In Honor Of Tiger’s Return – M/F/K All Things Tiger

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again, Tiger’s Back, Tell Your Friends

That’s right. Tiger is 3 days away from teeing it up at his own event, the Hero World Challenge, in the Bahamas on Thursday of this week. I’m still skeptical that he’ll actually play and will have to see it to believe it. Word on the mean streets of golf is that TW shot 63 at Seminole last week. Vegas has his Thursday 1st round over/under at 72.5 with him more likely to withdraw during the event than win. He has the worst odds in the field to win. Imagine saying that 3 years ago. My prediction? He shoots 75-74 then claims some freakish injury that sets him back but doesn’t delay him from playing again come next February. What else do we know? He’s putting a Bridgestone ball in play. He’s got his same Nike irons in the bag. He’s going to have Monster Energy as his sponsor on the bag. And he’s using the Scotty Cameron putter that he won 12 of 14 majors with.

Anything else? Why yes, of course. In honor of his return and to spite the so called PC Police that enjoyed previous posts featuring’s favorite game – Marry/Fuck/Kill, we’ll play a few speed rounds of M/F/K featuring all things Tiger. As always, this is for entertainment only. I’m not gay, I don’t plan on being so in the future. I also don’t plan on actually fucking, killing, or marrying any of the following people or objects mentioned. If you don’t get the game, don’t read anymore, just go back to being appalled at someone else’s internet ramblings. Mine are not to be taken seriously. Away we go.

Swing Coaches (Sean Foley, Hank Haney, Butch Harmon)

Marry – Yikes….This may be tougher than I thought. I guess I’ll marry Butch. He’d have my game ready for tournament play at a minimum. Plus he probably has the most assets to inherit and is the closest to being dead.

Image result for butch harmon marriage image

Fuck – Ok, this is hard. I’ll have to go with Sean Foley. He’s tiny and looks like a bottom bitch. I’m not a bottom bitch.

Kill – Hank Haney, no question. Dude talks to much, can’t keep a secret, and would write a book about my entire relationship with him like he did Tiger if he was my M or F. I don’t like the techniques he teaches either.

Caddies (Mike Cowan, Steve Williams, Joe LaCava)

Marry – I’m taking Fluff, A.K.A. Mike Cowan, for the same reasons I took Butch above. Cowan has a Fed Ex win with Furyk ($$$$$$$) and he’s bound to die off any day. Dude is old as shit.

Image result for fluff cowan tiger woods

Fuck – Yuck. Joe LaCava? Yeah. It has to be Joe. I’d bet there were plenty of times he had to work out his old boss’ back(Fred Couples). I’m grossed out by the thought but that’s how you play the game.

Kill – The kills are going to be the easy ones, aren’t they? Steve Williams. I hate this door knob anyway. I’ll kill him and bury him in a fucking caddie bib because I was always annoyed at him taking the bib off on the 72nd hole when Tiger won an event. No other caddie does this, ever. He did it because he’s a huge bag of dicks.

Girlfriends (Lindsey Vonn, Rachel Uchitel, Kristin Smith)

Marry – Probably his current one. Oh, you haven’t met her? This is Kristin Smith. She’s some sort of personal stylist. That’s good with me. She has her own career and looks old enough where she’s not going to want kids and all that other 1st marriage stuff from you.


A photo posted by Kristin Smith (@thecladlife) on

She’s hot. And she looks like she’s probably into some freaky shit. She must be if she’s with Tiger.

Fuck – I’ll go with Rachel Uchitel. You can’t marry Rachel because she’s already gone through a few hubbies and her exs have roasted her in the tabloids. She looks good though. Put on a rubber and be done with it.

Image result for Rachel uchitel

Kill – Easy. Lindsey Vonn. If you’ve read this blog for nearly 4 years you know I don’t like her look. One last time for Ms. Vonn….moo.

Most Won Events (Non-Majors) (Bay Hill, Firestone, Torrey Pines)

Marry – I’ve played Torrey Pines South, with those views I think I could handle playing it every day. That sounds like the marrying type so the Farmers at Torrey is the Tiger dominated (non-major) event I’d marry if the courts allowed for such weird things.

Image result for torrey pines images

Fuck – Firestone, a made for TV WGC tourney on an old course that I’d want to play once, that gets the “fuck”. I don’t need to play it again. I’ll pay my guest fee and be done with it.

Kill – This might be painful for some of you to hear, but I’m killing Bay Hill. The course is rubbish. The event was a great tournament because of Arnold Palmer. Now that Arnie has passed the event will likely lose prestige and popularity. I’ll kill it for the Tour.

Tiger’s Entourage (Mark Steinberg, Notah Begay, Earl Woods)

Marry – Notah Begay. I like Notah. I think he’s good at his job. We’d have a great marriage playing golf every day together. We’d dominate couples events.

Image result for notah begay tiger woods image

Fuck – Steinberg…… I guess?????? He’s going to be someone’s prison bitch someday so I’ll get him started for the sake of this weird game.

Kill – Earl Woods. I know he’s already dead, and that’s taking the easy way out, but the dude was a huge prick who Tida should have smothered with a pillow 20 years ago.

Champions Tour Tiger Bros (Mark O’Meara, Fred Couples, John Cook)

Marry – This game is only getting more weird. I guess Freddie. If I’m with him every day perhaps his coolness and fluid swing will rub off on me. Plus he’s a Masters Champ, Augusta access would be a benefit to any marriage.

Image result for Fred Couples Mark O'Meara image

Fuck – I don’t want to do this, Mr. O’Meara, but since he’s also a Masters Champ I’d have to consider it just to get a round in at the National.

Kill – John Cook, just because. I didn’t like him when he played. I think it was his flowing gold lettuce that just made him look like a d-bag. Now I actually like him on Golf Channel, for the most part, but the game makes no exceptions and I’m offing him in favor of Tiger’s other senior buds hooking me up in Georgia.

Greatest Majors (1997 Masters, 2000 U.S. Open, 2006 British Open)

Marry – How can you pick only one of these to spend eternity with? It seems impossible but I’ll press on and take the 2000 U.S. Open. Great setting, phenomenal play, and a white washing of the field. You have to marry Tiger in peak form.

Image result for 2000 us open golf image

Fuck – The 1997 Masters is like the perfect 10 at the end of the bar. You get one shot with her, you have a great memory of the event and it is in your highlight real forever, then its gone.

Kill – The 2006 British. This was a masterpiece. I won’t discredit it. I cannot. But homie hit like 2 drivers all week. That’s boring for Tiger fans that would otherwise have to decide to fuck or marry an all-time performance.

