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Another day, another cancellation of play in Maui. I guess my Sir Nick drinking game will wait another day (or week, who drinks on Sunday?). It’s been brought to my attention that Golf Digest has released updated Top 100 course rankings for 2013 and 2014. Here they are: http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-courses/2013-02/americas-100-greatest-golf-courses-ranking

I’ve played about 10-12 of these, and I won’t bore you with a list now. Hard to argue much about the new list. Not sure how Augusta is ever moved off the #1 spot, but I’m sure the editors have their reasons. One of my personal favorite new additions is the Upper Course of Baltusrol. This one is a more hidden gem and is really a better track than the Lower Course it literally looks down on. Kudos to the raters for adding it back to the list. If you care to discuss or debate some of the new rankings, use that ‘tweet’ button up there and I’ll gladly chime in.

More relevant to this week is number 97 on the list, Kapalua’s Plantation Course (Coore/Crenshaw), one of the dozen or so I’ve experience. Hard not to love my day here with perfect weather and getting time to play 36 holes (the replay rate is just too good to pass up). I left my (saintly) wife at the beach for 9 hours and enjoyed every second of my two loops around this monster golf course. What a treat, the vistas, the conditioning, the uniqueness of the Bermuda greens and wind whipped golf shots, it’s really something. Television coverage doesn’t do it justice. I think it shows well, but they can’t give you the depth and scale of the elevation changes that you’ll notice by being there in person (Augusta is similar in this regard). The Plantation Course has quite a blend of holes in which you’ll play many different types shots from all distances, stances, and lies. Plus, where else in the world can you hit a legit 400 yard drive with out the aid of an airport runway or cart path? Holes 17 and 18 actually give you chance to do so.

If they play this week, please note that (even on the wet course they’ll now play) the tour doesn’t include driving stats at this event because the fairways are so big and there are too many extremely long drives that are aided by the topography the course sits upon. Additionally, if you’re looking for a bet to lay in Vegas on this one, I hear Jonas Blixt played in the wind today just to get a practice round in. He might be the most prepped guy in similar conditions tomorrow and he could have an edge. Enjoy the golf and keep your fingers crossed that they finally play.

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