I’ll Take Phil And The Points; Plus More Hump Day Musings

New Meaning Of FIGJAM

That has always stood for “fuck I’m good just ask me”. Now we might need to be replaced with “fuck I gamble just ask me”. We all know Phil bets on everything and that’s how he plays his way around a golf course too. Gambling is in his DNA so no one should be surprised when ESPN and other outlets report that nearly $ 3 million of Bitch Tits’ cash has been transferred from Phil to an illegal gambling outfit. Some of the original questions surrounding this amount of money were about laundering it, and Phil’s involvement in that crime.

According to contact made by ESPN’s Outside the Lines with prosecutors, Phil isn’t going to be charged with any wrongdoing. He may have to appear in court later, but not as a defendant. In other words, he’ll be off the hook because he’s a client of the gambling operation and not a partner. You’ll have to hold your Bitch Tits in prison memes for another time. But now after dodging an insider trading scandal and the tax comments he made in the past, he might want to start sending Christmas cards to the IRS and researching lawyers. Its only a matter of time for for FIGJAM steps in it again.

A Very Public PGA Tour Tickle Fight

Last week in Hartford Will Wilcox decided to play some music of Drake’s on the range while practicing. Tunes are pretty common these days as many ranges both public and private. Wilcox isn’t a 60 year old grumpy fuck. And no one on the range should have been either. I would have thought this would be accepted by his peers without much of a complaint. But there’s always some “get off my lawn” dickface around to ruin the fun. In this case it was Brendan Steele. Steele went to the Tour officials to complain. Wilcox found out who ratted him out. The rest of the story happened right there on Twitter for all to see.

Embedded image permalink

What a little bitch. I’ve never liked Steele because of his demeanor, his swing, and the way he plays. I don’t know anything about him personally, but those superficial characteristics were enough to turn me off. Now this…..fuck it. He’s right there with Bubba. Wilcox has it right. If this was really bothering him, why not ask Will himself to turn it off instead of being a bitch about it?

We’ll Remember Him, But He Won’t Remember Himself

Peter Oosterhuis stepped away from CBS broadcasts a few years ago with little to no explanation as to why. He still worked Golf Channel air time most weeks so his disappearance felt more like a semi-retirement. That is pretty common career path for a guy in his 60s. Sadly, it turns out Peter withdrew from TV for reasons related to his own health.

On Monday evening of this week Peter and his wife announced to the world that he is battling Alzheimer’s disease. Oosterhuis said he began to notice something was wrong when during broadcasts he could only comment on what was on his screen. He rarely could remember his own thoughts otherwise. Now he’ll step away from golf to fight the disease, but we all know there is little hope of beating it.

PO has always been one of my favorites calling action from golf tournaments. The former Euro Ryder Cupper was eloquent, excitable, and well informed in what he did. I’ll miss his calls and wish him the best in his battle. Good luck Oostie.

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Bubba Wins Again, So Go Kick Yourself In The Dick: Final Thoughts On Travelers

I Was A Week Off

The way Bubba Watson was gaily Periscoping about Chambers Bay last week I thought he’d have a pretty good chance to win the U.S. Open. It pained me to say it. Luckily for us I was dead wrong. Gerry missed the cut and ‘scoped off the Hartford to get ready to play in the Travelers Championship. Watson has the best scoring average of any Tour player in Hartford since he first won there in 2010 so it should be no surprise to anyone that he won again in Connecticut this week. As they say, horses for courses. Watson’s 1st round 62 had the field chasing him for the weekend but his feeble mind let the field back in to the championship…..well no, it was more likely the softer conditions with a weekend filled with rain hitting the area.

Embedded image permalink

Bubba doesn’t like rain, which might explain why he hit a lot of head scratching shots on Saturday and Sunday. But he typically followed those up with a moment of brilliance. For example, this nifty wedge at the 2nd hole was amazing and lead to a birdie. According to the Golf Channel telecast a fan told Watson he’d have to punch a 4 iron under the tree. Bubba told him, “that’s why I’m on this side of the ropes and you’re on that side”.

Just when you want to like him, just when he pulls a shot off like that, he becomes the dickless fucktard you want to punch for his cocky comment back at a fan. For a while there I thought it was going to be another scary day for Watson’s caddie, Ted Scott (#prayfortedscott #PFTS), then the bunker took the brunt of Bubba’s bitching for Ted.

Gerry regrouped with a string of pars and then an all-timer of an eagle at 13 when he hit an amazing 5 iron out of a fairway bunker on to the green. From there this should have been Bubba in a walk. Nope, he made it interesting on the 17th but minimized the damage making only a bogey. Paul Casey’s fine play meant the two would duel in a playoff which Watson won thanks to a birdie the 2nd time around the 18th hole and Casey skulling a bunker shot across the green.

Another win puts Watson at 8 for his career and back up to 3rd in the world golf rankings. That will have the Bubba haters on high alert, as it should, and the dude will probably contend again soon. He has a home at Greenbrier where next week’s event will take place. And you know he’ll be in the thick of it at Whistling Straits later this season at the PGA.