His Injuries (Back, Leg, Wrist)

Marry – I’ll go with his wrist injury, remember, the one he magically snapped back into place during the 2015 Masters?

He popped it back in!!!!? Hell yeah I’ll ride with that one for better or for worse.

Fuck – The broken leg he won the 2008 U.S. Open with made his 14th and final (to date) major win epic. That’s a one time event. If he did it again it wouldn’t be epic it would be bull shit. As bull shit as popping your wrist bone back in place. I wouldn’t believe it.

Kill – I’ll put the back injury in the “Kill” column. Why? Because it has mostly killed his career. Sure he could come back, but this nagging back problem has kept him out for 16 months now. It cost him much of 2015 too. I’m a Tiger fan, why wouldn’t I want to kill this mother fucker?

Enough of the silliness. I hope you got my point and had a fun trip down memory lane with Tiger in the process. Set your DVR. Get all the Tiger you can on Thursday. Every event he plays in for the next decade could be his last.

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The Shutters 2016: Shot of the Year

I’ll Remember The Bad As Much As The Good 

Maybe that sentiment is fitting in 2016. Personally, I’ve had a pretty good year, but there’s a general feeling of Fuck 2016 as the year comes to an end. The Shutter for Shot of the Year isn’t exclusive to only the great shots of the calendar year. The award is an attempt to recognize the shot that defined the year in golf, as well as recognize excellence or a rare feat. If Ian Poulter had hit a shank to lose a critical match on the 18th hole of the Ryder Cup then I’d probably nominate Poulter’s hosel rocket for the Shutter. That being said I’d rather award excellence. Enough of the bull shitting. I’ll get on with it.

The Nominees Are…

Rory McIlroy, 72nd Hole of the Irish Open – In past years the Irish Open was a run of the mill Euro Tour event. Not this year, not when Rory comes home and circles the event on the calendar. This was his 5th major and he was starting to let it slip away until he hit the par five 16th hole in two for a ho-hum birdie. Then on at the 18th hole, another par 5, he went ahead and did this when keeping his ball dry and making par probably would have won his home country’s championship:

He’s got a brass set, doesn’t he? I recall watching that in a summer morning haze back in North America somewhere. I sat up with pancake falling out of my mouth when that ball landed on the green. It was a big boy shot, but does it define the year in golf? Was it even the best shot Rors hit in 2016? More on that later.

Jordan Spieth, 12th Hole of the Masters Final Round – Ugh….this is the one you didn’t want to read about in this post if you’re a Spieth fan. Jordan of course hit his tee shot in Rae’s Creek about 150 seconds prior to what you’ll see in the Vine below, then the Chunk Heard Round the World happened.

Jordan’s first swing at the 12th on Sunday was less than stellar, but it wasn’t the meat of a catastrophic meltdown that we saw in the chunked pitch shot. A world class player only hits it that bad when he or she is rattled, nervous, and has a fresh batch of poo in their pants. One could argue that Spieth was never the same after that. Not in the round (obviously) and not in 2016. His gold touch was gone with one panicked swing. It isn’t a moment of brilliance, but it very much does help to define golf in 2016.

Rory McIlroy, 16th hole of the Final Round of the Tour Championship – Two nominees out of 5 in this category for Rory certainly make him the odds on favorite for the Shutter for Shot of the Year. Rory has 11.3 million reasons to vote for his dunk at East Lake’s 16th hole in the final round. He was 3 back with 3 to go. He isn’t in a playoff without this finding the jar from the fairway and that means Dustin Johnson would have been you’re Fed Ex winner. That is huge, if only we actually gave a shit about the Fed Ex Cup to begin with.

It is Rory, it is the Tour Championship…..he does that at a major and the club goes from his hands to the hall of fame immediately.

Patrick Reed, 6th Hole of 4 Ball Matches on Ryder Cup Saturday – Patrick Fucking Reed. Homie was the bell cow for Captain Davis Love in bringing home a Ryder Cup win for Team USA in September at Hazeltine, but you already know that. You also know that his epic Sunday singles match against Rory was the biggest reason to me why the US won. He set the tone for the whole squad out of the gate. He did all that with more swagger than I’ve ever seen from a golfer not named Tiger Woods. I think a lot of said swagger came from Reed’s Saturday afternoon match and his hole out for eagle on the 6th hole.

Reed and partner Jordan Spieth halved a tough match in the morning in which they blew a large lead. It felt like a loss. They needed to get momentum back in a big way and Reed’s hole out was the catalyst in grabbing the matches by the balls for the U.S.

Dustin Johnson, 5th hole of US Open Final Round – This isn’t a shot in my mind, and there is almost no way I’m picking it as the winner of the Shutter, but it has to be mentioned if only for the colossal fuck up it revealed that is the USGA’s Tournament Committee, their leadership, and the way they administer their rules. Johnson addressed his ball to putt out on the 5th hole and it appeared to move. Ok, it for sure moved, but that doesn’t mean he caused it. Then the USGA fucked around for more than 9 holes before they accessed DJ a penalty. To make things worse they told him a few holes after the ball moved that the incident was being reviewed.

They did all that after he had an official come over to discuss the ball possibly moving. what else can you do? The official essentially said play on and that should have been the end of it. I’ve shit on the USGA enough this year. I’ve buried them for this ruling against DJ every chance I’ve had to do so. Did the incident define the year? It very well may have.

And The Winner Is…

If I could bottle up both Spieth and DJ’s unfortunate gaffes of the year I’d have a pretty clear winner right there. Those two ‘shots’ define 2016 to me. I don’t want to be Debbie Downer, I want to award excellence. Rory’s Irish Open shot was money, but too insignificant to most of the golf world. That leaves us with two worthy winners, Reed and Rory at East Lake. Quite honestly, Reed and Rory his so many good shots and putts in their singles match at the Ryder Cup that they drown out Reed’s single hole out. Rory’s shot directly lead to his Fed Ex victory, and even though it is a conjured up bull shit event it is enough for me to declare it the Shot of the Year. Congrats Rors. You earned it.

Image result for Rory fedex picture

Honestly, this one could have gone any direction of the five I nominated. One more beer in me tonight and I’d probably have picked Reed’s dunk or Spieth’s chunk. Did I get it wrong? Maybe, but I don’t care. It is my site and I backed up my pick. As always you can tell me I’m wrong in the comments and the poll can prove me wrong completely. Tweeter of the Year is up next. I’m still accepting nominations. Come strong.

