Canada Day! Final Thoughts On Canadian Open

Australian Are Crooks, Jason Day Stole This One

Less than a week ago Jason Day left a putt short that would have put him in a playoff for a chance to win his first major. On Sunday in Ontario, Canada Day had a putt to birdie the final hole to ensure he’d do no worse than make a playoff. He canned it, and when his challengers a group behind him failed to make eagle Day had his 2nd victory of the season and his 4th as a PGA Tour member. While winning the Canadian Open isn’t the “open” Jason planned on winning this July, it is a nice consolation prize and validation of how well he’s playing.

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There’s no truth to the rumor that he also got a bowl of soup with that hat. That isn’t even the funniest pic of Mr. Day post victory. There’s another in which he’s posing with a giant beaver. I can’t make this up, and that sentence has nothing to do with his wife’s anatomy.

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Enough. Day’s driver was the story of his victory. With the Glen Abbey course playing firm and fast and the weather making distance conditions optimal, Day drove the ball like a machine. For example, when making his late charge toward victory with three consecutive birdies to close, Day obliterated the fairway at the 17th hole. His tee shot left him 74 yards from the flag on the 456 yard hole. I’ll save you the math and tell you hit ripped it 386 yards. It wasn’t down hill, it wasn’t in the mountains, and the wind – while helping it some – wasn’t howling. Day didn’t just bomb it on one hole, he did it all fucking week. The stats back up how good he was with that club. I bet Tiger circa 2000 would have had a similar stat line if they’d have kept such stats back then.

Day’s time is now. He’s 19 days away from his next major Sunday tee time and playing the best golf of his life. He’ll be in the hunt at Whistling Straits, I can almost guarantee it, how he handles his date with destiny will be why we’re watching and why we’re rooting for him. He’s too good to let another major opportunity slip away.

The Field

Say what you want about Bubba Watson, but any tournament that features him dueling Jason Day down the stretch is a big win for the title sponsor and the network covering it. The guy is an amazingly talented player that annoys the fuck out of me, but I can’t stop watching him play. He was great again this week in Canada but came up a shot short thanks to Day’s final hole heroics. He didn’t complain much either, and he would have made it through the interwebs clean if it hadn’t been for his son getting caught picking his nose while the final groups played the 18th hole. I like how Dash Day is waiting to see if Watson eats it like a scene from Caddy Shack.

Also in the hunt was native Canadian David Hearn. It has been forever since a Canadian son won his national championship. Hearn was the obvious crowd favorite as the hopes of hockey and maple syrup fell solely on his shoulders. He slept on the 54 hole lead which likely added to the pressure he felt. He didn’t lose the RBC Canadian Open on Sunday, but his final round 72 wasn’t good enough when Day and Watson were obliterating par 5s with short irons. Hearn keeps knocking on the door. Remember, he was the guy (with Zach Johnson) that was part of the playoff at the John Deere in 2013 when Jordan Spieth won his first event. He’s not losing to chumps.

Shot Of The Day

With all the long drives and all the flashy stats Day put up this week, his putter and the bomb he made to salt the tournament away gets the nod for the Shot of the Day. Pun fully intended.

Hey, I like 386 yard drives as much as anyone, but you know… for show, putt for dough. 

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Musings Of Another Variety

I Guess I Missed Hump Day

That’s the kind of thing that happens when a major finishes on a Monday. So instead of Hump Day musings, you get…..well, the Day After Hump Day Musings. Yesterday was a slower news day anyway. Shit, today they discovered a planet like earth. A new motherfucking bigger earth!! I’m glad NASA found it instead of Taylormade, because if it was TM then I would have just assumed it is the same old earth with some new paint, higher price point, and different marketing campaign. Ok, time to move on.

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Oh that, that’s just your typical same year Masters/U.S. Open champ drinking from someone else’s Claret Jug on the plane back from Scotland. Good stuff. In other news we had another Robert Allenby incident on Thursday at the Canadian Open. The professional jerkoff fired his caddie in the middle of the round. From the sounds of it Allenby and looper Mick Middlemo got into quite an argument after Allenby missed a green with what he thought was a bad club choice.

The player and caddie argument became much more heated with witnesses saying both men were equally aggressive toward each other. Allenby said he felt threatened by his now ex-looper. Does that shock you? After all, he has a mangina. The guy will probably make up a story about a group of thug caddies kidnapping him tomorrow and call the news…..oh wait. Even less shocking, Allenby shot 81 and is dead fucking last after round 1. I’m sure this, along with his other struggles of 2015, had everything to do with who was carrying his bag and raking his bunkers. What an asshat. Allenby finished his round with a fan carrying his bag. That’s all, nothing to see here, move along.

I’ve Heard Of Army Golf, But This Is Ridiculous 

A few months ago Sang-Moon Bae was notified by his home country that he’d have to serve in their army. I don’t recall the specifics, but Bae planned on appealing the decision. This week Bae made the result of his appeal public. He’ll be forced to serve in South Korea’s Army. He released the following minimal statement:

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The Tour plans on amending their language for injury exemptions to allow Bae to keep his status for when he is ready to come back and play in two years. What condition Bae’s game will be in is a whole different story. I’ll be rooting for him the rest of the year and when he returns. Its a shame for fans that we’ll lose him for any period of time.

Golf Without Borders

While Robert Allenby is at the bottom of the leaderboard in round 1 of the Canadian Open at Glen Abbey, Emilio Grillo is at the top after his first round 64. That almost didn’t happen due to a snag with his visa as Emilio entered Canada via Buffalo, New York. Grillo, for some strange reason, played in the opposite-field event in Alabama last week instead of the British Open. It shocks me that he wasn’t qualified for the Open.

He placed 10th in Alabama and that automatically gets him into this week’s event. His management team knew he had a visa issue so they advised him to fly to Buffalo and drive across the border. At the border he’d be able to fill out and pay for a permit that would allow him as a professional athlete to be in the country for a certain period of time to compete. What a great loophole. Kudos for his team and the Tour knowing it was possible. It might pay off in a big way.

Like My Wife, The USGA Has My Next Nine Father’s Days Planned Out

The USGA made some news today as they formally announced the 2022, 2023 and 2024 U.S. Open sites. First, in 2024 the championship will go back to Pinehurst. That wasn’t much of a secret. The blue coats loved what they saw there last year and love how the course shows off what minimum water usage can result in. That is their mission right now. They also love the scale Pinehurst can provide with so much property to use for parking, merchandise, etc. There is no word yet on if they’ll try for the male/female double open that was executed in 2014 in back to back weeks.

