The Tour Started…..Sorta

Was hoping to sit down and watch the boys play Kapalua tonight and enjoy views of paradise and fond memories of my trip to Maui, instead they cancel the round and I’m stuck with Johnny Football Heisman and the one-sided Cotton Bowl. That’s not a bad back up, but winter sucks and I’d like to watch some golf in Hawaii.

So now we wait until tomorrow. Perhaps we’ll try something new, the Nick Faldo drinking game. Every time Sir Nick says a phrase or word that is germane to the UK, take a shot or finish your drink. If Nick pumps a certain product he endorses, that’s two shots or two drinks. If Nick makes a reference to a player being a youngster or some term of that ilk, drink. You get the point. Nick is great for TV golf, he’s just a creature of habit. I’ll be curious to see if by playing this game you get to see any of the back nine.

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