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The Shutters 2016: Player of the Year

I’d Pick FIGJAM If This Were Horseshoes

Another week, another Shutter to hand out, and this one is for the Player of the Year. This isn’t the AP vote. This isn’t handed out by the Tour. This is the POTY. That means there are no rules. Last year Jordan Spieth was everybody’s golden boy and POTY. And I gave my award to Jason Day anyway. I justify my selections no matter how bad you think they may be, don’t worry. Can Day win again this year? Let’s find out.

The Nominees Are…

Henrik Stenson – The Champion Golfer of the Year, yeah, the Iceman has a chance. That’s why I nominated him. He only won twice, but I like to give extra credit for record setting performances in a major (don’t tell that to 2015 Jordan Spieth though). We all saw what Stenson did at Royal Troon and I’ve already awarded him with a Shutter for the Round of the Year in 2016 for that performance.

Image result for henrik stenson claret jug

Can those four days at Troon plus one other measly Euro Tour win be enough to push him through for the Player of the Year? That’s doubtful, even though he is #4 in the world rankings. He won’t be ignored, but don’t hold your breath on him snatching this one. That groan you just heard are all my Swedish readers. I’ll bet you $50 that they all leave my site after reading this in search of their favorite glass bottom boat porn clips (don’t make me screen shot my analytics!).

Dustin Johnson – World number 3 had a decent year, right? Made the cut in 21 of 22 events he played on the PGA Tour. Yes, that MC was the PGA, but I’ll let it pass due to the compressed major schedule. Thanks Obama. 19 of the 21 cuts he made he finished in the top 25, 15 times in the top 10, and of course 3 wins including his first major. Throw in a WGC at Firestone to be the whip cream on your Oakmont U.S. Open victory and you’ve 100% earned a nomination from me for POTY.

A picture says more than 1000 words sometimes. Johnson and his baby mama get bonus points for celebrating his success in style taking on the club scene in Vegas for days on end. He earned it this year.

Lydia Ko – I nominated Ko last year and said she really didn’t have a chance against the likes of Jason Day and Jordan Spieth. Technically, her 2016 doesn’t measure up to her 2015, but she did win a major and finish in the top 3 in 2 others. Oh, and she snagged an Olympic silver medal for her efforts in Rio. Besides her 1 major she also won 3 other times and has a stranglehold on the number 1 ranking in all of women’s golf.

Image result for lydia ko olympic medal

I respect the hell out of what Ko does. She’s a phenom. She’s going to dominate her sport for a decade and then some. I may end up nominating her for 10 years for my POTY and she might not ever win it. I don’t think she has great competition on her tour. If she won 3 majors and finished in the top 10 in the other 2 I’d probably give it to her. I’m not being sexist (this time) I just don’t think her year, as good as it was, stacks up with her fellow nominees regardless of gender.

Rory McIlroy – Didn’t expect to see his name, did you? He’s only number fucking 2 in the world. He only won 2 events in the final 4 Fed Ex events to steal 10 million dollars out of Dustin Johnson’s fury hands. Throw in an Irish Open victory for his resume and that’s not a bad year. Rory gets a nomination for that late surge, but also because he won with style. He attacked par 5s down the stretch of the Irish Open to hold off Russell Knox and others, he shot 65 in the final round at the Deutche Bank, and then at the Tour Championship with $10,000,000 in play, he gutted Ryan Moore with shit like this:

Ok, so that’s not really enough to win the Shutter, not without a major, but Rory did nearly carry a whole continent on his back to a Ryder Cup victory. If he wins his epic singles match with Reed and Europe wins, McIlroy is in the POTY discussion with a lot more weight.

Wait, What, Where’s….?????

That’s right, Jason Day didn’t make the cut. His year wasn’t that different from Rory’s, but his often injured body, illnesses, and weird WDs made me drop him from my list. He also hasn’t sniffed serious contention in a tournament since Bernie Sanders was still a possible nominee for the presidency. Plus, I gave him the POTY Shutter last year, I have to draw the line somewhere. Sorry Mr. And Mrs. Day.

And The Winner Is….

Welp. Fuck. I kind of gave this away for you, didn’t I? One more win and I could make a stronger case for Henrik. One major for Rory and he’s my guy. But like I always say, if my aunt had a dick, she’d be my uncle. The Player of the Year race this year is too straight forward, too vanilla, it has to be DJ and I don’t see any other way around it. Feel free to tell me that I’m wrong. Go ahead, hit the poll, make your case in the comments. This isn’t the electoral college, if you protest loud enough I just might change my mind.

Next up, Shot of the Year, and I need your help. Please tweet me, make a comment, email me, fax me, send smoke signals, whatever it takes….I need some nominees for Shot of the Year.

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The Shutters 2016: Round of the Year

Round Is More Than A Shape

Well, well, one award down, several more to go. The 2nd Shutter on the agenda is for the Round of the Year. This category is open to any round played anywhere on the planet since November 2015. Of course we mostly only hear about those played on professional tours, but if you shot 67 as a 20 handicapper and won your club championship with two hole in ones I’d probably give you some consideration if it was legit. I digress. In 2016 the nominees are all men, and all on major tours, but now you have something to shoot for next year. So do I. Lets get on with it.

The Nominees Are…

Henrik Stenson, British Open Final Round – I probably should include Phil fucking Mickelson with Henrik as a nominee thanks to his major role in what transpired at Royal Troon in July. Phil shot 65 in the final round of a major and didn’t win. If he were a betting man…..pffffffffttttt – I can’t even type that without laughing – he probably would have put a few million on himself had he known his final round tally before he teed off. Phil was great that day, but Henrik’s 63 was legendary.

Stenson had the putter going along with his normal robotic ball striking, that’s tough to beat. He made 10 birdies including 4 on the final nine to hold off any thought of a late Mickelson charge. He and Phil would have shot a best ball of 50 something had they been teammates. This wasn’t Thursday or Friday in Phoenix, this was the final round of the Open Championship in less than perfect weather. Ok, so maybe the green were a little slow, but this wasn’t St. Andrews without a breeze. He beat third place JB Holmes by 6 shots on the day and 14 for the tournament. If Phil hadn’t stayed in sight we’d be talking about Stenson’s first major triumph like we used to talk about Tiger Woods’ Pebble Beach U.S. Open victory. I’m not sure I can talk myself out of giving this one to the Iceman, it might be too obvious.

Patrick Reed/Rory McIlroy, Singles Match at the Ryder Cup – Ok this one is a dual nomination, or should I say duel. While I can single Henrik Stenson out from Phil above I can’t do the same for Rory and Patrick. Stenson became Champion Golfer of the Year for his efforts. Reed got a point for his team for beating Rory. That’s not quite the same. This was barely a month ago so I don’t think I need to rehash the highlights for you, but I won’t miss an opportunity to show them in my favorite Patrick Reed montage of all time (again).

