The Shutters 2015: Shot Of The Year

Back But Likely Not Better

Whew. That was a long commercial break in between awards. A whole 4 day weekend with a holiday can do that to an awards show. But fear not, the Shutters are back and they’re coming down the home stretch. This post is for the Shot of the Year. Let me remind you that this isn’t just for shots hit on the PGA Tour, no no. Any golf shot hit anywhere is eligible. If you have a nominee that you caught on camera I’d love to see it (for next year). Last year I nominated myself for my hole in one. Maybe in 2016 you’ll win a Shutter yourself. If you do, I promise I’ll send you something to recognize your achievement. On with the show.

The Nominees Are…

Rickie Fowler, 17th Hole, TPC Sawgrass, Sudden Death Playoff of Players Championship – Rick already has a Shutter for his Round of the Year and was nominated (to fill a spot) for Player of the Year. This nomination was more well deserved. A sudden death playoff for a few million dollars has enough pressure. Hitting a shot with that much on the line to an island green is just plain nutso. Fowler made a shit load of birdies just to get into the playoff, including one at the 17th. Doing it again, to that far right pin….oh come on.

To even fire at that hole location is stupid. Hitting it to four feet. That is big time. Making the putt and walking off a hero helps his cause too. What hurts it is the fact that he played the hole 6 times for the week and made 5 birdies. While that ratio is outstanding it does take away from what he did in the playoff.

My Buddy’s Dad, Random Round Of Golf In May – I can’t give you too many more details of the who, but the sequence of shots was epic enough to earn a nomination. My friend and I were enjoying our round from the back tees. His dad and brother-in-law were enjoying a case of Coors Lights while playing the white tees. At the 14th hole, and about the 14th beer, daddio hit his tee shot in the fairway on an average length par 4 with a hard dog leg. Having cut the corner a bit, my friend and I waited up ahead while his father hit. We were parked off to the side of the fairway. His 2nd shot pegged our cart and bound into the junk where we spent a few minutes looking for it.

That part was funny enough, but not earth shattering. Then after finding his ball, he took a drop, lined up to hit it to the green, and smashed it right back into our cart again (well off line, again). The ball bounced off a bag and buried itself into the bottom of the part where the bags sit. The four of us laughed so hard we almost had to let the group behind play through. I guess you had to be there. He did hit his next shot on the green and 3 putted for an apparent 9.

Sammy Schmitz, USGA Mid-Am Championship Match 33rd Hole, Jones Island Club West Course – That headline kind of says it all. Schmitz was 2 up in his match when he struck his tee shot on the 15th hole of the Jones Island Club West Course. His opponent had already played. He and the caddie knew it was a good shot, but the delayed reaction from the crowd is what told them it went in. The long lost video is in the tweet below, sort of.

Of course they didn’t have the camera on the actual target. And the tee was moved up to make the hole only about 265 yards for the day. Still, an albatross for an ace that putts you dormie to go to Augusta…..that’s worthy of anyone’s Shot of the Year. Just don’t get me started on Sam’s amateur status or GoFundMe page.

Jordan Spieth, 2nd Shot on 72nd Hole, U.S. Open, Chambers Bay – You have to remember this one, right? I almost nominated Spieth’s 2nd shot at 13 on Sunday at Augusta, but then I re-watched both and realized this one was much better. I’m not even sure he got all of the one at the Masters. This one was pure, and Jordy knew it when he hit it. After birding 16 to take command of the Open, Speith’s colossal fuck up on the 71st hole meant he needed to make something happen on 18. From 284 yards he swung his 3 wood true while tied for the lead.

If he’d made the putt and Johnson was already in at 5 under this would be a slam dunk. It’s still good enough to possibly win the Shutter, it just isn’t the all-timer it could have been.

Richard Green, Oates Vic Open Pro-Am, Albatross – Richard Green is a successful tour pro from Australia that most Americans have no clue about. What I have no clue about is what the fuck the Oates Vic Open is, but that is neither here nor there. What Green did during the tournament’s pro-am was simply amazing. Luckily there’s video evidence of it, otherwise I may not believe it.

Did you see that? Did some type of gremlin toss his ball out of the bunker? Did it carom off a rake? Whatever happened, it was incredibly lucky. And that might be why Green’s miracle shot doesn’t win the Shutter. It was more of a fluke than it was a shot of skill.