The 2023 site was a little more surprising. The USGA awarded that championship to Los Angeles Country Club’s North Course. This grand old lady was renovated in 2010 by Gil Hanse and looks pretty bad ass. I’ve never played it and know no one that has. The course’s pictures have some serious golfer eye candy. We knew the USGA wanted to get back to the West Coast. I’m good with them trying something new from time to time. As a trial balloon LACC will host the Walker Cup in 2017.

Lastly, the announcement of the 2022 site brings the U.S. Open back to a classic site, the Country Club at Brookline. Not having hosted an Open since 1988 when Curtis Strange won, it was long thought to have become extinct to the USGA. That was until the US Am went there a few years ago and was a tremendous success. As with other prior championships hosted by the Country Club, the 2022 iteration will also use the composite course.

Here’s the rest of the U.S. Open line up through 2024:

2016 Oakmont (Pennsylvania)

2017 Erin Hills (Wisconsin)

2018 Shinnecock Hills (New York)

2019 Pebble Beach (California)

2020 Winged Foot (New York)

2021 Torrey Pines (California)

2022 The Country Club (Massachusetts)

2023 Los Angeles Country Club (California)

2024 Pinehurst (North Carolina)

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Open Championship: The Finale

Final Round 66s At The Open Don’t Grow On Trees

All that firepower, all those other big names, major winners, etc., and we get little Zachie Poo from Iowa as our Champion Golfer of the Year. Sometimes you just have to tip your cap and nod. Job well done, Mr. Johnson. Zach’s resume tells you him winning anything is no fluke, except for perhaps a cold, windy, and dry Masters 8 years ago. He’s a grinder and a winner, and he might be the best wedge player on the planet. When given the opportunity to out-wedge his opponents he’s the guy to beat. Why didn’t we have this figured out sooner?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said to myself, “self, Zach Johnson’s game is perfect for the British Open”. And I’ve always followed that thought with excluding him from ever contending because he will always play the John Deere Classic back home in the states the week before. That event is a major to him. Before this week, with both Jordan Spieth and Zach Johnson contending, I’ve typically written off the Deere players in the Open. The travel, the difference in the courses and styles, and Johnson putting so much into the Deere should zap him from any thoughts of winning a week later across the pond. Clearly Johnson doesn’t think that way. And when his putter finally came to life after being balky almost all season he putt together a final round for the ages.

Just look at my post from the third round. I wrote him off as I didn’t even list him in the poll question. I didn’t say he had no chance, but I knew 15 under was the number and I didn’t see a 66 coming from Johnson. He putted out of his mind all fucking day. He made lengthy putts, he stuck wedges, he gutted out a key bogey in the playoff, but his birdie putt at the 72nd hole of the championship will become part of his legend.

That got him into a playoff with Louis and Marc Leishman. All Johnson did from there was birdie the first two holes of the four hole aggregate format. When Louis’ par putt missed at 17 (3rd hole of playoff) Zach had just one bullet left to dodge from Oosthuizen at 18.

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When the dust settled on the playoff, there was Johnson’s wife to great him, followed right up by Jordan Spieth who finished a shot out of the extra session of golf but stuck around for 90 minutes to cheer on Zach. Classy kid.

Immediately after Zach’s name went on the jug golf journos took to Twitter and their columns to suggest that he’s now put himself in the Golf Hall of Fame. If this is the case, then the Hall requirements need to be changed. Zach is a great player, but his 11 career wins aren’t Hall-worthy. Two majors is a fantastic career, but it shouldn’t make you an automatic entrant into that level of greatness. Now, if he wins four more times, as I expect he will, the conversation changes.

Winners & Losers

This is how we roll for ever major. It is time for the week’s winners and losers:


Zach Johnson – For all the reasons noted above, Zach is the big winner of the week. He finally got his 2nd major. He silenced all the doubters saying the Old Course is for bombers. Now he’s on the cusp of a Hall of Fame career. He’s this generation’s Corey Pavin if you ask me, but Corey never got a 2nd major.

The John Deere Classic – Jordan Spieth wins it, Zach finishes T3, and both come to the Open and put on a show for 5 days. Add in a free flight to the British Isles from Silvis on the Air Deere Charter and the JDC’s popularity among better players might be on the rise.

I say this a bit tongue in cheek, but it could happen. I think the JDC works when the Open is at St. Andrews because it gets you in the frame of mind to make birdies and hit good wedge shots. Playing Carnoustie a week after TPC Deere Run might be like unwanted shock therapy.

Jordan Fucking Spieth – Some whack ass media outlets said he choked. Go fuck yourself USA Today. Yes, he did four putt, but he’s all guts and came right back with consecutive birdies after his gaffe. Four putts happen at places like St. Andrews. Jordan struggled on the greens of the Old Course all week.

He had more 3 putts this week than he’d had almost all season otherwise. I’m sure he’s kicking himself for the putting woes given that he was still only 1 shot away from a playoff. Given all that, given some of the weather he got stuck in, given the John Deere win the week prior, and then mix in the pressure of the Grand Slam…..yeah, the kid did all right.

Amateur Golf – Nine amateurs qualified for the Open and 5 made the cut. Then almost all of them contended at some point or another. Jordan Niebrugge from Wisconsin finished with the silver medal for low am. Ollie Schniederjans put on a show on Monday to shoot up the leaderboard. And Paul Dunne was a co-leader after 54 holes. This was a live advertisement for the virtues of college golf and how well it now prepares young players to be professionals at the highest levels. I do think the course set up that allowed for so many wedge shots by the entire field helped the ams, but still….this is freaking the Open at St. Andrews. Dunne was the only kid that showed any fear at all and that didn’t happen until he teed off in the final round. Can you blame him?

The Old Course – Too short, too old…. the Old Course at St. Andrews doesn’t want to hear it. The 144th Open at the Old Course resulted in a phenomenal championship, even if I don’t agree with the winner it gave us. The birdies binges on the front nine, the teeth of the course coming back to town, the Road Hole, and the pitches into 18 after crossing the Swilican Bridge. What else can you ask for?

Exciting golf, quirky shots, and unpredictable weather….yeah, I’ll take that every time. The course isn’t too short. It is fun. And when the wind blows it is plenty hard to make the best players in the world think a little more than they’d like. Don’t change a thing, especially having players hit over a hotel, or into it like Phil did today (above).