We wanted that match up and we got it. It couldn’t possibly live up tot he hype, but then it did. The front nine rivals any stretch of golf ever played. Sure it was match play and the course was set up easy in perfect weather, but there was still Ryder Cup pressure and plenty of adrenaline flowing due to the heated competition. The theatrics, the yelling, the gesturing, the bravado, the crowd…..the match was whip cream on top of a giant ice cream sundae that was the Ryder Cup. I know Phil and Sergio shot 63s just a few groups behind Rory and Reed, but fuck Sergio and Phil’s round didn’t have the fireworks that Reed/McIlroy gave us.

Stephan Jaeger, Ellie May Classic 1st Round – You’ve probably never heard of Stephan Jaeger, or you hadn’t until July 28th when he shot 58 in the first round of that week’s event. Jaeger went out on the back nine and posted a 29. He needed a birdie on his final hole, the 9th, to post the first 58 on a major professional tour (nobody really counts Ryo Ishikawa’s 58 on a rinky dink course in Japan a few years ago).

Stephan Jaeger is congratulated by his caddie after shooting a record score of 58 in Hayward, California.

The German born Jaeger smartly laid up on that hole to make his birdie and make history, albeit briefly. His 58 would only stand alone for roughly a week. The round is still ground breaking man-walks-on-moon kind of shit and worthy of a nomination for the 2016 Shutter.

Jim Furyk, Final Round of Greater Hartford Open – Speaking of 58s…..Jim Furyk followed up Stephan Jaeger’s effort with a Round of the Year nomination of his own playing early Sunday morning in Connecticut on August 7th. Furyk of course is no stranger to sub 60 rounds, he was the last PGA Tour player to shoot a 59. No man had ever shot a 58 until Jim’s historic effort at the TPC River Highlands.

Jimbo barely made the cut that week in Hartford then slugged around Saturday with a 2 over round of 72. He was 14 shots better a day later while hitting all 18 greens and making 10 birdies and an eagle while trying to play his way on to the US Ryder Cup team. Now take a closer look at the image of the scorecard. He didn’t birdie two of the easiest holes at the TPC track, holes 13 and 15, a drive-able par 4 and a reachable par 5.

That’s the lowest round in nearly one million that have been played in the history of the PGA Tour. Say whatever you want about it, but no matter what adjective you use it isn’t hyperbole. That’s one for the ages but it did come during a pretty hollow and meaningless round played by a guy well out of contention. Sure it still counts, but it hurts how I weight it versus its peers for my Shutter for Round of the Year.

And The Winner Is…..

Jaeger. Period. Done. No, I’m fucking with you. Jaeger is only nominated as a place filler. Who am I kidding? Furyk. Get the fuck out. This is all about context. Where you shot your score and what it meant matters most. 58 seems great because no one has bettered it, but doing it in Connecticut early Sunday morning is about the most meaningless time to shoot such a score. I’d probably hand this thing right to Reed and McIlroy and not think twice about it most years, but Henrik was too good and his round earned him the biggest trophy of any of the nominees I put up for this award.

The only round I can think of (in my lifetime) that rivals what Henrik did in the final round of a major is when Anthony Kim made 11 birdies at the Masters in 2011. Kim didn’t even win, obviously. Stenson nearly equaled Kim, out-dueled FIGJAM, and posted the 30 something-ith 63 in a major. That checks all the boxes for me, and his final round at Royal Troon wins the 2016 Shutter for Round of the Year.

I think I got it right. I don’t think there’s any question, but I like to give you fuckers a say and that’s why there’s always a poll at the bottom of the Shutter posts. As always, if you vote “Other” you better leave a comment and tell me what I missed. Player of the Year is next.

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The Shutters 2016: Golf’s Whiny Bitch of the Year

Also Known As The Ian Poulter Award

The professional golf season for 2016 is over. The weekend hacker season will be soon for those of us in cool climates. That means it is time again for my year end awards, the Shutters, to be dished out. So here they come, piping hot. As always I’ll start with the Whiny Bitch of the Year. Last year we considered (you readers and myself) renaming this one after Ian Poulter, but fuck him. Why give him anything so distinguished? Poulter is and always will be a whiny bitch, and we all know it, so I’ll be leaving him off the list permanently unless he does something that I just can’t ignore. Now on with the show.

The Nominees Are…

The USGA – It would seem to me that it would be hard for an entire governing body/organization that puts on just a few tournaments to be up for such a nasty award like the WBOTY Shutter. But the U.S. Open rule fiasco and what they did to Dustin Johnson during the final round puts them right at the top of the list of nominees. As you may recall, the USGA watched video of Johnson on a green during the final round of the US Open, which he was leading, and magically determined that the ball moved because of him grounding his putter head behind it. Johnson wasn’t sure it moved and he was right there looking at it.

Image result for dustin johnson oakmont usga image

Let Johnson decide if it moved and a penalty should be tacked on? No, not these dandruff coated fuck jobs, they took matters into their own hands and assessed DJ a penalty. They did that to him during the final round, but made him play most of the round in limbo as to if he’d actually get stroked. And to do that to DJ who’s suffered from past odd rulings in majors was akin to waterboarding a captured enemy soldier, cruel and unusual.  What the USGA did was wrong, what made it worse was that they delayed their decision and backed it up with no remorse. In the end it didn’t impact the championship. DJ got the win and it was well deserved. But that doesn’t absolve the blue coats from being idiots and whining about the letter of the law, intent, stupid rules, and using video replay that did everything but convince me DJ’s ball moved. Shame on them. They should have shut the fuck up and let the thing play out instead of being drama queens.

Justin Rose, Losing European Ryder Cup Team Member – Let me get this out of the way first. I like Justin Rose. I like how he plays. He’s a bit of a dork, but he’s a good dude who does things right. I root for him 103 weeks out of 104. Then there’s that pesky Ryder Cup week every two years like the one we had in 2016. Rose played ok, but he lost a few matches and when he was asked about the course set up after the Euros lost the cup he said it was easy and felt like a pro-am.

Image result for justin rose ryder cup press image

Dude, JR…why go there? That sounds like sour grapes. Rose shot around even par in his singles match against Rickie Fowler while guys like Sergio and Phil shot 63s. If the course was so easy, why’d you play like shit? I think Rose would like to have that comment back in hind sight, but that cat is out of the bag and now he’s made the list of nominees at SFG for this award.