I Find It Hart To Root Against Americans

But Bubba can make Euro Ryder Cuppers look cuddly to anyone. I don’t particularly like Paul Casey, but I would have had no issue with him stealing the Travelers from Watson on Sunday. His 64-65 weekend almost did just that. I’ve seen Paul play in person a few times. In fact, he hit one of the worst shots I’ve ever seen from a professional in a practice round when he shanked a 3 iron at Medinah’s 13th hole. He also had a shank in L.A. earlier this season when he played well on Sunday. Those foul balls are why I half expected Casey to blade his sand shot on the 2nd playoff hole. He’s quite capable of shit like that. Paul will be ok. Did you see Mrs. Casey? Yeah, not bad, minus the weird hair coloring thing she had going on. This is Paul’s 2nd wife. Her name is Pollyanna Woodward. The couple met at a F1 race a few years ago after Paul got divorced. Here’s a look in case you missed her.

Seems as though she was a candidate for Ms. England not too long ago. How’s the sweater meat? Pretty good, but likely fake. This video shows all.

Check please.

The Field

Brian Harman and Graham DeLaet probably won’t sleep too well tonight knowing they both could have won the Travelers. DeLaet played his way into contention with a tidy 64 on Saturday. Then he puked all over himself to start his Sunday and was too far behind once he righted the ship. Harman simply made too many bogies, but will likely get over his disappointment when he sees the paycheck. Then there’s the case of Keegan Bradley who was my pick this week.

Keegan shot a 64 on Thursday to temporarily take the lead until Gerry Lester Watson posted 62. He loves the Travelers because he’s from the northeast. The golf course should be perfect for his game. So color me a little confused as to how he can shoot only level par for the final three rounds. Methinks something his bothering him. His OCD pre-shot routine on Friday afternoon was taken to a whole different level.

I don’t claim to have much sanity left in my brain, but that might have destroyed what was left. Holy fuck does he have some demons in that over-sized melon. How does he pull the trigger once over the ball with all that shit going on? I think it is a girl problem. She’s begging for a ring, he doesn’t want to get married yet, and so this is the result we see. Keegs, shit or get off the pot, for all of us.

Pablo Should Call Keegan

Pablo Larrazabal has his personal life figured out, and look where his golf game is. Pablo sat out last week and watched the U.S. Open at home in Spain. He didn’t qualify but his tweets made it easy to see how motivated he was to play well again. He practiced hard and now he’s got a new trophy as he won the BMW International Open edging Henrik Stenson by a shot.

Embedded image permalink

Larrazabal should be a stalwart on the Euro Ryder Cup team, in my opinion. He’s starting to win with more regularity and just might make their squad next year. He’s also getting hitched later in 2015 to Gala Ortin. SFG is a big fan of Ms. Ortin as she’s been the WAG of the Month once before. She’s also why I like it when Pablo wins and why I want him on the Euro team next fall.

Shot Of The Day

The 5 iron shot I described above that Bubba Watson struck from a bunker to make eagle was pretty fucking good. But its Bubba, he’s a dick, and we see him do shit like that all the time. That means it isn’t the Shot of the Day. Besides, this dunk from Paul Casey is a cooler shot anyway. Take a look:

A 700k check, a wife with a nice rack, young son, and the Shot of the Day. That’s a decent weekend for Mr. Casey. Good for him.

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2015 U.S. Open: The Finale

They All Count The Same

Twenty-one year old Jordan Spieth has two majors. Re-read that and think about it for a second. Tiger didn’t win his 2nd major until he was 23, but he was playing as a professional for about the same amount of time that Jordan has now when he won his 2nd. Those two are in some very rarefied air.  As you all saw watching the late action on Sunday, this one was handed to Spieth thanks to Dustin Johnson and his putter. Like I said above, that doesn’t matter, they all count the same and no asterisk will go next to this win in Jordan Spieth’s Golf Hall of Fame resume.

Spieth’s amazing birdie putt at the 16th had Twitter handing him the trophy. The putt could have been legendary had he not fucked up the next hole so bad.

The shot at 17 was him caught in the moment. He knew he’d just won his 2nd major. After making double, he knew he hadn’t and he played like it. His resolve is incredible. To gather yourself after making a double that could have cost you the national championship and hit two shots into 18 have a chance at an eagle was the most impressive thing he did all day (until he dodged Joe Buck’s question about the greens after the round). I’m sure his mindset on the tee was that he had to make four to have a chance at a playoff. He probably would have beaten DJ had their been a playoff anyway and he was shocked when Johnson’s birdie putt missed. I love how his dad helped him to realize the moment he’d won and that he had to accept what had just happened with humility and without feeling sorry for DJ. His support team is a huge reason as to why he’s as successful as he is. His parents, his sister, brother, caddie…..that’s why at 21 he can play and act like a 35 year old veteran of professional golf.

Talent Doesn’t Always Produce Results

The 2010 U.S. Open, the 2010 PGA, the 2011 British Open……the theme is apparent with DJ. The moment is too big for him. He’s too prone to a bone headed moment when it is time to be clutch. I called him a choker right after he missed the point. I think that’s accurate, but the two shots he hit under pressure up to the 18th green say otherwise. I also think that if anyone other than his brother had been his caddie on the 72nd green he would have told him to gather himself and given some words of wisdom to produce a different result.