Dustin Johnson – If you went to bed on Friday night and woke up Monday afternoon and asked me who won the Open, I’d say “Johnson” and you’d say well of course Dustin won. When I corrected you to tell you it was Zach you’d slap me and tell me I had the wrong Johnson (that’s what she said). It is unfathomable that the guy everyone wanted to hand the trophy to after 25 holes finished T49 with David Duval. Oddsmakers had him at a 2 to 1 favorite when he went to bed on Friday! DJ played the weekend 6 over par. With his length, after his start, that’s ridiculous. He said he was over the Chambers Bay loss. Clearly that isn’t the case. As soon as adversity struck at St. Andrews he crumbled. The dude will forever underachieve. Don’t burn yourself on that hot take.

Zach Johnson’s hair – Need I even say more? You guys all saw it or have taken note of it before. The little man is as bald as contemporaries Jim Furyk and Geoff Ogilvy, yet he’s trying to hide it like Donald Trump.

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Next time homie walks in to a Great Clips, because you know that is where he gets his wig snapped, he needs to ask for the zero on the clippers. He should probably bring Matt Kuchar with him.

Tiger Woods – This is getting old. I’m sick of talking about him, but another missed cut and another lost weekend at a major means he makes the loser list again. It is sad. I have no idea where he goes from here. What else is there to say?

Productivity – It had to be proper fucked all over the world today. The final round of the Open was on when you got to work and went long after you finished your post lunch dump. How the fuck were you supposed to get anything done? Instead you occupied large amounts of company bandwidth to stream the Open and watched every second of it with a fake spread sheet open on your 2nd monitor. Don’t lie to me.

Hey, that’s the price they pay for making you work on what should have been declared an emergency golf holiday across the globe. Monday finishes aren’t ideal, bu they’re better when you have a whole round to plan your day around. If this had just been a 4 or 5 hole thing it would have sucked.

The R&A – I’m not calling the Royal and Ancient losers because of anything thing they did during the championship. I thought the course was set up well. I think they truly had their hands tied during the 10.5 hour delay on Saturday. Why they’re on the list in this post is because they hate Monday finishes. That’s not what they do. This was their first in 27 years.

On top of that, they also lost Ivor Robson’s and Peter Dawson’s service going forward as both men worked their final Open’s on Monday. I covered Ivor earlier this week so I won’t rehash that. I did enjoy his final calls today from the first tee. He’s a treasure. Dawson is a more controversial figure for golf’s largest governing body. He’s done plenty good for the game and has always been known to stick by his guns. Most would see that as stubborn, I simply think he’s a bit old school and knows what he wants. Losing two pillars in your championship will hurt the R&A going forward. Hopefully the hurt will only be short term.

On Wisconsin!

In less than one month we’ll be focused on a sliver of property along Lake Michigan for the final major of 2015. I’d call it Glory’s Last Shot, but that is copyrighted. Fuck you CBS, I did it anyway. If the final round at the Straits is half as good as what we saw at the Old Course golf fans are going to be just fine.

I have no predictions, it is too far away to tell, but you have to think that Jason Day has had too many close calls to not finally knock one off at Kohler.

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Open Championship: Round 3

I Need A Cigarette

Round 3 at the Open was intense. It was also exactly what we needed after a washed out Saturday. And if you had an amateur that was the 2nd best player on his college team this spring as your 54 hole co-leader, please get the fuck out of here right now. You must be a wizard or warlock.  I saw Paul Dunne’s name for the first time earlier in the week when he was playing practice rounds with GMac. I thought, “oh, cute story, a fellow Irishman who also played collegiate golf at Alabama-Birmingham who McDowell is taking under his wing”. Now the 5’8″ 160 lb. amateur is looking like Francis Ouimet on the wrong side of the Atlantic.

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Fuck me, he looks like he’s 14. I believe Mr. Dunne has exhausted his NCAA eligibility and could be turning pro at any moment. He’d be smart to do so on Tuesday because his stock will never be higher. I find it interesting that he’s already sporting Under Armor as if there is a deal in place. If there isn’t, there will be by noon on Tuesday. They owe him.

Dunne’s playing partner on Sunday was Louis Oosthuizen, whom Dunne said was a role model of his and his presence in their game made his round more enjoyable and special. This must have also agreed with Louis because he too is now tied for the 54 hole lead. Their game was 13 under for the day. We should have seen that coming from Louis. He played well at Chambers Bay and was the 2010 Champion Golfer of the Year via winning the British Open at St. Andrews. I backed off picking Louis because he played poorly at his post Chambers Bay events. Clearly the course agrees with him. He’ll be hard to beat. As for Dunne, pencil in a 74 and a nice ovation as he finishes tomorrow. His story was fun but an amateur winning a major with such a studly leaderboard around him isn’t going to happen (even though Jordan Spieth thinks it could).

Worth The Wait? 

With all the shit the R&A took yesterday for their set up and their play/no-play decisions, the leaderboard we’ve got now with 18 holes to play tells me they made the right call. Halting play for 10.5 hours let the players’ skill decide the tournament instead of luck. When Sunday dawns some 20 big time players will have a chance to win the Open. As a fan that is all you can ask for. There’s also some data going viral about wind speed at St. Andrews and how much of an outlier the Saturday conditions really were.

That’s staggering. Will Paul Azinger apologize to the R&A for the stupid accusatory comments he made on the air after reading this? Don’t hold your breath.

Big Spiethy

When the 2nd round was completed journos and various media outlets were treating the 2015 Open like Dustin Johnson had a 6 shot lead. Euro oddsmakers moved him to a 2 to 1 favorite due to all the money coming in on him. Then this walking wet fart shot 75 as the entire field passed him by at light speed. He made one birdie, on his 15 th hole, before making 3 bogies to finish and drop off the leaderboard faster than an Ian Poulter shank can find a hazard. He’s Dustin Johnson. This was bound to happen. Homie checks out on Sundays (even though only in the third round at this point) of majors. He had wedge into 6 of his first 7 holes and was over par. He should easily shoot under 70 at the Old Course with his length. This is all in his head.

Jordan Spieth on the other hand seizes almost every opportunity presented to him. He’s one shot off the lead and one good round away from continuing his quest for the calendar year Grand Slam. I’m not betting against him at this point. He’d be in the lead with the other 3 players at 12 under if he handed butchered 4 shots from with in 90 yards at the 9th hole. He will have his say tomorrow. He always does. And if he does come home with the Claret jug he also earns the world number 1 ranking. Christ, he did all this on Sunday while playing a Sergio. He should received a special medal just for that from the R&A.

Process Of Elimination 

As I said above, about 20 guys have a chance to win. Everyone back to an 8 under score is legitimately in it. Of the -7s, I think Fowler, Reed, and Matsuyama have enough fire power to get their shot too. You have to figure one of the players at -12 shoots at least a 69 to get to -15. If that’s the case, a player at minus 7 has to shoot 64 to get to -15. Dustin Johnson could do it, but I think today fried him, and I’m already burying him. No one is talking about Patrick Reed. If he shot something low and posted early the internet might break.