PJ Willett, Brother of 2016 Masters Champion – You know this isn’t a typical award show when a major champ’s brother is nominated for the award instead of the champ himself. You know who PJ is and you know what he said, but just to relive it one more time I’ve included the full text below.

Your brother is about to compete in the 2nd biggest golf event of his life, he’s a Ryder Cup rookie, and you go out and say that to damn near start a riot on the grounds of Hazeltine? What a bumbling fuck. I really like Danny and his wife, Nicole. She’s a SFG follower, if you believe it or not. She seems sweet. Danny seems real. But this brother of his is going to be a problem for the Willett family unless they get him a fucking muzzle (or break his phone). In PJ’s defense, several of the American fans proved him right, but that doesn’t mean you can say it, whine about it, or put it on public record. He kept hammering it on social media for weeks after the Ryder Cup too. What an ass. It didn’t bother me. I wear big boy pants and have thick skin, but I think he deserves a nomination. The shame of it is he was soooo good on the Twitter while his brother was winning the Masters. I know he tried to be funny, but 95% of the US fans weren’t going to see it that way. Know your audience.

Sam Horsfield, Collegiate Golfer at the University of Florida – I said no Ian Poulter this year but Sam is about as close to nominating Ian as it gets. He is IJP’s protege’ and resident youth asshole of the swanky private golf scene around Orlando. Normally I reserve these nominations for true professionals that deserve to be ridiculed and lambasted for their behavior. I almost nixed Sam’s nomination because he’s still an amateur, but hardly. He plays more golf for most pros. He’s a snobby private school schmuck who’s parents are loaded. He’ll be on the PGA Tour someday as the next set of man boobs to replace Phil Mickelson’s.

Image result for sam horsfield golf

So why does he make the list? If you saw him play a single shot at the U.S. Amateur at Oakland Hills this summer you know exactly why? This little bitch cried and whined at the hint of a bad shot. He slammed clubs. He didn’t give his opponents any credit for how they played. He was short with the interviewer after he lost. He was a dick to his caddie. In summary, he acted like an entitled spoiled fucking brat. But what else could you expect from someone who actually looks up to Poulter. I hope that he got home and saw how he acted on TV and will change his ways in the future. Sam is very talented. He’ll be around professional golf soon enough and probably will have a very lucrative career. If he acts like that later in life he’ll be the loneliest man on Tour.

And The Winner Is…..

Ugh. This has to be the weakest field of nominees of the four years in which I’ve been giving out Shutter awards in this category. I think there are two clear cut favorites contending for the WBOTY. Horsfield is out. I put him on here because I got a glimpse as to what an asshole he is in seeing him play for two hours. That means he sucks, but he’s probably not worthy of the space I wasted here to talk about him. Rose? Nah. He’s got too much goodwill and a gold medal to boot. He was pissed off they lost and said something stupid. Oh well. PJ Willett and the USGA…..tough call. Both were monumentally stupid in 2016, but I’ll have to go with Willett. Like I said, what he whined about doesn’t bother me whatsoever, it was funny, but he did his brother no favors because most fans didn’t see it that way. That’s award winning stuff for all the wrong reasons. Congrats PJ. You get the first award for 2016.

Did I get it right? Hit the poll and tell me.

Image result for PJ Willett image

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Podcast You Say? Yes Please.

Back On Golf Unfiltered’s Pod

Most people learn from their mistakes. editor, owner, and creator Adam Fonseca apparently does not because he dared to have me back on his podcast this Tuesday. We talked Tiger, his brand, the PGA Tour schedule, and what the fuck Bubba Watson was doing at Hazeltine as a Ryder Cup Vice Captain. It isn’t long, that’s what she said, but we kept it light and reasonably fun. Hit the link and check it out.

golf unfiltered


As always, a big thanks to Adam for having me. Hopefully we’ll do it again sooner rather than later, like 11 months, 15 days, 1 hour and 46 seconds later.

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Scaredy Cat – Tiger Withdraws From Long Awaited Return

I Won’t Have Morning Woods Tomorrow

That isn’t a euphemism, I’m just saying I won’t have Tiger Woods on a golf course, in a PGA Tour event, tomorrow morning in Napa Valley as planned. A month ago Tiger Fucking Woods told the golf media world that he intended to play in the Safeway Open this week to kick off his 2017 PGA Tour season. In case you’ve been living in Mars, Tiger didn’t play once in 2016 due to injury. Last Friday he confirmed that he’d play and officially entered the event. He sounded like he had found some inspiration after spending Ryder Cup week with Team USA as a vice captain. What happened between Friday and Monday when Tiger announced he was withdrawing is anybody’s guess, but anyway you slice it he looks like a giant coward.

In the full length statement made on Tiger’s website he noted that he had to move his post Ryder Cup practice from Florida to California because of Hurricane Mathew. That was of course after he said his game was vulnerable and that he wasn’t ready to compete with the best players in the world. Tiger insiders Notah Begay and Tim Rosaforte said the trouble with Woods right now is the short game. Tiger didn’t say that, but those two know enough to know the truth.

“After a lot of soul searching and honest reflection, I know that I am not yet ready to play on the PGA Tour or compete in Turkey,” Woods said on his website. “My health is good, and I feel strong, but my game is vulnerable and not where it needs to be.”

So he’s got the same short game issues he had at the beginning of 2015? How is that possible? This all comes after Jesper Parnevik told the world how good Tiger was hitting the ball in Florida. So what happened? I think it is a combination of many things. He got excited to play because of the Ryder Cup. He wants to play, but he doesn’t want to embarrass himself. I think he hits it fine on the range and on the course, then gets under fire and things get crooked. He knows the only way he can score right now is if his short game is sharp, and it is far from that. So why go through the motions, have to answer the questions, and embarrass himself more? If that is were his mind is, if he is indeed that fragile, then he probably made the right decision. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a huge pussy, but playing this week and shooting 81-80 and having more questions than answers after such a long layoff is probably best for him.

What’s that? He WD’d and then hit balls at a clinic held at Pebble Beach 24 hours later? Now that smells fishy. He looks good with whatever that is in the video, but it still lacks the speed we’ve always seen from Woods. Perhaps this is more about him getting out-driven by 46 year old Phil Mickelson (whom he would have been paired with) for 36 holes this week.

So no Tiger at Safeway, no Tiger in Turkey, and I doubt we see him at his own event, the World Challenge, in early December. What is going to change in the next six weeks? I’d say he’s even money to even play again in 2017. He’s bordering on Anthony Kim yeti status right now, minus the insurance money excuse.