Embedded image permalink

What is lost in that last missed birdie putt is the fact that DJ missed a ton of those all week, especially on Sunday. If he makes a field average amount of those putts he wins his first major by at least 3 shots. From tee to green he was the best in the field. That track was built for him. If he can’t make it happen there with the way he played I don’t know if it ever will. Coming back from more heartache will be a hard hit story line for some time to come with Johnson. At least he had Paulina and Tatum to go home to.

Look at DJ’s arms, their son has to be that harry. Monday is Johnson’s birthday. I can’t imagine it will be an enjoyable one. If he’s not bothered by the U.S. Open outcome he’s in the wrong profession.

Winners & Losers

Every major gets a run down of winners and losers for the week from ShutFaceGolf. This one is no different.


Jordan Spieth – Jordan won, so he gets top billing here. That never changes. The boy king has closed the gap between he and world number 1 Rory McIlroy and could over take him with a win at St. Andrews. He’s 21. He has 17 million dollars in the bank. And he has a cute girlfriend. The dude even tells the USGA to set up their golf course and they listen! Now he has a 2nd major to go with that green jacket he won in April.

Louis Oosthuizen – Snoozing Louis hasn’t shown up much in the professional golf world since he lost a Masters playoff to Bubba Watson in 2012. He’s been injured with various neck and back injuries. I feared his career may go the way of Fred Couples. I might just be wrong. After an opening round 77 playing with Tiger and Rickie, Louis shot 66, 66, 67 to close out his weekend and finish one shot off the winning score.

That is some real historic shit. And a back nine 29 on Sunday at the U.S. Open while in contention…???!!!!!!?? Insane. It is a shame he couldn’t pull off a win. He’ll now be a heavy favorite at St. Andrews next month where he won his only major.

Jason Day – Day’s all-timer performance on Saturday gets him on the list. If he’d done that on Sunday they’d already be making a movie about his life. He battled vertigo and shot a 68 under tough conditions to grab a spot in the final Sunday pairing.

Day’s final round 74 will be forgotten. He made a million fans for what he did Saturday. He’ll eventually get his major. And the class he showed with DJ on 18 was just another reason to like him.

The USGA – Yup…they’re a winner. They went to a new venue and pulled off a great tournament. So fucking what the greens sucked. That’s not their issue. They didn’t plant poa annua in the fescue greens. They had a great leaderboard. They had an awesome finish. The course set up was exciting. Sure, they fucked up when they switched 18 to a par 4, but it was one day and it still made things interesting. Mike Davis has to be a company guy and say things how he does to the press and the players. What is he supposed to do when the players complain, cancel the championship and move it to another course? U.S. Opens have been tremendous since he took over. Leave Mike alone.

Cameron Smith – Another 21 year old makes the list of winners. He’s a nobody in golf right now and he tied for 4th at our national championship. The Aussie would still be in college if he were an American. His T4 finish came about with his eagle at the final hole set up by this shot:

That got him into the Masters and next year’s U.S. Open. He’s now won 800k on the PGA Tour this year and is nearing temporary membership status.


Dustin Johnson – I hate to call the 2nd place guy a loser, but after that choke he has to be on the list. Then he no-showed on the trophy presentation where he would have received a silver medal. Poor form, but he was signing autographs for fans and I can’t imagine wanting to be at the ceremony after that collapse. Last night on Twitter I compared this choke to Davis Love’s from 1996. Love and Johnson are both talented long ball hitters. Both hit great shots into the 72 hole of U.S. Opens and had a chance to win or playoff and lost with 3 jacks. I wasn’t sure Love would recover from his loss but a year later he took the PGA at Winged Foot. Dustin will get his too and might do so as soon as August at Whistling Straits.

Fox – This one was obvious. What did they do well? The tracers, the graphics, I liked Corey Pavin and Mark Brooks, and Norman was mostly fine too. Anything Norman was off on could be fixed if he works at it. They also had Holly Sonders. On Day 1 I said she needs to show viewers more of her and I think Fox made the appropriate change. I liked what she brought to the broadcast. It was a nice change from the norm.

Embedded image permalink

Everything else blew dick. I’ll start with Joe Buck. He was disinterested and barely knew Adam Scott shot 64 on Sunday. Fuck this ass clown. If he’s back next year I’ll start a hashtag to have him banned. It wouldn’t take much to pull that off because I’m yet to hear an positive opinion about him on this broadcast. The football guys were out of place too. I’d probably replace Julie Inkster as well as I don’t think she brought much to the broadcast.  If I were to grade Fox as a whole I’d give them a C.

Chambers Bay – Personally, I did like the course and would love to play it. It was worth taking an open there once but now that we know its shortcomings I’m not sure we’ll see it again. Not having spectators at certain holes should have been figured out well in advance and been a reason not to use the track as a host. And the greens….that’s just bad luck and bad timing, plus the USGA pushed them a little too much.