Scott, Goosen, Rose, and Garcia are all at -9 and all very dangerous. So is Leishman, but after his 3rd round 64 it will be hard for him to back that up with something 66 or lower. I’d put Harrington in the same breath as Leishman. His 65 will be hard to back up too. That leaves one more legit contender I haven’t mentioned, Jason Day. He hasn’t gone on hot streak yet, but he’s played well almost all week. He’s tied for the lead, but Spieth is where all the focus is. Dunne is in over his head. A Louis/Jason battle, with Jordan barely falling short, seems to be the most likely scenario in my eyes.

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A Case Of The Mondays

Nothing could blow more dick than having a major finish on a Monday while most of us are at work. I’m tempted to call in, but the reality is if I can’t play golf then I won’t waste the day. I have my principles. So who ya got? Who’s leaving Scotland as the Champion Golfer of the Year. Hit the poll and make your claim.

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Embedded image permalink

Oh yeah, that pic… Might be the coolest British Open picture that doesn’t show the golf course ever. There’s no truth to the rumor that Rory is sitting on the other side of the rainbow with lucky charms and a pot of gold.

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Open Championship: Round 2

We’re Fucked

Call your boss, plan your excuse, work on your sick voice for the call… no one is going to work on Monday because the Open Championship final round will be played that day. Why? Because the 3 hour rain delay on Friday meant play was suspended due to darkness in the evening. About a quarter of the field had to come back early Saturday to finish. When they did resume play severe winds forced another stoppage of play because balls were being blown while on the greens. The R&A expects to get play started around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. That means they’ve lost almost the entire day and the tourney is fucked because it was already delayed.

The decision was as right as starting in the first place was wrong, and it sounds like Brooks Koepka started the movement by refusing to play out on 11 after an official told him to do so. As you can see by this ESPN graphic from earlier on Friday, the winds are much worse the further away from town you get. The 11th gets the worst of it.

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The result should be that the guys still out there will have much better conditions to finish round 2 later day. And rounds 3 and 4 will be birdie friendly on Sunday and Monday. Oh, and Tiger will miss the cut no matter what happens unless he birdies in from 14. Good luck.

Good Bye Tom

The three hour Friday delay meant that Tom Watson’s Friday tee time was changed by a few hours. His final hole would be played near 10 pm local time, which is still light enough to finish in Scotland this time of year. The scene was surreal as he said good bye to the fans, the Open, and the Swilican Bridge. He also stopped to thank life long caddie Bruce Edwards who passed a handful of years ago.

Several players took in the sight of Watson leaving his stage. Graeme McDowell even broadcast it on Periscope without saying a word. The low light levels with the flashes bursting in the background to go along with the R&A building behind him being dimly lit besides a single chandelier made Watson’s moment almost eerie. The shame of it was that several fans didn’t wait around to see it happen so late in the evening. I’ve often criticized Watson as a Ryder Cup captain, but no one can belittle his accomplishments and play in the British Open. His play and class will be missed.

Nice Fucking Sweater, Nick

Nick Faldo also said good bye to St. Andrews on Friday. He’ll be back in a few years at the Open to play Muirfield and say his good byes to the championship he won 3 times. All week Nick had been pulling out old sweaters from his closet that he wore when he won his Opens in the past. To say good bye and cross the Swilican Bridge he pulled out this old eye sore.

This was after another gem earlier in the week.

Who knew Nick even had a sense of humor?

Hang In There

There’s a lot of golf left to play, and hopefully you’ve cleared your Monday schedule accordingly. There certainly are some quirky championship factoids lurking thanks to all these delays. Danny Willett lead the Open when he walked off 18 on Friday. Now he’s going to go a whole day without hitting a shot. Which reminds me, if you’re not familiar with Willett, check out his wife who is a former SFG WAG of the Month.

Dustin Johnson hit 8 shots before play was suspended again Saturday morning. Did some of the shots he, Louis, and Jordan hit today cost them the Open? David Duval warmed up, went to his hole, then didn’t play a shot because he was stuck on the death march that was the 11th hole. Whoever rides this out will be a patient, patient man.

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Open Championship: Round 1

The Monday Playoff We Didn’t Get

Dustin Johnson missed a 4 foot putt on the 72nd hole of the U.S. Open that would have put him in a Monday playoff with Jordan Spieth. The R&A (ironically) put DJ and Jordan in the same 1st and 2nd round pairing at the Open Championship as if to say, “do it again, please”. The two super stars didn’t disappoint on Thursday. Their group was off early and both posted 31 in relatively benign conditions for St. Andrews. The turn homeward wasn’t as friendly, but neither was the weather. The result was DJ putting all his critics in their place for the time being in shooting a 65 to put him in the lead. Spieth followed with a 67 that wasn’t what I would call his cleanest round.

Embedded image permalink

Thursday of course doesn’t make up for DJ’s U.S. Open gaffe. We’re not even half way home. If Johnson keeps his foot on the gas like we saw on Thursday he’ll be there until the end. What he does from there will either change his legacy or cement it. Another gaffe seems likely, like a big O.B. ball on 17 on Sunday with a 2 shot lead. If something like that happens you can bet your ass Spieth will be there to take advantage.

Too Early

No matter what Spieth and Johnson do for the next 3 days plenty of other studs will have their say in this championship as well. Oosthuizen, Day, Zach Johnson, Goosen….fuck, even Garcia and Mickelson aren’t out of it as they survived the afternoon weather after it turned sour. The bitch of it is that the afternoon wave that got the worst of the Thursday weather will likely get the worst of it again on Friday, which is the exact opposite of what most predicted. We should have known the golf gods would shine on Jordan Spieth again.

A reader pointed out that I forgot to say my pick in a post this week. Via Twitter I said Henrik Stenson and -14 would win. Stenson shot a 73 in round 1. He’s likely out of it, but tomorrow’s weather will provide more insight on who’s legit and who can go home. Speaking of going home…

Zero For 29

That would be Tiger Woods’ record for his last 29 majors. I told myself last night that Tiger actually had a chance in this one because of his comfort level with the course and because he was showing signs of improved play. His opening round 76 is only good enough to be in T139 position. In two words, fucking pathetic. David Duval beat him by four shots! This guy told us 24 hours ago that he wasn’t dead yet and that the media shouldn’t bury him because he’s still young. Remember the AARP comment?