That tweet makes me sad, and angry. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it except Tiger. Can he ever get over the hump? Will he ever play again, let alone win an tournament? I’ve had my doubts about all of this for almost a year, but those doubts have become clear realities. Sad realities. I might need help.

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A Standing Ovation For Team USA: Ryder Cup Final Thoughts

Patrick Reediculous, A True American Hero

I don’t even know where to begin. The Ryder Cup contested in Chaska, Minnesota last weekend had such a multitude of highlights and American swag thrown about it that I’ve lost track of what happened completely. Lets talk about the big guns first. Patrick Fucking Reed. He did everything but sell beer and raise the flag himself every morning at Hazeltine. At the 2014 matches Reed began writing his own chapter of Ryder Cup lore when he played with passion, grit, and shushed the home European crowd at Glen Eagles. He held his own record-wise too. The shush to the fans has since become his trademark. Because of what he did in 2014 he became the subject of interweb and Twitternerd jokes and memes for nearly two years. His Ryder Cup hype was off the charts. What could Captain Love do to allow him to live up to the hype or shield him from it? How about putting him in the first match of the week as well as the first match of singles, against the best of the best that Europe could throw at him every time out. Yeah, that’s all. That’ll do. What do you think of that Patrick?

There aren’t many things in life that can live up to any amount of hype, let alone two years of insane, cartoon-like, Chuck Norris-esque comparisons. Patrick Reed spit in the face of it all, kicked it in the dick, and played above and beyond any insane amount of expectations anyone could have had for him. Sure he lost a match, the one where he was outgunned with little to no help from a partner. The same one he ran out of his mojo on. The one in which the Euros played their asses off to beat just him. His only mistakes of the week were wearing white pants for 36 holes on Saturday and hitting driver on the 15th hole with a 3 up lead in his 4 ball match against the Spaniards. That cost the U.S. a half of a point. I’ll forgive him.

Why will I forgive him? Because he supercharged the other 11 members of the team with confidence they lacked and momentum they needed. He was also a pretty decent hype-man in his own right with how he engaged the drunk home crowds for each and every session. And just when the Euros thought they had a chance in singles, he slayed the beast that is Rory McIlroy in one of the best, most well played matches in the history of international team play. That’s not hyperbole. That’s a fact. Reed needs a montage. He’s earned it.

Maybe now we’ll stop poking fun at Reed for his 2014 comment about being a top 5 player. What’s next for Reed will be interesting. Can he harness this type of play more on the Tour? Can this performance propel him to win a major or two? I have no clue. He’s obviously a world beater when he plays with an edge like this. Look out fellow Tour members.

While Brandt Snedeker was the only American to go unbeaten (he was 3-0), Phil Mickelson is the only other guy on the roster who can even be put in the same sentence as Reed for how he played in the Ryder Cup matches. Phil of course was the jackass (his words, not mine) who opened his fat trap at the 2014 post match presser to complain about Captain Tom Watson’s ways, the timing of the captain’s picks, and anything else that didn’t sit right with him about the make up of Team USA. Then in his pre-cup 2016 presser he threw 2004 Captain Hal Sutton under a giant bus for how he paired FIGJAM with Tiger Woods without allowing any preparation for the two best players of a generation to play together.

Phil was ripe to lay an egg at Hazeltine. He’s old. He wrote some checks that many thought his ass couldn’t cash. He hadn’t played well in recent tournaments (outside of a 29 for his last nine of the Tour Championship). But that’s when Phil is most dangerous, when we expect nothing. He got help from a few partners to earn wins in team play, then matched lucky-ass Sergio Garcia shot for shot with a 63 that included 10 birdies in his Sunday singles match. All that for a half point that also killed any mounting Euro momentum.

Have a drink, Bitch Tits, you earned it. Phil was already a Ryder Cup legend. Perhaps now he’s a god. He’ll be a captain any time he wants to be, but most have him on the books for 2024 at Bethpage, and every two years thereafter.

There’s no point to handing out players grades. JB Holmes probably played the worst, but he won 1 of his 3 matches. He carried Ryan Moore in that win. Holmes has also now been part of more winning Ryder Cup teams than Tiger Woods, the score is 2 to 1. Moore wasn’t great either, but he had a winning record and clinched the deciding point with a comeback over Lee Westwood. That’s pretty good for an 11th hour pick. Jordan Spieth sucked but got two wins thanks to Reed carrying his ass. He was so bad there are rumblings that he may be hurt. That’s a nice excuse to fall back on. If the US had a breakout star last week it was Brooks Koepka, who went 3-1 while smashing 350 yard drives all over the lot. Reports from practice were that Koepka was off and they didn’t expect much from him once the rubber hit the road. I guess Brooks is a gamer. He certainly rose to the moment when called upon.

Most who attended the matches say that the Minnesota crowd was the 13th man. I’m going to disagree with that. Of course the drunks of 10,000 lakes helped the cause, but I think the players and captains might give a nod to a certain Mr. Arnold Palmer, who passed away 5 days prior to the playing of the cup. Palmer was there in spirit with his 1975 Ryder Cup bag standing at the first tee. His umbrella logo was all over the cup in several other ways.

There’s too much there for those to be a coincidence, right? The cup found its way to Latrobe, Pennsylvania on Tuesday for Arnold’s memorial service thanks to Rickie Fowler. Nice touch, Richard.

Am I going to talk about Bubba Watson? No. He cried. Period. What about Team Europe? I’ll only do so briefly. Why rub it in? I loved how Darren Clarke handled everything. I think he whiffed on a few picks and pairings, but he was rock solid in his approach, demeanor, and public appearance. Europe didn’t lose because of Clarke, they lost because they got outplayed across the board. Justin Rose’s comments on the “easy” set up look stupid. He’ll regret that. It was sour grapes.

Lee Westwood is cooked. Dude can’t putt and while most feel bad for him I don’t. Fuck him. He’s a prick and he’s killed US teams for years in Ryder Cups while making everything then choking in majors. Thomas Pieters is a stud. He’ll win in the US soon on the PGA Tour and be a household name if he isn’t already. Then there’s Rory… god he’s tough to dislike for a week. I actually didn’t root against him. His greatness, the shots he can hit, the big steel balls he lumbers about the course with….he’s everything you want in a great champion. He even got the crowd to chant USA! for the home team once they’d won the cup. He may have performed better in the post match presser than when he was on the golf course. Thank you, Mr. McIlroy, that was a great show. Take a bow.

Image result for Rory Mcilroy bowing

What Is A Ryder Cup Without WAGs?