I had no problem with the layout itself and liked the flexibility of the setup. The main reason I put the course on the ‘Loser List’ is because of the bad PR it got and the fact that I can’t see the USGA going back to it.

Tiger Woods – 80-76 and a missed cut. He looked as lost as ever with no signs of improvement. Where’d the guy go that broke 70 at the Masters? How can he be so far removed from that?


To say he’s done right now is a big leap but it is much smaller of a leap than it was 4 weeks ago. Homie has 3 rounds in the 80s his year. That is 2 more than he had in the prior 20 years and 3 more than I’ve had in 2015. What the fuck is going on? I have no answers and I’m guessing he doesn’t either. The next time he plays will be at Greenbrier where he missed the cut in his only prior appearance.

FIGJAM –  Philly Mick was 3 under after his first 9 holes of the U.S. Open. Golf Channel was ready to give him the trophy. He was also fresh off a top 5 finish from the week before in Memphis. Then he played his final 63 holes in 16 over par. Normally when Phil isn’t scoring it is because a slew of big numbers is killing him. This week it was an alarming lack of birdies. His shit play over the last three days probably means he’ll win at St. Andrews. There is no figuring out Phil.

Moving On

Two majors down, two to go. We’re halfway to a Spieth-slam and a showdown with Rory at St. Andrews awaits. That’ll be fun. Jordan says he’ll still play in the John Deere (where he first won) the week before the British Open. That is a bit surprising because it will hurt how he prepares. It shouldn’t be too far out of left field though because the kid is very loyal to those that got him to where he is. John Deere is part of that.

As for next year, the U.S. Open goes back to a more traditional track in Oakmont. There won’t be any complaining about those greens unless they’re ‘too fast’ for the complaint filled tour pros.

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2015 U.S. Open: Round 3

Let’s All Get Vertigo!

Jason Fucking Day……..what else can you say? The man collapses on Friday, regroups to finish his round, and then shoots 31 on his 3rd round back nine to charge into the lead at our national championship. If he goes on to win his first major on Sunday he’ll be a living legend. That isn’t hyperbole. Look around the interwebs, the Twitter, etc. What he did yesterday was Muhammad Ali shit.  He got up off the mat, made a few bogies early, then showed the world why he’s a world class player…..all while battling vertigo.

Of course some d-bags are saying he’s faked the whole episode or Fox put him up to it for ratings. Come on. I do wonder if being a bit out of sorts as forced him to throttle back on his violent swing. That’s not a bad thing at the U.S. Open. It seems to have helped JDay in some way. Does he have anything left in the tank?

The Field

Jordan Spieth isn’t going anywhere, that I can promise you. He’ll have a say in how this championship goes down on Sunday night. For Jordan all will be determined with how many mistakes he makes and how many putts he holes. My gut says he’ll have a putt on the 72nd hole to either win or make a playoff. Patrick Reed was paired with Jordan on Saturday. It wasn’t his day. A four putt, a 76, and he’s still not out of it. He’ll need a 67 or better to contend, but Reed has that in him. JB Holmes played his way in to the thick of it with his first 3 rounds. It should be clear by now that you have to be a bomber to play well at Chambers Bay. JB fits that perfectly.

I told you on Wednesday night that Louis Oosthuizen was a value pick for the week at 80 to 1. Then he got stuck with Tiger and Rickie on Thursday and posted 77. At one point in that round he was 9 over, now he’s 10 under since his low point and 3 back of the leaders on Sunday. Another 66 from him like his round 2 and 3 scores and he’ll walk away with his 2nd major.

Dustin Johnson could be running away with the open but his big numbers keep knocking him back to the rest of the field. He doubled the 13th yesterday which zapped his two shot lead. Brandel Chamblee thinks DJ is the favorite because of how he’s driving the ball. That’s hard to disagree with as DJ did hit all 14 fairways yesterday and he leads the field in driving distance. But this is Dustin Johnson. If there was any out of bounds in play at Chambers DJ would find it on Sunday. He’s going to have a blow up spot somewhere. How he closes and what the field does around him will decide his fate.

Branden Grace (shown above with his wife) is the unmentioned player sleeping on a share of the lead with one round to play. Branden is well known to international golf fans, but not so much in the U.S. He’d be a deserving champion but not a popular one for American fans. The South African isn’t as well known as fellow countrymen Louis, Charl, Ernie, and Retief, but he might be when the dust settles on Sunday. Maybe then we’ll get to see more of his wife, her sweater meat, and we’ll find out how good looking she really is/or isn’t.

Who Ya Got? 

I think the guys at -1 or better all have a chance. The +1s and worse have too many other competitors in between them to win. I said after Thursday that I’d change my pick to Day if I could. I’ll stick with JDay. Who are you taking?

If you pick OTHER, leave a comment to say who.

Back to baby-time.


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2015 U.S. Open: Round 2

I Have No Idea How We Got Here

Stopped at the range on the way home, walked in the door for dinner, and then spent the rest of my evening watching my wife birth kid #2. How dare this little tyke mess up my U.S. Open viewing!!!!!!!????!!!!!!! Looking back at the leaderboard it appears as though things on Friday went about as expected. Players playing in the afternoon struggled while Spieth and others off in the morning got some good work done. Phil’s 74….I think we all saw that coming. DJ shooting 71 and hanging in there is actually a decent round, but making bogies on 3 of his closing 5 holes has to make him feel like he whiffed on a great opportunity.