And The Winner Is…

I’m not going to beat around the bush. Only one of the shots noted above was directly involved in winning a national championship. Under those circumstances, I have to reward such brilliance. The winner is Sammy Schmitz. No, I’m fucking pulling your leg. Schmitz’ shot is great, but it doesn’t carry the weight of what Jordan Spieth pulled off. I know Dustin Johnson did almost the exact same thing as Jordan 10 minutes later on that hole, but he did so with a 5 iron, not a 3 wood. He also didn’t win. That’s part of the equation and why’s Spieth’s 3 wood is the winner. Did I get it right? Maybe. I’m prone to getting it wrong too. Hit the poll and let me know. And if you pick “other” you should leave a comment to say what your other is. Thanks for playing.


Site News

Shit, we almost forgot. December is here and that means there’s a new WAG of the Month. In honor of her husband winning his home country’s national championship, Melissa Weber-Jones is the new WAG of the Month. This is Melissa’s 2nd win as she previously won the award for a month in 2014. Sunday in Australia we got to see her, some strap boob, and her hubby snub her kiss for a hug with the nanny. Hopefully her WAG win makes up for the nanny snub.

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Jones’n Down Under

Strap Boob And A Snub In Victory

Matt Jones lead his home country’s open through 3 rounds at ten under par. The Aussie journeyman’s final round was never going to be easy thanks to Jordan Spieth and Adam Scott giving chase. Starting off with a bogey and a double never helps. Jones appeared to have found himself after a few birdies got him back to only 1 over for his round, but then he made a triple at 9th and all hell had broken loose. Rod Pampling was in the clubhouse at -6 after shooting a course record 61 (ten under). Pampling and Jones were now tied. Speith and Scott were chasing.

Scott hit the par five 18th green in two and made birdie to post -7 (6 under for his round!). Meanwhile Jones birdied 14 to also get to -7. Spieth surely had another bird in him to make it a 3 way sudden death playoff on the 18th. Scott seemed pretty confident as to where he stood when interviewed. Matt Jones didn’t give a fuck. He promptly drained his birdie putt on 16 to get to 8 under. The only chance left for someone to catch him would be for playing partner Jordan Spieth to make eagle at 18. After driving his tee shot in the fairway, this was his 2nd shot:

A fat 3 wood to 20 feet for eagle. The kid is blessed. And how about that load of #toursauce he dumped all over the place after contact. That was the cream pie of tour sauce. Sadly for Jordan’s fan club, the Golden Boy missed the eagle putt low and Jones sneaked in his 4 foot par putt for victory.

Being his home country’s championship, Jones was obviously elated in his victory. SFG has always been a big fan of Melissa Jones, Matt’s wife. She’s been a topic of many posts here when Matt has played well in the past. The former Mrs. Idaho and model was in Oz to watch Matt play.

Yeah, that is her. She was wearing a bit more than that when the cameras caught her near the 18th green. She was seated next to a cute little thing that I presume is the Jones’ nanny. When Matt made his final putt the kids stormed the green and Melissa followed behind. He kissed the kids, snubbed her when she went for the pucker, and then he hugged the nanny quickly. Oh shit.

Hopefully Matt isn’t trading in for a newer….errrrrr…..younger model with less miles.

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Fuck The USGA

A Crazy Mother Fucker Named ShutFace

Yes, I’m an N.W.A. fan. Am I not allowed to be as a golfer? Whatever your opinion on gangsta rap is be damned, we’re here today to condemn the USGA for their recent decisions regarding our handicap system. No, I’m not completely (only somewhat) outraged by what they’ve done, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an idiotic decision.

In case you missed it, the USGA put out new rules on posting scores for your handicap index. And the interwebs came unglued in outrage. The quick and dirty of it is this: “Tournament scores” are more specific. Adjusting hole scores for un-played holes has been clarified. And scores can no longer be posted when you’re playing alone.

Embedded image permalink

The fuck? So this game of honor we play. This game of high integrity…..the USGA is essentially saying they don’t trust us to post scores when we play alone. Fuck that. Quite honestly, I play about 25% of my rounds alone. I have kids. I have a life. I moved last year. My golf friends aren’t always available. So now those rounds I play as a single shouldn’t count? Get out. When I play a 4 ball match with buddies they’re giving 4 footers for bogey when you’re out of hole. When I play by myself, I putt everything out. I play it like I would a tournament. I’d be bored as fuck out there if I didn’t play that way. Without putting some kind of pressure on your game, what would be the point of being out there? I’m counting that score, fuck the USGA.

Why’d the dandruff covered blue coats of Far Hills do this? Because the USGA is full of country clubbers that want to make sure their opponents’ indices are legit. They don’t want a true scratch player posting 85s while “playing alone” and getting 10 bumps in their Saturday money game. Does it really matter? No. Private clubs typically already do handicaps their way to keep things on the up and up. The new USGA rules are already their policy. Public golfers will still post whatever they want. You’re not going to have 45 local golf associations reprogram their posting systems to require electronic signatures verifying scores, etc. For now there will continue to be plenty of outrage about this change, but the USGA won’t hear it and won’t care. Therefore I won’t give a shit either. Fuck it. We’ll barely remember our anger when we next post a score in April.