The Euros lost the cup, but they might have won the War of the WAGs, which is worth 4 Ryder Cup points alone in my score keeping system. Most of the US team WAGs are just fine, but we’ve seen them all plenty before. WAGs are more fun for my readers when they haven’t made a splash yet. Enter the wife of Chris Wood and the girlfriend of Thomas Pieters.

Image result for bethany wivell

There’s Wood and wife Bethany above. I like what I see, but there isn’t much out there to show of her otherwise. We met her when she caddied for Chris in the Masters Par 3 contest. You may recall that she writes children’s books for dyslexic kids.

Ms. Eva Bossaerts showed up to the event on the arm of young Mr. Pieters. The Google machine has even less info on her and those in the know, I’m talking to you Potsie, aren’t speaking. Well fine then. Word on the street is that she’s an ice skater.

Image result for Eva Bossaerts

No WAG competition could be complete without the 1st ballot Hall of Fame Golf WAG, Paulina Gretzky. Maybe the US won the Ryder Cup, maybe Paulina did. You decide. She SnapChatted her way through the weekend in style, stopped for selfies with fans, and then on Monday posted a party pic on Instagram with everyone’s favorite philanderer, Tiger Woods.

Never leave your girl with Tiger and a cocktail. If Patrick Reed’s antics hadn’t already broken the internet on Sunday, this would have finished it off. What was Tiger’s reaction…?????

A little excited, it seems. I bet he told her that never happens to him, prematurely. All these WAGs, one had to be there for Rick Fowler to have on his arm, right? No. Homie rolled solo. He was probably expecting Justin Thomas to be his date and that fell through when Ryan Moore got picked instead of JT.

What a weird picture.

Next up, the 2018 version of the Ryder Cup in Paris, France. Here’s what we know. Davis Love will not be captain. Most are expecting a US team lead by Jim Furyk and a European team lead by Thomas Bjorn or Miguel Jimenez. Wait, the Mechanic…in Paris…..I doubt the old man would stop drinking all week. He’ll have French wine on an inter-venous drip. The pressers will be tits. Literally, he’ll probably have French hookers everywhere. I’ll have to see that. Sign me up.

Site News

I’ve crossed with golf season finish line for What does that mean? I’m blowing this site up going forward. You may have noticed I’ve posted less in the last 6 months than my normal frequency. There just isn’t enough time in the day for me to give the site all the attention I’d like to unless I neglect something else. There will still be plenty of posts and tweets, but the format will change completely. Wraps-ups from Tour events are dead. We’ll still talk hot golf chicks, don’t worry. We’ll still have course and equipment reviews as needed (if I ever get new shit or play new high end tracks). And I’ll post regularly about the golf topic dujour, but the recaps and their stiff format have gone stale and are no more as of now.

That being said, I’ll still be sure to compete the 2016 season with my year end awards, the Shutters. They’ll start rolling out soon. Stay tuned.

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Rory Steals Tour Championship To Save Season: Final Thoughts

Rory Has 11.3 Million Reasons As To Why His Season Didn’t Suck

He came. He Saw. He stole 10 million dollars from Dustin Johnson’s retirement fund and gutted Kevin Chappell and Ryan Moore in the process. When he’s on he’s a stone cold killer, and he was on Sunday at East Lake en route to a final round 64. Rory McIlroy was nearly flawless and capped his fireworks with an eagle two at the 16th hole when he needed it most. Down by 3 shots with 3 holes to play, his eagle got him within 1, then he dodged a bullet when Ryan Moore missed his tournament winning birdie putt on the final hole. In the playoff he disposed of Moore and Chappell after 4 grueling holes in which all three players hit it all over the lot. The death blow to Moore came back on the 16th green when after holing a clutch long par putt to stay alive he had to watch Rory do this.

That was 3 holes after Rory missed a 5 footer for eagle on the first playoff hole. Rors had his chances too, and came through again on the 16th to make sure he didn’t give Moore another chance. The tournament within the tournament with 10 million clams on the line made Sunday’s action at East Lake even more interesting than normal. Dustin Johnson was poised to win the Fed Ex trophy. Once Jason Day withdrew Johnson’s odds of winning the $10 million bonus more than doubled. He started to take apart East Lake like he was back at Oakmont in June. He had a 2 shot lead through 54 holes on everyone not named Kevin Chappell and fell on his face during the final round to finish T6.

Image result for Rory McIlroy fedex trophy image

Of course Dustin’s situation meant the Fed Ex trophy was there for Rory to take, along with the truck full of cash. The equation was a simple one. Rory wins the tournament, he wins the Fed Ex Cup. Anybody else wins and Dustin takes the big prize back to Paulina and Wayne. A normal Tour player would probably be on the edge of their seat watching the playoff. Dustin probably knew he’d blown it and didn’t even watch, especially after this:

So does the Fed Ex Cup title erase a year without a major for Rory? Not a chance in hell in my mind. The Fed Ex Cup and its wealth of riches are a nice consolation for Rors. He gives zero fucks about the money, but winning twice in September and adding a Fed Ex Cup to his trophy collection is a nice shot in the arm going into the Ryder Cup and the 2017 season. I wouldn’t want to play him in a Ryder Cup match this week if I was on Team USA.

The Field

Ryan Moore told Davis Love he didn’t want to go to Hazeltine last weekend while the Tour was off and practice with the current 11 team members and other potential members because he wanted to rest and focus on the Tour Championship. His goal for the season was to win the TC and the Fed Ex Cup, making the Ryder Cup team was an ancillary goal. He almost pulled it off and will probably lose a bit of sleep over the 8 foot putt he missed on the final hole of regulation play that would have given him the win.

Image result for ryan moore tour championship

I had counted Moore out of the Ryder Cup mix when he skipped practice in Minnesota, but everything he did at East Lake made him almost a lock to be picked by Love for the final spot. Exhibit A, he went toe to toe with Rory on his A game all day on Sunday and nearly knocked him off. As for DJ, homie’s game was off to the lost and found on Sunday from the early going. He never got it back. A 73 at the Tour Championship under great conditions isn’t going to win you shit. I’m glad he didn’t back into the Fed Ex Cup trophy with that performance. Who knows what we’ll see from him at Hazeltine this week.

Kevin Chappell has had a few 54 hole leads in his PGA Tour career. He was tied with Johnson this week and shot 66 on Sunday. That’s far different from the results he’s produced with 3rd round leads in the past but it still wasn’t good enough to get his first Tour win. He was one sloppy bogey on the easy 17th hole from making it happen. Would he have been Love’s pick had he snaked the Tour Championship? I doubt it. Don’t cry for Chappell, just making the final tournament for 2016 gets him in the field at the Masters next year. I’ll bet he wins an early 2017 event this fall, maybe even his next start.