The result of Johnson back tracking is a co-leader pairing of Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed, Ryder Cup partners from last fall. That will make for great Saturday TV, and if you get a run out of a FIGJAM or Rory as the appetizer, this championship will be just fine. I’m sure it’ll be good enough to pass the time in maternity/recovery ward with new kid #2 getting indoctrinated into my golf world.

While Phil struggled on Friday, Louis Oosthuizen took advantage of the morning conditions and posted a fine 66. That’s 11 shots better than than his Thursday effort. I’m sure no one thought he and Bitch Tits would be tied going into the weekend after their 1st round scores.

Among the story lines of the leaders on Friday was Jason Day’s collapse, not his score, but physically collapsing as you see in the image above. Jason has been dealing with vertigo for 5+ years and even withdrew from the Byron Nelson in May after battling dizziness in a pro-am round that week. He finished his round even with the scare and the word on the street is he’s going to play on Saturday.

Making Friends In the Worst Way

Nick Hardy is a underclassman at Illinois, he’s an amateur, and he was fighting to make the cut on Friday at the U.S. Open. As luck would have it, Nick held the weekend fate of 15 men in his hands as he played his last hole of the day. Par meant those 15 guys are out. Bogey meant they’re all in and playing for good money early Saturday morning. The kid made his bogey and probably got a whole bunch of ‘attaboys’ on his way through the locker room later.

Does Your Husband Play, Ian? 

If this isn’t your first visit to my site, you know by now I despise Ian Poulter. The fucktard has blocked me on Twitter for criticizing him so I don’t miss an opportunity to fuck with him. He took to Periscope to show how he was preparing for his round on Thursday by watching the action on Fox. Since I’m not blocked on Periscope, I found small amounts of joy in harassing him. I guess I’m not the only one who does this.

Ha ha ha……and of course he’s got such rabbit ears he has to acknowledge the heckling. Great work from the Washington crowd.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Right on schedule the USGA decided to change the 18th hole to a par 4 on Friday and the 1st hole to a par 5. The players loved the change, just ask Jordan Spieth.

At first I thought they were just bitching as that has been the pattern this week. Then I saw Golf Channel and Frank Nobilo break down how the hole changes when the 525 yard tee is played. Frank nailed it, there’s no place to hit a driver with those angle. And Jordan’s point about hitting 3 iron off the tee and 3 wood into the green is spot on as well. I don’t think Mike Davis gives a fuck. I also think we’ll see it play as a par 4 at least once more over the weekend.

On The Lighter Side

The 2012 U.S. Open champ, Webb Simpson, made the cut on the number (thanks to Mr. Hardy). That means the gag of the week gets to keep on giving. For some reason I’m yet to hear the locker room dudes at Chambers keep screwing with his name plate.

Embedded image permalink

Well done. Floyd Maywebber is the best of the bunch.

Good Bye Tiger

FYI, Tiger sucked again on Friday and shot 76. Not only did he suck, but Fox pretty much stopped showing his round. Why? They showed his whole fucking disaster of an 80 on Thursday, why not keep the train wreck going?

Adam’s Vine says it all. That is where Tiger’s game is right now. What happens next is anyone’s guess.




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2015 U.S. Open: Round 1

The Course Passes The Test

A major question for the 2nd major of the year at the beginning of the day was how Chambers Bay would hold up in competition. Is is a championship venue? Will it be too hard? Will the USGA let it become unplayable? How will they set it up? Now that the dust has settled on Day 1, I think you can safely say Chambers did just fine. The USGA set it up fairly easy. This claim was backed up by several comments from players in the field, with Sergio’s complaining being the exception.

In the morning the course was soft and several under par rounds were posted. As expected, the it firmed up in the afternoon and birdies were harder to come by but were available if you executed properly. I think the short par 4s and the two par 5s were set up to allow for scoring. The par 3s were also set up to play short. And with no wind (there isn’t any in the forecast for the week), this was probably the easiest the field will see the course all week. The passing grade today is a credit to the USGA and Mike Davis for their prep. Anything less going forward including unfair holes, conditions, set up, etc……that is all in Mike’s hands now that we know how it can be played.

Fox Failed, Sort Of

Fox’s debut in broadcasting major championship golf was another big question we awaited answers to on Thursday. I thought they started off strong. The graphics, the technology, the views, the analysts….all pretty good. In general, they’d be fine if they could replace Joe Buck with a true golf guy that we all actually want to hear. The broadcast struggles when they get away from golf. The breakaway storytelling…..nope….don’t do it. Fuck that stuff. Show us GOLF! Live fucking GOLF!!!!! No one gives a fuck about your romance with trains when Jordan Spieth is playing the 17th and 18th holes.