He may not be dead yet, but there’s more people digging his golf grave than there is etching his name on any major trophies for the future. What did he do wrong today? He didn’t drive it particularly well, but his wedge game and putter were fucking awful. It is clear to anyone paying attention now that he neglected this part of his game while getting healthy and changing his swing. He’ll shoot 74ish tomorrow and go home. Then he’ll show up to Whistling Straits and do something similar. Rinse and repeat. This shit is getting old.


There is a reason ESPN has left the golf broadcast business for 50 weeks of the year. They’re not very good at it. Well, what they show is fine. I like their angles, shots, graphics, etc. The rest of it? I tolerate Andy North. He’s harmless. Scott Van Pelt is getting a bit too talkie. The rest of these guys can eat a cock. Strange is a fucking turd. Zinger, he called Tiger a hack today. While that is the current state of TW’s game I think Zinger has a small cock and has some serious penis envy of Woods’ 14 majors. He obviously has at hard-on for hating on Tiger.

Mike Tirico talks too much too. Hey, little guy, this isn’t a thesaurus contest. And if I get more than 2 minutes of Rinaldi per hour I might break my television this weekend. All that being said, did you see their sweet ass studio that rotates with a joystick (that Tirico probably sits on for fun during commercials)? It was bad ass. The structure can be rotated so that the background behind Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dick can be shown either as the clubhouse and 18th green or the Road Hole back from the green to the tee. Well done their boys from Bristol.

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Open Championship: Day 3

Game Number 41

You know Ivor Robson, even if you don’t. You know him because for 40 years he’s sneaked into your television and been the voice of the Open Championship, from Carnoustie to Birkdale to Muirfield to Turnberry to Saint Andrews, Robson has been there…..the entire fucking time. Ivor is the starter that the R&A uses to announce each ‘game’ on the first tee. Yeah, this guy, with the funny voice:

I’m a fan, and I said so last year during the Open as well. Ivor is unique and makes the Open feel like, well…. the Open. This year at St. Andrews Tom Watson will say goodbye to the major he’s won the most. Mr. Robson will be doing the same after 41 years on the job. He’s not just there announcing games, he’s doing it non stop. He typically works 10 hour days during Open week. He’s never missed a single game on the tee and he usually goes without a bathroom or lunch break through his shift. Tonight before bed he had a sandwich and a glass of mineral water. He likely won’t eat until after he’s announced the last game on Thursday. This is a focused performer.

Do yourself a favor on Sunday, tune in early enough to catch the leaders go off the 1st tee, and take in Robson for the final time. You’ll witness golf history, and there will never be another like him.

Weather Or Not

The big story of Wednesday in Scotland is the pending weather for Friday. The forecast calls for wind gusts in the 40 mph range late in the afternoon. This means that players with early Thursday/late Friday tee times have the worst part of the draw in the British Open. More often than not the weather and the draw you get at the Open decide your fate more than your golf game does. The bad end of a draw can be a 4 shot difference (or more) through 36 holes.

Embedded image permalink

Jordan Spieth is scheduled to play late on Friday. Rickie Fowler has the opposite side of Spieth’s times. That is the rub of the green at the Open. Just ask Tiger. He took the wrong end of it at Muirfield in 2002 after he won the Masters and the U.S. Open before crossing the pond that year. Maybe it won’t matter, perhaps the forecast will change, but my hunch is that if the golf gods want their say in Jordan Spieth’s slam attempt they’ll get it.

Nothing Better Than (The) Road Hole

Every five years I tell myself I’ll make it to St. Andrews some day. The home of golf, the charm of the town, the history, the Jigger Inn…..why not go? The Old Course has plenty of quirks, charm, and history, but the thing that draws me to it the most might arguably be the hardest par 4 in golf, the 17th hole. The Old Course’s 2nd to last hole is also known as the Road Hole, but you know that. The romance of the hole starts with a tee shot that must be played over the corner of a portion of the Old Course hotel that jets out on to the hole between the tee and fairway. That wall is in play, but you almost never see a professional hit it. Your blind tee shot must then land in the most narrow fairway you can imagine with hay on both sides and a hellish wind blowing the ball out of your control.

And that is only the beginning. Your approach to the green, if playable, must then navigate around the Road Hole bunker that is too deep for most hacks to dream about escaping. Playing safely to the right like most do (think 11 at Augusta) brings a quirky bounce into play off the road the hole is named for. Watching players play shots from the road on to the green is fun enough in itself. Watching them bounce shots off the wall and on to the green is even better. The Mechanic shows us how its done:

Par is earned at 17. A birdie gains 1.5+ shots on the field, but playing for 3 brings 6 or more into play more often than not.

What a brilliant hole. I can’t wait anymore. Bring on the Open.

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Open Championship: Day 2

Press This

Like I told you yesterday, as the week goes on things will get more exciting with more factoids and press conferences happening. On Tuesday at the Open Championship, an R &A member farting would have been more exciting than anything else going on. It was a whole lot of nothing, in other words.

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What I did find interesting came from Tiger Woods’ presser. Tiger commented plenty about how much he loves playing St. Andrews. And he went on to say that “before he dies he wants to play it backwards”. That sounds funny, but if you’re a die hard golf nut you already know that the Old Course was once played backward on certain days. In modern times this has been done away with because the routing involved many cross overs that would hold up play now. Still, the reverse routing explains several bunkers on the property that appear way out of place. They’re not for the original routing you see today. They’re for the old reverse routing, and they’ve never been removed. Consider them golf fossils, if you will.

If you’re as fascinated by this old way of golf as I can be at times, I highly recommend the this post on Golf Club Atlas that explains the theory in much greater detail. In 2016, the reversible course concept will be brought back to life. Where, what, huh? Yes, you heard me. Notable golf architect Tom Doak was given the opportunity at Forest Dunes in Northern Michigan. I’ve always thought Forest Dunes needed a 2nd course to compliment the original that is so good. Next year they’ll have it, plus one. Doak’s new track will play one routing on even days and will then be reversed for odd numbered days. I believe this is Doak’s way of paying homage to St. Andrews.

DeLaet Got His Sack Back

Graham DeLaet took a commercial flight to Scotland and arrived late last weekend ready to play the Old Course. But there was a problem. His clubs didn’t make the trip. Titleist staffers on site at St. Andrews got a back up set together for him and DeLaet went about his way in practicing for the week. Then on Tuesday the unnamed airline finally got his sticks and bag to him in Scotland. They looked like this:

Apparently GD’s protein shake that was in the bag exploded at some point in its trans-Atlantic flight to make it look like it was dug up on an archaeological dig. That sucks, but I’m sure cleaning them up will make them perform just fine. DeLaet’s issues make me ponder, why didn’t he just play in the John Deere and take the charter from Illinois to Scotland?