Shot Of The Day

This one is too easy. When the most electric player in the game today holes out for eagle on the 70th hole of the tournament to help him come from behind to win, what else could top that for the Shot of the Day? Nothing.

And that’s a wrap on the 2016 PGA Tour season. Rory’s back, Dustin broke through, and Day kept on keeping on (getting injured). Will Spieth bounce back in 2017? Will Tiger or Phil finally win again? Can Stenson or Walker snag another major? I can’t wait to find out. If only the 2017 season could start…..what…what’s that? Oh yeah, it starts in two weeks….right after we get done with this silly exhibition match.

Ryder Cup Pick’em

In the end Love’s choice was easy. Moore outplayed Kevin Chappell over the Fed Ex events, even if just by a smidge. Moore dueled with Rory and put up a great fight to validate his recent play. Berger, Bubba, and Justin Thomas were almost no where to be seen. How could Love have picked anyone else? I like Ryan Moore. I love his match play record, as an amateur (he won the U.S. Am, Western Am, and U.S. Publinx all in the same year back in 2004). But he’ll be one of the first players I point the blame at if the US loses again assuming he doesn’t go 3-0-0 or something. He’s not a great putter. He’s not a long hitter. He’s kind of aloof and doesn’t get too fired up. Maybe that’s exactly what the team needs. Time will tell.

Image result for Ryder Cup Hazeltine image

What I don’t get whatsoever is the omission of Watson, as a player. He’s 7 in the world. He was 9th in points. Yet he was completely overlooked in the captain’s picks selection process, or so it seems. Love said he would have been the pick had Moore played average at East Lake. Well why then wasn’t Bubba picked in the first place? Why Holmes? There’s something there that made them take this route. Is it Bubba’s demeanor or just the state of his game, or both? Whatever it was, if you had an inkling of doubt of picking him initially, why pick him after Atlanta? And even worse, why would you make him a vice captain after not picking him?

It doesn’t add up. It makes no sense to me and it has to have Watson scratching his head, or maybe his level of self awareness isn’t elevated enough to realize what just happened right in front of his face.

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Football Versus Golf – Golf Can’t Win

As The FedEx Cup Finale Begins, The Tour Discusses Schedule Changes

Numbers don’t lie. Television ratings for golf begin to suck sweaty balls the second the college and NFL football seasons begin in earnest around Labor Day weekend. Golf isn’t as universally accepted or loved as a big game on the gridiron. That is a fact. It won’t change in our lifetime. I’m fine with it, I love me some football too and as much as I love golf I have to make myself watch some of the fall events that occur after the Fed Ex Cup playoffs end. So what can the Tour do to try to optimize the eyeballs their beloved Fed Ex events get? Flip the schedule again, of course.

Image result for pga tour schedule

The birth of the Fed Ex Cup Playoffs was a major tweak to the PGA Tour season schedule in itself. Remember, before the playoffs we had nothing but silly golf, weak full field events, and then a random 30 man field somewhere in a fairly warm climate around the first week of November. No one watched that either. The Fed Ex schedule initially created a spark but now nearly a decade into it the newness has worn off. The format is still confusing. And the Tour still loses too many valuable viewers to pigskin. You can rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic all you want, but the solution is to simply avoid putting your prime events up against NFL Sundays, period.

Tim Finchem held a presser this week which will likely be his last as commissioner. His 2nd in command, Jay Monahan will take his over as the big cheese in 2017. His fingerprints will be all over the task of fixing the Fed Ex events TV ratings. The rumored changes involve moving the Players Championship back to March where it was played from its inception until 9 years ago when it was moved to May. The Tour has figured out that the course is too hard to prep for play in May. A March date will get more publicity as the first big event of the season.

The next rumored major schedule change is getting the PGA of America to move its major championship to May. Ok, that’s possible, but now you’re starting to lose me because moving both of those might be hard to sell to fans. What these moves will do is open up August for a run to Fed Ex Cup glory. That sounds good, but it still puts the Tour Championship up against football on Labor Day weekend. Why not try something completely new? Like what? Like play the Fed Ex events during the week on the West Coast in prime time!

Image result for Phil Mickelson football image

Big boy golf tournaments that finish on a Wednesday during prime time television would bring viewers from all over the country that are home from work, with no football on, looking for a sports fix to get them through the football lull that occurs in the middle of the week. The sun sets at about 10 pm Eastern time this week in California. With smaller fields in the last two Fed Ex events you could easily schedule tee times that have the contenders finishing about 30 minutes prior to sun down right in the heart of prime time for half the country.

The crowds might be smaller, but the crowds in Atlanta could care less about showing up at East Lake this week anyway. We’re not concerned about ticket sales. TV ratings are all that matter. Drop Atlanta. Drop Boston (they have the Greater Hartford Open anyway). Play the first event in the New York area as you do now, week 2 in Chicago over Labor Day. Then start the events on Sunday and end them on Wednesday going forward while playing on the West Coast. No more boring East Lake. No more rating problems.

Ryder Cup Fallout?

My West Coast solution doesn’t help U.S. Ryder Cup players that could be playing 8 of 9 consecutive weeks. They’ll still be fatigued. The schedule option that includes moving the PGA Championship does help fix that problem though. That would give Ryder Cuppers almost a month off before the big (exhibition) matches. I bet you’d see the U.S. record v. Europe steadily improve over the next few years if they were fresh and rested. If you could guarantee me that result I’d junk my West Coast idea in a heartbeat.

Speaking of the Ryder Cup, did you hear that Captain Love had the boys at Hazeltine for practice during the off weekend last week? All 11 members made it, as did Justin Thomas, Daniel Berger, and Bubba Watson, who are all being considered for the final Captain’s pick. Who didn’t make it? This guy.

Image result for ryan moore ryder cup image

It wasn’t as if he was not invited. He was. But Moore told Love that he was fatigued and needed to rest for the Tour Championship. He says that the Tour Championship has been his goal all season and the Ryder Cup thing was an after thought. I’m sure Love respected the decision, and apparently Love told Moore that skipping practice didn’t exclude him from being the final pick, but come on. Moore is out right? Good coaches that get to make cuts, recruit players, etc. tend to go with guys who want to be on the team. They want them to bleed the team colors. That kind of intangible is often what puts one player ahead of another contender when their so close otherwise. Moore shot himself in the foot. Even if he wins in Atlanta he shouldn’t be picked by Love. He’ll have 10 million reasons for skipping a weekend in Minnesota, but he has no business being on the team now.

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