Embedded image permalink

That image shows one of a few technical errors they had too. You probably saw a few camera glitches, weird panning in and out, sloppy cut ins and cut aways…..the whole thing wasn’t smooth, but not too bad for a first run through this level of a production. In general, I liked what they tried to do. I think Norman was okay, but like several other Fox analysts he worked too many live hours and was dragging down the stretch. Also, keep the football guys out of this. They seem forced on us. And mix up the voice viewers hear more. In one stretch I heard Faxon go on for about 10 straight minutes. It felt like an hour. He’s too drab to carry that kind of time on live TV.

Embedded image permalink

I think Holly Sonders role could be expanded too. Why have her in a golf shirt doing post round shit in a one on one setting? She can do more and she can wear less. FIGJAM going full creeper on her was one of my highlights of the day.

It Is Fitting That Fox Showed So Many Trains

Because Tiger was in full train wreck mode. Where the fuck do you start? Back to back bogies to start was pretty rough. I think we all expected a rebound from that and a front nine near par. Didn’t happen. In fact, it only got worst…..like apocalyptic worse.

Embedded image permalink

That tracer graphic and his body language tell you most of the story. Before that we saw this hack from the junk with a sweet club toss/release for the finish.

Then he triple bogied the 14th hole after building a sand castle with so many shots from the fairway bunker. When he made birdie on 16 Fox covered his quest to break 80 down the stretch like it mattered. There’s no coming back and making the cut from here. So why wouldn’t you go for 18 from nearly 300 out?

That happened. Tiger Fucking Woods cold topped a shot, in a major, on his final hole, with millions watching in prime time. Stunning. And to make matters worse, the ball ended up in the Devil’s Asshole bunker that he had to hang glide down into because it is so deep. He made bogey, posted 80, and tried to laugh off his failure with his playing companions and the press. It is his worst U.S. Open round ever. Speaking of his playing partners, his shitty golf even brought down favorite Rickie Fowler who shot 81. Louis Oosthuizen was in their group and posted a 77. Bad ju ju is contagious. Tiger’s group finished some 30 shots behind the Spieth, Rose, and Day group playing directly ahead of them.

TW’s day couldn’t have been much worse…..errrrrrr…….well……someone did fly this plane and banner over Chambers for much of the day (it says ‘CHEATER’).

Is Lindsey Vonn trying to say something besides “moo”?

Friday will be even more of the unknown for Tiger and golf fans. I suspect he posts 75 and is home in Florida for dinner. Then what? He needs reps, he needs a fix, and he needs to find something. He’ll have a week off and then is in the field for the Quicken Loans event he hosts in Philly. Smells like another 80 something round to me.

More Proof 

You want more proof that the course set up was delicious today? Take a look at the leaderboard. Stenson and DJ at -5, Reed at -4, Kuchar -3, followed by Day, Spieth, and Dufner at -2. That’s pretty damn sporty. Yes, I omitted some lesser knowns in between the big names, but that is beside the point.

DJ could have shot 63 but had his typical brain fart late in the round. He looks pretty good for a guy that was ‘sick’ last week and WD’d in Memphis (fucking prick). Stenson got to his 65 in a much prettier way with a closing barrage of birdies. I think those two will be around through late Sunday evening, but after seeing how the course was attacked today I’d change my pick to Jason Day if I could. I’m not sure he could have shot worse than 68 today.

Embedded image permalink

Phil had it to 3 under through 9 and got everyone all excited. He was leading, but with 63 holes to play it was a little premature of Golf Channel to send mobile alerts about Bitch Tit’s chase of the career grand slam. Bubba’s day was fun. He doubled the first hole on each sides and things looked bad for caddie Ted Scott. Then he got comfortable and played pretty well until he lost his shit on 18.

Thanks for the Vine, Adam. Bubba isn’t wrong with how he felt about slow play. The pace is horrid. But with Bubba it is rarely what he says that annoys hard core golf fans, it is the when, where, and how. He could have just muttered that to his caddie as they walked up 18, but making a spectacle of it makes him look like a jackass. Phil and El Pato weren’t complaining, at least not that we know of.

Shot Of The Day

The Shot of Day 1 at Chambers Bay has to go to Rickie Fowler, 81 be damned.

This hole was fun all day as most of the field took at whack at it.  The balls rolling off the back and side boards were fun to see and the USGA was smart enough to show the hole on their featured hole coverage. Good for them.

That eagle wasn’t Rick’s only highlight of the day. He showed up to the course today with model girlfriend Alexis Randock on his arm.

Perhaps giving her 81 strokes will help mend Rick’s wounds of the day.

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A Good Belting: JT Spencer And Peter Millar Belts

Millar Time!

Golf Digest’s Mr. Style, Marty Hackel, says that only young athletic guys can where white belts. He goes by the Rule of 36. It states, one should be both size 36 waist or smaller and 36 years and younger to wear white belts. With that in mind, its high time I seek other ways to hold up my golf trousers. I’m getting too close to both limitations. My first stop in search of style was the great Peter Millar. I’m a big fan of anything PM makes, but their belts might be my new favorite thing, especially the Crocodile Square Ring belt seen here:

That one runs $345.oo at MSRP. Peter Millar also has belts for other budgets for those that don’t want to spend that kind of cheese. Their collegiate logo belts are awesome if you’re one to want to support your alma mater.