I Know It Is British Open Week, But We Still Need Eye Candy

Five months ago I shared with you a trick shot video made by the San Diego State ladies golf team. If you don’t remember, let me refresh your memory. On that team was Paige Spiranic. Paige is an aspiring LPGA member who just exhausted her NCAA eligibility. The Colorado girl is now blowing up the internet with her good looks and professional aspirations. Take a peek.


A photo posted by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee) on

Working on carry distances in my secret spot🙊

A photo posted by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee) on


A video posted by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee) on


She can move it. That is a big rip. Now watch her play with balls.


Golf Channel’s Big Break recently announced a hiatus. If the shows producers find Paige, and they likely already have, she might just revive the expired show all on her own.

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Open Championship: Day 1

Tee Time

It is Open Championship Week mother fuckers. And the Open is back at St. Andrews. Get excited! Day 1 is already in the books. No, the actual tourney didn’t start on Monday, but the players have all made their sojourn to Scotland and the home of golf. The R&A made their ‘games’ and announced them for the public to see. They are as follows, and there are some gems. (All times Eastern, my comments in bold)


1:32 a.m.-6:33 a.m. – Thomas Bjorn, Denmark; Greg Owen, England; Rod Pampling, Australia.

1:43 a.m.-6:44 a.m. – Todd Hamilton, United States; a-Paul Dunne, Ireland; James Hahn, United States.

Why don’t they just put Hamilton, Paul Lawrie, and Ben Curtis in the same group and make them fight to the death? 

1:54 a.m.-6:55 a.m. – Graham DeLaet, Canada; Brian Harman, United States; Russell Knox, Scotland.

2:05 a.m.-7:06 a.m. – Matt Every, United States; Alexander Levy, France; David Lingmerth, Sweden.

2:16 a.m.-7:17 a.m. – Joost Luiten, Netherlands; Matt Jones, Australia; Robert Streb, United States.

2:27 a.m.-7:28 a.m. – Anthony Wall, England; Byeong-Hun An, South Korea; a-Jordan Niebrugge, United States.

2:38 a.m.-7:39 a.m. – Sandy Lyle, Scotland; Charley Hoffman, United States; Kevin Na, United States.

2:49 a.m.-7:50 a.m. – Retief Goosen, South Africa; Shane Lowry, Ireland; Kevin Streelman, United States.

3 a.m.-8:01 a.m. – Carl Pettersson, Sweden; Luke Donald, England; Hunter Mahan, United States.

3:11 a.m.-8:12 a.m. – Ross Fisher, England; Victor Dubuisson, France; Billy Horschel, United States.

3:22 a.m.-8:23 a.m. – Graeme McDowell, Northern Ireland; Webb Simpson, United States; a-Oliver Schniederjans, United States.

I bet Ollie beats both former U.S. Open champs in for their two rounds together. 

3:33 a.m.-8:34 a.m. – Ernie Els, South Africa; Tom Watson, United States; Brandt Snedeker, United States.

3:44 a.m.-8:45 a.m. – J.B. Holmes, United States; Brendon Todd, United States; Shinji Tomimura, Japan.

4 a.m.-9:01 a.m. – Ian Poulter, England; Charl Schwartzel, South Africa; Bubba Watson, United States.

Ha ha ha…..poor Charl, who did he piss off at the R & A?

4:11 a.m.-9:12 a.m. – Sergio Garcia, Spain; Lee Westwood, England; Patrick Reed, United States.

Garcia and Reed in the same group, at the Britsh……there will be blood. 

4:22 a.m.-9:23 a.m. – Darren Clarke, Northern Ireland; Matteo Manassero, Italy; a-Romain Langasque, France.

4:33 a.m.-9:34 a.m. – Dustin Johnson, United States; Hideki Matsuyama, Japan; Jordan Spieth, United States.

Johnson says he’s over his U.S. Open choke. He also says Jordan’s path to the Grand Slam won’t be a cake walk because he’s in both fields. Put up or shut up time, DJ. 

4:44 a.m.-9:45 a.m. – Paul Lawrie, Scotland; Ryan Palmer, United States; Kevin Kisner, United States.

4:55 a.m.-9:56 a.m. – Tiger Woods, United States; Louis Oosthuizen, South Africa; Jason Day, Australia.

Tiger seems to play with either Jason or Louis every time he tees it up. This cannot be random. I’ll also go out on a limb and say Tiger top 10s this week. 

5:06 a.m.-10:07 a.m. – John Senden, Australia; Tadahiro Takayama, Japan; Brooks Koepka, United States.

5:17 a.m.-10:18 a.m. – David Duval, United States; Stewart Cink, United States; Ben Curtis, United States.

Oh, here’s the former champ group in which all three players suck now. 

5:28 a.m.-10:29 a.m. – Mikko Ilonen, Finland; David Howell, England; Greg Chalmers, Australia.

5:39 a.m.-10:40 a.m. – Raphael Jacquelin, France; David Hearn, Canada; Eddie Pepperell, England.

5:50 a.m.-10:51 a.m. – Tyrrell Hatton, England; Scott Arnold, Australia; a-Paul Kinnear, England.

6:01 a.m.-11:02 a.m. – Adam Bland, Australia; Gary Boyd, England; Daniel Brooks, England.

6:12 a.m.-11:13 a.m. – Scott Hend, Australia; Jonathan Moore, United States; Ryan Fox, New Zealand.

Check their IDs, I couldn’t find any of these cats in a crowd with a gun to my head.

6:23 a.m.-1:32 a.m. – Mark Calcavecchia, United States; Marcel Siem, Germany; Jaco Van Zyl, South Africa.

6:44 a.m.-1:43 a.m. – Thomas Aiken, South Africa; David Lipsky, United States; Jonas Blixt, Sweden.

6:55 a.m.-1:54 a.m. – Soren Kjeldsen, Denmark; Morgan Hoffmann, United States; Danny Lee, New Zealand.

7:06 a.m.-2:05 a.m. – Richie Ramsay, Scotland; Pablo Larrazabal, Spain; Cameron Tringale, United States.

7:17 a.m.-2:16 a.m. – Steven Bowditch, Australia; Hiroshi Iwata, Japan; Ben Martin, United States.

7:28 a.m.-2:27 a.m. – George Coetzee, South Africa; Anirban Lahiri, India; Rafael Cabrera-Bello, Spain.

7:39 a.m.-2:38 a.m. – Padraig Harrington, Ireland; Liang Wen-chong, China; Marc Warren, Scotland.

