay day for showing up. Who’d leave now?

What we did see today was pretty interesting.  Kuchar’s ball falling off the tee a few times, Webb looking gunshy over shots into the fan, Ben Curtis’ ball blowing off the 11th green, and then right as the horn blew…..the unflappable Duffner lost his cool. I didn’t think Duff had that in him. It was pretty good entertainment for the golf-starved, and it’s a shame we only got 45 minutes or so of it.

The worst of today; Ian James Poulter. I don’t dislike him, I find him very amusing, entertaining, and love his flamboyant style.

He acted like a little bitch today. (Paraphrasing) “I’ll injure myself if the ball falls off the tee during a swing”. What the fuck is that? Go kick a soccer ball. The Hawaiian breeze must have blown sand in his vagina. Then IJP takes 12 minutes to hit his putt on his 2nd hole, the 11th. It wasn’t like the ball was going to blow away from where he was. Thanks to Johnny Miller for basically calling him a drama queen. Later on his 4th hole, the 13th fairway, he takes 2 minutes of just camera time to hit. Wow. He of course went directly to his phone and tried to defend himself to the #Twitternerds.  I’ll save you the trouble, it wasn’t that entertaining.

Onward to tomorrow, they’re hoping its playable and they’ll be going up in prime time against the ND/Bama game. Good luck Finchem. They’ll also play all day, so get your DVR primed if you have a day job.

Lastly, I like this pic sent from Rosaforte via Twitter. If you don’t follow him, he’s worth a click. Perhaps you’d like to jump in his caption contest.

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