That’s a great look. Not every school is available due to licensing agreements. My favorite of the PM selection is probably the line of course logo belts they offer. You won’t find the course logo belts on the Peter Millar site, at least I couldn’t, but they are available in select proshops and via J.T. Spencer (see below).

Embedded image permalink

This is the version I have with the famed Baltusrol logo on it. It is probably my favorite new addition to my golf wardrobe. See all the styles at the Peter Millar website.

More Customization

If you’re like me, you like your gear to be unique, and you want to use it to express yourself on the golf course. One can find more customization and as high of quality product with J.T. Spencer. Have your heard of J.T. Spencer? Perhaps not as the product line is fairly new. About four years ago J.T. found himself eyeing an embroidered belt in the Pinehurst golf shop. It was excessively expensive and not made in the United States. Like any good golfing patriot, J.T.refused to pay that kind of dough for foreign merchandise and created his own product line. A click on the link above will show you more of what J.T. Spencer has to offer. The belts are just like the Peter Millar embroided belts I’ve already showed you. They are very high quality with more customization options than you can think of.


Corporate logos, course logos, school logos, palm trees, cocktails, fish….you name it, they can do it. They’ll even customize the label to have your own golf shop shown. I picked up one of these a few weeks ago just to add a splash of color to my belt game. Both the Peter Millar and JT Spencer embroidered belts retail at about $85. I’ve been very satisfied with the ones I have. In fact, I think its become an addiction as I can’t wait to go buy my next one.

**ShutFaceGolf is not in any way affiliated with Peter Millar or J.T. Spencer, nor has any endorsement of this product been paid for by either company. The views expressed in this post are solely from the author and publisher of ShutFaceGolf.com. In other words, I just really like the belts. I hope you do to. Enjoy!

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2015 U.S. Open: Day 3

Stop The Madness, Play Ball

No more complaining, no more preparing, its time to get the party started. That is exactly what will happen bright and early tomorrow morning on the West coast. Sadly, golf nuts in the Central and Eastern time zones will be waiting around anxiously most of the day for the 2nd major of 2015 to start. I don’t think the anticipation for a U.S. Open to begin as ever been higher. There are almost too many unknowns to keep track of.

Embedded image permalink

– How will Fox do broadcasting?

– Will the USGA lose the course?

– Will the course be too hard?

– Will the spectators be able to view the action?

– Will Holly Sonders have a nip slip?

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 10.37.43 PM

– Who will win?

– When will Mike Davis alter par at holes 1 and 18?

– What tee will be played at the 9th?

– Will anyone listen to Joe Buck?

– How will Tiger play?

Embedded image permalink

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. My guesses to the answers of those questions are: shitty, yes, no, who cares, yes please, Bubba, upper/lower alternating, I hope not, and better. That is a lot going on. What shouldn’t be lost on anyone is that this will be our first sighting of Holly since she left the Golf Channel. Some of you sly pervs probably saw her provide 4 ball coverage and U.S. Open previews on Fox 1. If you don’t have Fox 1, get your fapping in this weekend while you can.

The other thing with Fox is all the new tech they’ll bring to the game. Drones with live air views, RC cars with cameras moving about the fairways, cameras on rails that follow the players up the fairways, and some really cool shot tracer technology and data. We’re all going to love that aspect of their broadcast. Hopefully that offsets the shitty ‘talent’ they’ve decided to put to work (Holly is the exception) this week.

The USGA Will Also Steal Money From Your Grandma

Besides the unknown discussed above and the standard complaining about the course, its been a relatively quiet week at Chambers Bay leading up to Thursday. One note that broke out today was the USGA’s treatment of alternates that are not yet in the championship field. Steve Elling broke the news with the following tweet. Aussie golfer Clint Price is an alternate for the U.S. Open who will be sitting near the 1st and 10th tees on Thursday ready to go in case someone withdraws before they hit their opening tee shot. Just in case a spot opens Price decided he should get a look at the course and was invited out to play with fellow Aussie, Geoff Ogilvy.

As Elling goes on to tell, Price shouldn’t have been allowed to play according to the USGA. Alternates cannot play practice rounds until they are in the official field. If you read the article, you saw that the USGA cooked Price’s goose by taking his clubs in the middle of the round. That seems a little harsh. And what a stupid fucking rule to begin with. Just a few weeks ago Mike Davis said that players will need about 10 practice rounds at Chambers Bay to have a chance to win. Now an alternate that might get into the field as late as the last tee time on Thursday evening not only would have to wait around all day to play but would have to do so without ever seeing the course. What kind of Mickey Mouse bull shit is that? Davis is probably the same kind of guy that never let his kids believe in Santa Claus or the tooth fairy.

Tiger To Tune In 

With regard for Davis’ comment about practice rounds above, most players have been on site all week analyzing the course like a college drunk cramming for a mid term exam. And even after all that preparation, they still don’t know how the course will play on Thursday. Leave it to Tiger to have a strategy in play just for that.