7:50 a.m.-2:49 a.m.- John Daly, United States; Miguel Angel Jimenez, Spain; Jason Dufner, United States.

This one could be Peter Dawson’s wet dream. My god. Will Keegan send Duf to do his dirty work and finish off Miguel? Will Daly and the Mechanic have a cock swinging contest while waiting on a tee? Cigars, cigarettes, and Skoal…oh my. 

8:01 a.m.-3 a.m. – Zach Johnson, United States; Bernd Wiesberger, Austria; Tommy Fleetwood, England.

Fleetwood is everybody’s dark horse right now. 

8:12 a.m.-3:11 a.m. – Thongchai Jaidee, Thailand; Danny Willett, England; Gary Woodland, United States.

8:23 a.m.-3:22 a.m. – Geoff Ogilvy, Australia; Francesco Molinari, Italy; Bill Haas, United States.

8:34 a.m.-3:33 a.m. – Mark O’Meara, United States; Russell Henley, United States; a-Gunn Yang.

8:45 a.m.-3:44 a.m. – Bernhard Langer, Germany; Tom Lehman, United States; Justin Leonard, United States.

9:01 a.m.-4 a.m. – Stephen Gallacher, Scotlnad; Hiroyuki Fujita, Japan; Ryan Moore, United States.

9:12 a.m.-4:11 a.m. – Adam Scott, Australia; Martin Kaymer, Germany; Jimmy Walker, United States.

9:23 a.m.-4:22 a.m. – Jamie Donaldson, Wales; Yuta Ikeda, Japan; Keegan Bradley, United States.

9:34 a.m.-4:33 a.m. – Matt Kuchar, United States; Phil Mickelson, United States; Henrik Stenson, Sweden.

The winner is one of the nine players listed in the three ‘games’ above. 

9:45 a.m.-4:44 a.m. – Nick Faldo, England; Justin Rose, England; Rickie Fowler, United States.

Faldo is back with Fannie for his St. Andrews swan song, but who fucking cares?

9:56 a.m.-4:55 a.m. – Jim Furyk, United States; Paul Casey, England; Branden Grace, South Africa.

10:07 a.m.-5:06 a.m. – Harris English, United States; a-Ashley Chesters, England; Andy Sullivan, England.

10:18 a.m.-5:17 a.m. – Koumei Oda, Japan; Marc Leishman, Australia; Kiradech Aphibarnrat, Thailand.

10:29 a.m.-5:28 a.m. – Edoardo Molinari, Italy; James Morrison, England; Romain Wattel, France.

10:40 a.m.-5:39 a.m. – Pelle Edberg, Sweden; Daniel Berger, United States; Mark Young, England. 

10:51 a.m.-5:50 a.m. – Brett Rumford, Australia; Tom Gillis, United States; a-Ben Taylor, England.

11:02 a.m.-6:01 a.m. – Marcus Fraser, Australia; Scott Strange, Australia; a-Alister Balcombe, England.

11:13 a.m.-6:12 a.m. – Taichi Teshima, Japan; Robert Dinwiddie, England, Rikard Karlbert, Sweden.

Sorry We Missed You

On Monday at the Open, Laura Davies was inducted into the golf Hall of Fame. She’s very deserving of the honor, that is without question. From all accounts it was a beautiful ceremony where all the right things were said and all the right people were thanked. So what’s the problem? Laura didn’t make it and her acceptance was shown from a recording she made.

Laura spent her weekend in Pennsylvania playing in the women’s U.S. Open. She was then scheduled to hop a flight to Scotland to be at her ceremony. Flight delays didn’t allow that to happen. Why a plane wasn’t sent for her is anybody’s guess. That’s where someone fucked up. There was a rumor that Arnold Palmer sent his plane for her, but that has since been debunked. Its a shame this played out without LD making her own HoF induction, but there’s no reason to take to Twitter and claim it is some kind of major injustice the world can’t work through. Seriously, tons of golf journos, LPGA peers of Laura, and other golf so-and-sos did just that when they found out Laura was stuck in an airport during her induction. Yes, that sucks, but did you expect the ceremony to get bumped to a new day? Logistics of big events don’t work that way. The show must go on. This wasn’t some attempt to try to slight part of golf’s royal family.

Who Is Wearing What

If it is a major week then it is also a week that we must discuss scripted outfits for certain players. This is an obligation. We cannot over look it. Threads are important in that way. But seriously, here’s a bunch of shit the dudes will wear while golfing across the pond this week.

Patrick Reed

That is a clean, simple look for PR. Now he just needs to lose the choker and 15 lbs. Let’s be honest, the only reason I’m showing you this one is because of the look on Reed’s face in the shot. What the fuck is that? I’ve seen it before somewhere.

Dustin Johnson

One pair of slacks? He’s obviously going through a gray period in the wake of his fuck up at Chambers Bay.

Jason Day

Day’s look is simple and clean. I find it interesting that this image shows an Adidas hat on his head. That would be new because Day typically wears a Taylormade lid (yes, TM, Adidas, and Ashworth are owned by the same company).

Jordan Spieth

I swear he wears the same 4 outfits every week. Am I alone? Is Under Armor that dull or is Spieth trapped in the old Tiger Woods video game in which each pro only had four shirts to wear?

Rickie Fowler 

Looks good, for Puma, but I’m not into the script “Puma” on Rick’s hats.

Tiger Woods

Why does Nike always show their players head cover? They didn’t make Frank. There’s no $woosh on the little cat. I don’t get it.

Rory McIlroy

An ankle brace, gym shorts, and a bathrobe seems about right for the injured World Number 1.

Paul Casey 

Why am I showing you Paul Casey’s scripted gear? Because he’s the guy Nike appears to be using to launch all their new hyper orange shit that is coming out for the 2nd half of 2015. I like it, and I suspect they’ll use it to replace that hyper neon yellow they’ve had on everything for the first part of the year. Does that mean their clubs will get a new color too?

Enough Of This

If you’ve figured out by now that Monday at the Open was a bit of a slow day, you couldn’t be more right. When the big news of the day is Tim Clark WD’ding….well……fuck it, I almost didn’t write a post due to a lack of real news, etc. With more pressers coming and more story lines breaking we should all hold our breath for more exciting things to talk about than wardrobes come Tuesday. Until then.