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Non-American Golf Tour Weekend Round Up

What The Fuck Else Did You Want Me To Call This Post? 

No, seriously….that’s what this post is going to be about. I already wrapped up the whateveryoucallit (fill in sponsor name here) PGA Tour event played at Sea Island. And I did that only out of obligation to you. It was probably the most boring tournament played in professional golf this past week thanks to Kevin Kisner slaughtering the field with his final round 64. Meanwhile, in Dubai, Rory McIlroy was setting his sights on becoming the best player in the world (BPITW) again in 2016. The former BPITW shot a final round 66 to pass Andy Sullivan whom he trailed by a shot heading into the final round. For his efforts Rory also grabbed the Race To Dubai title and some extra cash.






Please feel free to caption that photo of Rors with girlfriend Erica Stoll. Something along the lines of “if only it were that big” isn’t going to get it done. Be creative. So what else can you take away from what happened in Dubai. Rory looks good and primed for another big time run in 2016. This was vintage.

The sound that ball made….my god. You can hear it piercing the air 200 yards away. What Mr. McIlroy does in the next few months while he’s off will make or break him. I think he’s rededicated, but we likely won’t see him in the U.S. until March at the Honda. That’s sounds like forever, but if you stay up late or get up early you’ll be able to catch him back in Dubai and other middle eastern events the ET plays in January/February. It was also nice to see that he’s still with Stoll. We here at SFG are a big fan of his former Ryder Cup escort (that sounds so dirty, doesn’t it?).

What else is there to know? Most of the Euro players are a bit irked that Rory was even eligible to play in the Dubai event. Remember the hubbub around Ian Poulter needing to play an extra event to qualify as a member? That rule doesn’t apply to Rory. He was allowed in having played only a handful of Euro events, and only 1 that actually took place in Europe (depending on where you think Turkey is).

Danny Willett was the Dubai points leader before this week. He told the Euro golf media what he thought of the Rory exception, and rightfully so, but he also said he understood it because of what Rory brings to the event. That’s pretty sensible of him. If you take McIlroy out of these would you have the same prize money? I think not. Do I care what their rules are? Fuck no. I think its stupid that our WGC events here don’t automatically include past winners, like Tiger, when the player isn’t ranked in the top 50 spots in the world.

“The Old Bastard Has Won Again”

That’s a precise quote said by Australian Peter Senior on Sunday after he won his 3rd Australian Masters. Senior is 56 years old and hadn’t won the Aussie Masters in 20 years. Doing this at his age is near the equivalent of what Tom Watson almost pulled off at the 2009 British Open, although, the Aussie field was fairly week. Senior said he just got hot and the shorter golf course fit his style. Congrats to him on his historic victory.

Peter Senior of Australia poses with the trophy after winning the 2015 Australian Masters at Huntingdale.

In victory Senior held off SFG favorite Bryson DeChambeau, the reigning U.S. Amateur champ, by two shots. BC has left SMU due to the school’s golf program being put on probation and therefore being ineligible for NCAA play. DeChambeau must remain an amateur to play in the Masters in April. To prep for Augusta it appears he has decided to journey over seas and get in any field he can. He played great at the Aussie Masters finishing in a tie for 2nd with John Senden and Andrew Evans. My only question is, who paid for the trip? Perhaps the DeChambeau family is wealthy enough to spend that kind of dough for their son. Or maybe he’s putting his travel expenses on a credit card until some club company pays him a nice chunk of change when he turns pro in 2016. Can the Aussie Masters pay his way? Did he use GoFundMe like the Mid-Am champ? Whatever the case, I like his strategy unless he also used GoFundMe. I think his experiences in events of this ilk will prepare him for the professional game and he’ll come out swinging when he’s playing for cash next summer.

Steven Bowditch is Australian and therefore everyone’s favorite uni-browed golfer was in the field in Oz. He hit a wild one off the tee during the tourney and clipped this poor motherfucker right in the beak.

Fucking bugger! That looks painful. Hopefully Bowditch picked up any medical costs.

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Kisner Kills Field In Sea Island: Final Thoughts On RSM Classic

Cold Blooded

Kevin Kisner looks like a stock broker on the golf course….like a guy who wears loafers to mow the lawn. He doesn’t show much if any emotion while playing. And when you see him on TV you wouldn’t know if he was tied for the lead or about to miss the cut until the broadcast team tells you. When I tuned into the RMS Classic on Sunday afternoon to catch the back nine Kisner was the first player I saw. I wasn’t sure where he stood as he struck his tee shot on the 10th hole. Oh….as it turns out, he slept on the 54 hole lead then went out and shot 30 on the front nine with 7 one putts. Kisner cruised to a 6 shot victory while hitting all but one green and one fairway on the back nine in blustery but playable conditions. For his efforts he’s now the Fed Ex Cup points leader for 2016 thanks to his first career victory.

Kisner finished 2nd three different times last season. Each of those resulted from a loss in a playoff. He had a pretty decent year for 2015 thanks to those high finishes and was already heading to Augusta thanks to his Tour Championship appearance. After a few weeks of rest and practice Kisner seems to have found his game again for 2016. In his last start he grabbed another 2nd place finish at the WGC-HSBC in Shanghai earlier this month. Today as he finished his maiden victory off Golf Channel interviewed tourney host Davis Love about the possibility of Kevin making his Ryder Cup team next year. Love’s answer was very PC, as you’d expect, but another win in the next 9 months and you’d have to think Kisner makes that team simply on points earned. Kevin Kisner, Ryder Cupper……there’s been lower profile guys that have played for Team American. Chris Riley says hi!

The Mrs. came out with Kevin’s young daughter when he sunk his final putt on the 72nd hole. Did you see her? Well, fear not. I’ve always got you covered. Meet Brittany Kisner. The Kisner’s have been married just a few years. Daughter Kate appears to be about 17 months old.

She isn’t my type, but I’m guessing she looks a little better when she’s not forcing that toothy smile for the camera. Here, see…

Embedded image permalink

Give her some hooch, a red Solo cup, and a bowling alley and she looks a lot more natural.

Embedded image permalink

Whatever. Can someone with a really hot wife or girlfriend win soon, please? These guys with their plain Jane wives are killing me. Oh, but congrats to Kevin and his bride on the big win today. Well earned.

The Field 

Kevin Chappell finished in Kisner’s normal position of 2nd place. Without Kisner we would have had a very interesting back nine battle between Chappell and GMac. Chappell hit it pretty good all week. He had several opportunities early on Sunday to gain ground on Kisner in which he hit it stiff. Unfortunately for him, every time he did so Kisner rolled in a putt before Chappell could get his lined up.

GMac, fresh off his victory in Mexico on Monday, was back at it on Sea Island this week. He looked prime to get his 2nd victory in as many weeks until Kisner pulled away. I’m sure he’s the last guy that wants to see a month long break between tour events start right now. McDowell needed to be in chase mode once Kisner got way out in front on Sunday, but instead he was stuck in neutral. He also got one of the worst lies I’ve ever seen after hitting his approach shot in the bunker on 16. First, it was from 100 yards in the fairway. He had no business finding the bunker. Second, you could see no part of his ball as it buried in the soft slope of the fine sand. GMac tried to play it but left it in the trap and it rolled back into his foot print. He did save bogey from there which was pretty amazing in itself.

Believe it or not, Jason Dufner was in the field at the RSM and finished in the top 10. Okay, so he was T9 with 8 other players….still, that’s progress for Duf. He hasn’t played worth a shit since the divorce train came through town. I hope for his sake, and for his fans, this is a sign of better golf coming.

Shot Of The Day

The pickn’s were slim for Shot of the Day candidates on Sunday in Sea Island. I did like this little chip in from 2009 U.S. Open Champ Lucas Glover. Yeah, remember that, fucking guy won a major 6 years ago and you almost forgot.

That’s a sporty shot from Mr. Glover, but what struck me when I saw the highlight was his playing partner leaving his ball so damn close to the hole on the green unmarked. I’ve ranted on this before and so has David Feherty. These mother fuckers all too often leave their ball unmarked near the hole to help their playing partner in case they hit it. Within a minute later I saw the same thing out of another group. There was a third incident later during coverage. Why aren’t these guys protecting the field? Why would they help their opponent get an advantage and take money out of their own wallet? This shit needs to stop.

Site News

There are no more PGA Tour events until Kapalua in January. While that is sad, it doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing any less of each other. There are plenty of silly season events between now and then that I’ll be dishing hot takes on. Plus, there are still a handful of Shutters (my year end awards) to hand out. Next up, Shot of the Year. Drop a comment if you have a nominee. Until then.

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The Shutters 2015: Player Of The Year

Back From Nowhere

I’m sure when the Shutters (my year end awards) started you weren’t expecting them to go nearly two weeks without an award being given out. Shit happens. I had to leave town for a bit last week and the hotel’s wifi wasn’t very accommodating. None of that matters now as regularly scheduled posting returns. And back to get things rolling again is the Shutter for Player of the Year. You think this is no contest? Think again.

The Nominees Are…..