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The Season Of Spieth Continues – Jordan Takes John Deere Classic

Spieth Loves Silvis

Who doesn’t? No really. Middle America is beautiful this time of year. So muggy, humid, and those fun violent storms that blow through out of nowhere….. how perfect. Still, TPC Deere Run is the only place Jordan Spieth wanted to be this weekend. He said as much within 30 minutes of winning the U.S. Open 3 weeks ago, but he backed it up with his effort this week. In case you missed it, Jordan opened his John Deere Classic with a pedestrian round of 71 on Thursday. He looked disinterested and rusty. He could have easily gone through the motions on Friday to miss the cut and head off the Scotland….no, not this kid. He never gives away a shot let alone a tournament. Spieth is the ultimate grinder so he got back on the horse and rode it harder, and he got another trophy for his efforts.

I’d bet you anything the kid tried his best to match the same outfit he wore in 2013 when he won the Deere for the first time. He doesn’t mess around with stuff like that. And he wasn’t messing around when he showed up to the TPC course on either Friday or Saturday. His 64 got him back into the event and on the right side of the cut. His 61 on Saturday was just plain nutso. He went out in 30 and the #59watch alarm sounded, especially with the Deere course playing as soft as it was from the heavy Saturday morning rains. He stumbled to open the back side, but a birdie, eagle, birdie finish will make up for a lot of ills.

What is the worst thing about shooting 61 in round 3???? Having to back it up in round 4 with so many birdies lingering out there for your competitors. Jordan struggled with that today and Peter Kostis told us that from the jump. He said didn’t have it on the range and he was over par through 11 until he made birds on 4 of his last 5 holes. That’s the thing about great players, if they don’t have to have it on the range, they’ll find it on the course. Jordan limped around to stay in contention, then made enough clutch putts to find himself in a playoff that lasted two holes with Tom Gillis. Then Tom Gillis remembered who he was and Jordan snatched his 2nd JDC title away from the 46 year old journeyman.

Every time the kid wins we see shit like this. Get used to it. And now he’s off to Scotland, on the John Deere charter flight, to try to grab his 3rd major of 2015 and continue his chase of the Grand Slam. Are you betting against him?

The Field

You’d weep for Tom Gillis if you knew he didn’t just get paid 600K for playing golf for 4 days. He also got into the Open Championship next week with his high finish in Silvis. The veteran tour players was thisclose to being the oldest first time Tour winner in forever. He played great until his mistake off the tee on the 2nd playoff hole. His only other mistake of the day happened at the par three 16th. Gillis made bogey on one of the easiest holes a tour player can play when he air mailed the green. Did he get greedy or did adrenaline kick in? At 18 in the playoff for the 2nd time he also got greedy with his aggressive recovery shot that found the pond short and left of the putting surface. That error essentially ended the tournament. I like the fact that Gillis lost being aggressive, but I wonder how he’ll sleep Sunday night knowing the outcome of both decisions.

If it wasn’t for Jordan Spieth they’ve be renaming the JDC after Zach Johnson. The Iowa boy is on the board of the tournament and he’s now played the course in the 60s for 28 straight mother fucking rounds. That’s crazy. He also loves playing in front of what he considers his home town crowd….well, except for the guy with the air cannon.

Damn that was funny. And it caused the Twitterverse to wonder if Zachie-poo shit his pants a bit after being lit up like that. Luckily for all involved the interruption had no impact on the outcome of the tourney. In the end Johnson finished one shot out of the playoffs thanks to a harsh birdie lip out on the 72nd hole.

Danny Lee won at Greenbrier last week and had the daily double in mind when he woke up on Sunday morning paired with Jordan Spieth in the final group. Lee made 1 bogey through 54 holes of the Deere. On Saturday, due to heavy rain, the field played lift/clean/place in the fairways. When Lee got to his ball in the 4th fairway on Sunday he calmly marked, began to clean it, and then realized he fucked up. The Tour deemed that the players would play the ball down on Sunday. Lee simply flaked out, like he does, and forgot. A one stroke penalty was assessed resulting in a bogey for the hole.

Even with that gaffe D. Lee found himself tied for the lead with Spieth and Gillis on the final hole where he missed the fairway off the tee and made only his 3rd bogey of the week to drop to a T3 finish. That’s not a bad few weeks for a guy that hadn’t done much in his PGA Tour career up until July.

Is Fowler Ready?

Rickie Fowler would have been listed among the favorites in the British Open next week at St. Andrews no matter what he’d done this weekend at the Scottish Open. Then he went and pulled a Jordan Spieth. What I mean by that is, he birdied 3 of his final 4 holes after a meh first 15 to win the tournament by one shot over Matt Kuchar and some guy I’ve never heard of.

Embedded image permalink

That is a great win over a great field and shows how his form is back after his missed cut at the U.S. Open. Rickie seems to like links golf. He’s been trending favorably at majors. I expect several people will pick him next week. His closing holes at almost all of his wins have been similar to what he did today in Scotland. He blitzed Quail Hollow late for his first win. And he went crazy at the Players to post a number good enough to get in to the play off he later won. Where Fowler seems to struggle is when he has to sleep on the lead. If he can lay in the weeds at St. Andrews and play from a few behind while also a few holes ahead of the leaders next Sunday I’ll like his chances.

Shot Of The Day

John Deere, Scottish Open, and the women’s U.S. Open all on the same weekend…..that’s good news for those of us sitting around with a newborn child. Sadly, the ladies USGA Championship is the one I watched the least of. The leaderboard was dull and mostly foreign. Ko was up there with no real chance. And Stacy Lewis is boring. South Korea’s In Gee Chun ended up winning. I have no fucking clue who she is. What I do know is that the ladies gave us the Shot of the Day from their version of the National Championship.

A few comments here. First, kudos to Wie for grinding out a U.S. Open when her leg is clearly unhealthy. She’s come a long way from the girl who ‘quit’ at Sebonack two years ago. Second, (slow clap) tip of the cap to the USGA for making a hole late in the back nine that could be driven by these chicks. If I had watched more of the tourney, or if it had been closer, that would have been exciting. Lastly, 235 yards? Really? I know many of the ladies don’t hit it that far, but wow. Why give the whole field a shot at it? I don’t think any hole should be played under 260 for them.

On To The Hold Course

And with that we’re on to the 3rd major of the season, the Open Championship being held at St. Andrews. The Royal & Ancient sets St. Andrews as the Open venue every 5 years. I’m jacked for it and that means SFG will be posting every day during the week. Consider yourself warned.

Embedded image permalink

I’ll give you my pick later in the week. For now I can tell you that it isn’t Tiger, and he played in the 2014 Ryder Cup matches. Also, there were some live tweets from St. Andrews regarding practice rounds on Sunday. It seems as though Mr. Dufner and Mr. Woods were out together for a friendly 18 holes. That should kill the rumors of Tiger burying his bone in Duf-daddy’s ex.

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