Jason Day – Mr. Day had this Shutter locked up as of September 20th when he won the Western Open…..errrr…..the BMW Championship…whatever the fuck they call the 3rd leg of the Fed Ex Playoffs. That was his 5th win of the year and 11th top 10. Of those 11 top 10s, 9 were top 5 finishes. He won his first major at the PGA and also had a top 10 finish at the British and U.S. Opens. While that major record for this year doesn’t stack up to one of his competitors, his resume would easily win the POTY award for 90 of the last 100 years. His wins at the Farmers, Canada, the PGA, Barclays, and the BMW are all top notch fields and only the BMW had a field smaller than 120 players.

Day also knocked up his wife and had a daughter earlier this month. If you’re scoring at home, which he apparently was, you can easily figure out that the little girl was conceived right around when JDay won the Farmers Insurance Open. Did they name her Torrey?

Rickie Fowler – He didn’t win a major, but the way he won the Players Championship and the Scottish Open give him a lot of street cred and make him a nominee for this award. Hey, sometimes it is just nice to be nominated. He also won the Fed Ex event in Boston and finished in the top 10 in 33% of his events for the season.

Rick has zero percent chance of winning this Shutter. ZERO. He had a nice year, but face it, I nominated him because I wanted to show you another pic of his girlfriend, Alexis Randock (are they still together?). Cleavage in a Masters caddie jumpsuit? That might be the sexiest thing a golfer could ever see. Don’t feel bad for Rick. He has the Shutter for Round of the Year to keep him warm at night.

Jordan Spieth – Welp….you knew his name would be here. Jordan is the obvious front runner for this Shutter. In modern golf only two mega seasons of Tiger Mother Fucking Woods surpasses what Mr. Spieth did in 2015. You know the numbers. Two majors, 2nd in another and 1 shot out of a playoff for the major I haven’t mentioned. Five wins in total. A Fed Ex Cup. And 15 top 10s out of 25 starts. Don’t discount that stat. It means a lot in terms of his consistency outside of what he does when he brings his A game. Where does he lose points? Good question. He’s the Golden Boy, what are his faults besides a receding hair line? This.

When Jordy talks to his ball I find it beyond humorous. I’m sure it is some kind of nervous habit he developed playing competitive tournament golf in his youth. I’ve seen lots of kids do it, but they typically grow out of it by college. His ball talk also gives you an inside look into his competitiveness. He wants the most out of every shot he hits. His way of getting more after he strikes it is to have a chat with it. I find it annoying, but it obviously works for him. Am I nitpicking? Fuck yes I am, but he’s the Golden Boy. He’s better than that.

Lydia Ko – There’s no gender barrier for a Shutter. No way. Lydia’s 2015 might not have been noticed by the general public like Spieth’s was, but that’s because her tour gets no love from anyone outside of our cozy little golf world. Ko’s numbers are similar to Day and Spieth’s. Twenty five starts, 16 top 10s, 6 wins…..but only 1 major. That last number is going to be her downfall.

Like Spieth, she’s a young phenom who has risen to the top ranked spot in the world rankings for her gender. Unlike Spieth, she’s not always her best when the moments are the biggest and brightest. She’ll be there someday. She’s too good in every other aspect of her profession to not figure out how to fix that short coming.

And The Winner Is…

Well, we can safely say not Ko or Fowler, for all the reasons I’ve laid out above. I really wanted to give this to Day. His win at the PGA Championship followed by his scorching hot close to the season had me leaning heavily in his favor. I’d nearly forgotten how good Spieth was at Augusta. I also tend to discount his U.S. Open victory because of the way Dustin Johnson handed him the Championship. Day also gets some extra credit for his wins because he had them against stronger and deeper fields. Jordan’s win at the John Deere was against a pretty weak field. The Masters field is fairly limited. And the Tour Championship only has 30 players in it. If Spieth hadn’t grabbed the Tour Championship I’d be handing the Shutter to Day for sure.

Fuck it, I still will. I can’t deny that Jordan’s season was fantastic and a top 5 year of all time. But who Day beat and how he beat them, bouncing back from Vertigo at the U.S. Open and heartbreak at the British Open is what won me over. Did I get it wrong? Probably. Did I give the Shutter to Day just to get a reaction? No. I really believe in this decision. On paper it is Jordan’s award, but SFG doesn’t work in that world. Voice your opinion. Hit the poll and/or leave a comment.

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Oh Mexico, GMac Is A Monday Winner At Mayakoba

The Whole Sombrero 

I’ve seen GMac win in France in somewhat bad weather. I’ve seen him win the Heritage with wind and rain afoot. And we’ve all seen him win his only major on a blustery, chilly June week at Pebble Beach. So it should be no surprise to anyone that McDowell found the winner’s circle at the OHL Mayakoba Classic after umpteen rain/weather delays. Well, except for the fact that Graeme did so having had only one top ten finish in 2015. Read that again. Graeme McDowell, Ryder Cup stalwart and European hero, major winner, and former top 10 player in the world hadn’t had a top 10 in forever. He’d was 50/50 to make cuts over his last 10 events or so. Then GMac said he found something in his swing based on a call he got from Greg Normal (of all people). Boom.

At Mayakoba GMac found himself with about 5 holes to play on Monday morning in the midst of a 3 horse race with Jason Bohn and recent WGC winner Russell Knox. When the dust settled those 3 tour pros found themselves in a playoff. GMac didn’t take long to dispose of his competition by making a birdie at 18 while Bohn and Knox made pars. This wasn’t some fluke birdie or long putt that found the hole, no. McDowell piped a 3 wood off the tee to find the fairway then flagged a 5 iron that nearly went in the hole to leave him with a 30 inch tap in for the win. That’s getting it done with some serious style.

Graeme’s last win was the 2013 Heritage at Hilton Head. His exemption for his efforts two years ago were near expiration. His only chance to play in the Masters next year was to win between now and Masters week, or come really damn close and move up the world rankings (not likely). GMac felt that pressure and it showed with pure relief after his winning putt fell. Then he told the Golf Channel how much it meant to him to win again because of the struggle golf has been for him recently. He also said he was going to allow himself to enjoy the big win because he had dreamed about when this would happen. He wants to win more and he wants to win big again. Today was the first step on the road to making that happen.

The Field

Russell Knox won the WGC event in Shanghai last week and I said he reminded me of Craig Perks, the 2002 Players Champ, because I thought he’d never win again (like Perks). Knox’s week in Mexico was a giant fuck you right back at me. While Knox didn’t win, he did everything but that. In fact, he should have won again, and would have if he could have simply parred the 72nd hole of the championship. That doesn’t make the week a loss for Knox, no fucking way. He’s hot and he’s taking advantage of courses and tournaments that fit his style of play. He very well might win on Sea Island in 6 days.

Jason Bohn had another great week, but he and Kevin Na should be looking to start a support group for all those 2nd place finishes they’re racking up early in the new PGA Tour season. Like Knox, Bohn had his chances on the last few holes to make a birdie that could have saved him from the playoff. As it was, Bohn had to make a clutch par putt on the final hole just to go back to the tee with Knox and McDowell. Keegan Bradley’s game was back from the dead in Mexico. Keegs shot a final round 66 (-5) to back door a top ten finish. I’ve been wondering when he’d resurface or if he’d become an also ran without his anchored putter.

Last weeks opposite field event winner (Sanderson Farms) Paul Malnati also returned to the top 10 this week at Mayakoba. As you can tell by what I thought of Knox’s performance, it always surprises me when a first time winner backs up his virgin win with another great effort. The top ranked amateur in the world, Arizona State’s John Rahm (above), was also in the field at Mayakoba. He and his 7 closest friends all tied for 10th. In 4 PGA Tour starts Rahm has finished in top 10 twice. He’ll be a walking ATM machine when he decides to turn pro sometime next year.

Shot Of The Day

This is about as automatic as GMac’s 30 inch putt to win the tournament. The Shot of the Day goes to McDowell’s flagged 5 iron on the 1st playoff hole. End of discussion.

Lost in that shot and the end result is the putt McDowell made to stay at 18 under on the 72nd hole. There was some serious pressure on him. He ran his birdie try about 8 feet by the cup and knew he had to make the comeback to have a chance at winning. He struck it with authority and drilled it dead center. Doesn’t if figure that GMac finds his game just in time for a Ryder Cup year?

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Fort Knox – Final Thoughts On WGC-HSBC

Assist From The Wife

Did you watch the HSBC event in China last weekend? No? Why not? It was on in the middle of the night in North America. What the fuck else did you have to do? The field was good enough to keep a true fan up. Hey, I’m just fucking with you. I didn’t watch it live either. But I did get up out of bed on Sunday with a golf boner and watch the recording on my DVR. What did that get me? A day started with disappointment. I stayed away from the Tweeter and other internet things to watch the recording without knowing the results. Dustin Johnson was in the hunt. Spieth wasn’t far off. Shit…..I’d have been tickled if Kevin Kisner had won because he’s played his ass off in 2015 and not yet earned a victory for it. Instead of any of those guys winning 3rd round leader Russell Knox was crowned as the latest WGC champ.

That’s Russ with his wife right there. He wasn’t even supposed to be in China last week but got in the field when J.B. Holmes withdrew. Then he needed to figure out how to get his visa to travel with little to no notice. Enter his wife, Andrea (above). She contacted Chinese officials to get a rush on the travel visa and came through after a meeting in Malaysia. Then, because Knox caddie had a few issues getting to China himself, she filled the void for a practice round. What a trooper.

Getting there was about the only problem Knox had in winning the HSBC. His rounds of 67-65-68-68 cleared him of the field by 2. In watching Knox I was amazed at how he could stay in contention as he was being out driven by nearly all of the field on the weekend. Once the course got wet from a few showers Knox hit several drives that were only about 260 or so yards off the tee. He was often 60+ yards behind playing partner Dustin Johnson on a given approach shot. Knox could have cared less. His game reminded me of Brad Faxon. Keep it in play, scramble like a mother fucker, and make every putt you look at. And for every reachable par 5 or par 4 on the course for the bombers, there was Knox doing his best Zach Johnson imitation hitting a wedge close and making the putt….that sounds too simple. Knox also made winning look too easy for a guy who’s never done it before, let alone on the stage of a WGC event.

I’ll go ahead and say it. Do you know who that guy is above? That is Craig Perks, the one hit wonder who took home the trophy from the 2002 Players Championship. Why am I showing him? Because I think what Knox did in China will end up being just about the same thing we saw from Perks 13 years ago. Big event. Scrambling winner that was a nobody. Never wins again. It isn’t that Knox isn’t talented. My proclamation has more to do with the fact that Knox got a bit lucky. He played 4 great rounds and caught lightning in a bottle. It is tough to win on Tour. If he ever does it again I’ll be shocked.

Mrs. Knox

You saw her above, what did you think? She caddied, she got his visa, and her guy won. That’s a good week for Mrs. Russell Knox. The worst part of her week is right now when you fucking perverts get to judge her and ogle her. I’m not going there. She’s not my type.

Embedded image permalink

If I can knock her any where it is in her caddying duties. Russell said she was complaining the entire back nine during the practice round she looped for. What the fuck? My wife has caddied many times. She never complained. She did take a cart once, but she earned it. The Knox’s have only been married 18 months. Suck it up sweetheart.

The Field

Jordan, Rory, DJ, Sergio, Rickie….yeah, a lot of big names made their way to Shanghai for the HSBC. Jason Day wasn’t there due to his wife being a minute away from giving birth any day now. Rory looked disinterested in golf for much of the week, again. Rickie earned his pay day. And so did Jordan. I was most disappointed in Dustin Johnson. As I stated above, he was 60+ yards ahead of his fellow playing companions on Sunday and he didn’t score like you’d expect with such an advantage. Part of that probably had to do with this unfortunate incident from the 8th hole.

Brutal. A birdie instead of a double might have changed Dustin’s whole tournament. It might have also put more heat on Knox. I was also disappointed that Johnson didn’t bring Paulina with him. I was looking forward to another infamous IG tour of the far east.

Little Miss Daisy @sunkissedtraveler

A photo posted by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

Shot Of The Day

This one is easy. K.T. Kim had an ace at the HSBC on Sunday. There is video of it. How can I give the award to anyone else?

Again, the crowd reactions in Asia are worth watching the entire highlight without it even being an ace. Is that racist or simply something that is true?

Playing Chicken

Back in the US of A, the Sanderson Farms Championship was contested and Peter Malnati won. For his efforts he got a the big ugly chicken trophy you see below. To get the chicken he had to survive torrential rain in Mississippi that nearly washed out the entire tournament (the event finished on Monday).

I don’t know much about Peter Malnati. I know his rookie year on Tour was 2014 and he played shitty enough to find himself back on the Tour for 2015. This year he earned a promotion back to the big show and his early results tell you that he’s here to stay (the win gives him a 2 year exemption). Embedded image permalink

Outside of that, Peter and his game are completely unknown to me. He keeps a tidy blog of his travels on his own site. You can check it out here. Congrats on win number 1, young buck.

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The Shutters 2015: Round Of The Year

Getting A Round To It

Nothing like starting your post with a bad pun, am I right? Hey, this is an awards show. The writing is supposed to suck. Last week we gave out the Shutter for Whiny Bitch of the Year, and Suzann Pettersen accepted it with great pride (no, not really). This week we’ll drop the vitriol and spread some love to a player who shot golf’s round of the year. Hopefully they don’t fight over whomever I select as the winner.

And the nominees are:

Hiroshi Iwata, PGA Championship 2nd Round (63) – No one even knew Iwata was in the field of the PGA Championship until he lit up the Straits Course at Whistling Straits in round 2. First round 77s can have that kind of impact, especially when you’re foreign and not ranked in the top 100 players in the world. All he did on Friday was improve by 14 shots and take advantage of the relatively benign conditions and soft greens left behind by the Thursday dusk storm. His score also tied the lowest round in major championship history with 20 some other guys.

Those don’t grow on trees, and they’re all going to get erased some day when Rory shoots 62 at a British Open. Hey, its still a historic round. And he went 7 under on holes 12 through 18 on the back 9. I’ve played there. I can’t fathom that.

Jason Day, BMW Championship 1st Round (61) – Can you win the Shutter for Round of the Year when you didn’t even set the course record? Of course you can, Phil did it two years ago. It all depends on how you did it, when you did it, and why it mattered. Day’s 61 at Conway Farms loses a little luster thanks to Jim Furyk’s 59 round on the same track two years ago. On the other hand, 9 birdies and an eagle to back up your prior win at the Barclays and your first major a start before that….that’s being a boss.

Embedded image permalink

Day’s 61 was unique because he was forced to wait to finish the final hole due to a weather delay. He slept on the fact that he could hole his next shot for a 59. Yes, it was possible, he was only 44 yards away from the green in the rough. It could have happened.

Rickie Fowler, Players Championship Final Round (67) – Sixty-seven and you’re a nominee for the Round of the Year? You bet your fucking ass you are when you play the last 6 holes of TPC Sawgrass in 6 under par. Oh, and that merely got you into a playoff? I’d say he deserves the nomination. Fowler was electric on Mother’s Day in May down the stretch in the Players. He wasn’t even a blip on the first page of the leaderboard until he got hot. He was over par for the day before he teed off on the 13th hole.

Nobody does what he did, not there, not on that course, and not in the final round to get into a playoff.

Lydia Ko, Evian Championship Final Round (63) – While everyone knows 63 is the magic number in men’s golf for a major championship, they probably have no clue what the low equivalent is for women. It is 62, by the way. While Ko didn’t break that record with her final round 63 at Evian, she did just about everything else. She won by six and pulled away from fellow teen phenom Lexi Thompson with her effort. She became the youngest golfer (either gender) to win a major. And she’s the only woman to ever shoot a final round 63 in a major.

If Tiger Woods circa 2000 had shot 64 at Augusta, on Sunday, to pull away from Sergio Garcia to win the Masters we would remember every shot he hit that day. For Ko, because this tournament was in France and because the ladies’ game gets so few eyeballs on it, many golf fans don’t even know her 63 happened.

Jordan Spieth, The Masters 1st Round (64) – Speaking of 64s at Augusta….. well actually, you don’t often speak of them. They’re pretty rare and have become even more so thanks to all the Tiger-proofing done to the course over the last 17 years. For Spieth, who was considered a Masters favorite after a 2nd place finish in his first go around in 2014, to come out with that kind of pressure and fire an 8 under round to set the pace for the week is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps he doesn’t feel pressure that way. Whatever is in his DNA, it seems to make him respond at the height of all expectations.

For the record, the 64 includes a bogey at the par five 15th hole. A par there and who knows what we’d be calling his opening round. Spieth is already the golden boy. Can he grab another award to cap off his brilliant 2015?

And The Winner Is…

Not Hiroshi Iwata, that much I can tell you. And I’ll eliminate Jason Day’s 61 right now too. That leaves Fowler, Spieth, and Ko to battle for the crown. I can’t give it to Jordan. His round was incredible, but I think the heroics of Ko and Fowler doing what they did in FINAL rounds makes what they did more brilliant. I’m going to go with Fowler.

While it may only have resulted in a 67, I’m not sure anyone has ever played a 6 hole stretch better, with that kind of pressure, in any professional event with the kind of cache the Players Championship has. Look at that highlight reel from the round above. And then he stones it dead at the playoff and walks off with his model girlfriend while her tits are hanging out….yeah, winner. Well done, Rick.

So what do you think? Did I completely blow this? Should Ko have won? Spieth? Weigh in with a comment or hit the poll.






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Unfiltered Golf With Golf Unfiltered

Long Awaited, Likely Understated

If you follow me on Twitter (quite frankly, if you don’t, what the fuck?) then you know I’ve been trolling……errrrrrr……angling to be on the Golf Unfiltered Podcast for a few months. Ok, fuck it. This was a life long dream. And Owner/Editor of, Adam Fonseca, made that happen tonight on his weekly podcast. I had a beer, I sat in my mancave and hid from my family, and answered whatever Adam threw at me.

SFG Fishin

What? You actually want to listen to my drivel instead of reading it? Go for it. Hit up Adam’s podcast here: Podcast

Big thanks again to Mr. Unfiltered himself. I had a good time and can’t wait to do it again.

Site News

The Shutters (Year End SFG Awards) will be returning tomorrow with the Round of the Year. Stay tuned.


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