Something tells me he won’t be the only one watching early before he tees off. That really could be a huge advantage. He’ll know hole locations, bounces, and even some wind directions and speeds (thanks to Fox) before he gets to the course. None of that will help to fix his swing, but almost every other player going later in the day on Thursday will have a big advantage on the morning wave.

Who You Got? 

Its put up or shut up time in Vegas, so leave a comment and tell us who you got, who you’d bet on, etc. My heart thinks it may be Phil’s time, but my gut says Bubba is going to play well here for some bizarre reason (shudders). Here’s some odds on a good chunk of the field that actually has a chance to win this thing. If they’re in bold I see value in the pick. An * means I see them as a dark horse. Happy betting. It’s go time!

Rory McIlroy 6/1

Jordan Spieth 8/1

Dustin Johnson 15/1

Justin Rose 15/1

Phil Mickelson 15/1

Rickie Fowler 20/1

Jason Day 30/1

Henrik Stenson 30/1

Bubba Watson 30/1

Adam Scott 30/1

Sergio Garcia 30/1

Jimmy Walker 30/1

Hideki Matsuyama 30/1

Jim Furyk 30/1

Matt Kuchar 40/1

Martin Kaymer 40/1

Brandt Snedeker 40/1

Billy Horschel 40/1

Patrick Reed 50/1

Brooks Koepka 50/1

Keegan Bradley 50/1

Tiger Woods 60/1

Graeme McDowell 60/1

Ryan Moore 60/1

Zach Johnson 60/1

Paul Casey 60/1

Ian Poulter 60/1

J.B. Holmes 80/1

Hunter Mahan 80/1

Louis Oosthuizen 80/1*

Lee Westwood 80/1

Bill Haas 80/1

Jason Dufner 80/1

Webb Simpson 80/1

Luke Donald 80/1

Chris Kirk 80/1

Kevin Na 80/1

Charley Hoffman 80/1*

Francesco Molinari 80/1

Gary Woodland 100/1

Ryan Palmer 100/1

Marc Leishman 100/1*

Charl Schwartzel 125/1

Jamie Donaldson 125/1*

Russell Henley 125/1

Branden Grace 125/1

Danny Willet 125/1

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2015 U.S. Open: Day 2

Crispy And Crusty

Thanks to the USGA and the cooperation of Mother Nature, Chambers Bay is right where course set up wizard Mike Davis wants it right now……dry and more dry. You don’t believe me? Check out this tweet from competitor Lee McCoy.

That is insane. I realize this area isn’t turf players are expected to play off of, but that stuff is dead. It can’t come back. Why not water it just to save the grass? And at what point with dry fescue make a player slip thanks to wearing soft spikes on it? The other issue I have with these conditions is the fact that a lot of luck will be involved with who wins based on the bounces they get. It isn’t fair, and that is golf, but do you end up with a deserving champion based on these elements? It certainly does make the 7600 yard track play shorter.

To counter such conditions several players have put 2 irons in their bag for the week to replace hybrid and/or fairway woods. Hmmmm…….if the idea for doing that has something to do with keeping the ball on the ground, I’m not sure why it makes sense. I think hitting it higher with woods and hybrids will give you a better chance of keeping your ball in play and on greens. Wind shouldn’t be a factor. If the decision is based on the ease of hitting the irons off the fried turf, then I get it.

Embedded image permalink

That is the deuce of Justin Rose. He even has a special grind from the tour van that took the digit off the bottom. That is why you see it stamped on the site (via John Wall). A lot of the Taylormade staffers have similar looking sticks in their bags for Chambers.

Press This

Tuesday at most big tournaments is when the big boys sit down with golf journos to discuss life. At a major, you get other non golf types that ask stupid questions and make pre-tourney pressers pointless. If you missed Phil’s, Tiger’s, Rory’s, or Jordan’s (which was Monday) you didn’t miss much. In summary, Phil likes the course, Tiger thinks it is hard, Jordan is trying to embrace it, and Rory isn’t worried about his recent missed cuts. Seriously, that’s about it. I heard the 15 year old kid was entertaining but I missed that one entirely.

Meanwhile, in all other things Tiger Woods, reports from the course are that he looked pretty good. Jason Day played with him and agreed. Some video of him on the range even showed less head dipping and a smooth tempo in his swing. Too bad he rarely brings “Ranger Rick” to the golf course. He also had this bizarre rehearsal move going on as shown below.

Embedded image permalink

No, he wasn’t mocking Furyk. Honestly, I have no fucking clue what he’s trying to do there.

Barstool Bubba Take

If there’s anything you should take note of from Tuesday it’s the following take from Barstool Sports. Seemingly prodded by the crazy putt I showed you yesterday that Bubba tweeted last week from Chambers Bay, Barstool took the opportunity to open up and tell us how we feel about Bubba without us really knowing it. I know when I read it I thought, “yeah….that’s it, perfect.” I’m guessing you will too. The hot take can be found here and I’m sure those guys would appreciate the click. I’ve also put it below because its just too good not to share.

Shut up, Bubba.  Just shut the fuck up.  Stop saying “You’re welcome” after you do trick shots.  It’s not cool.  Nobody thinks it’s cool except you.  That video perfectly sums up Bubba Watson.  Was that putt awesome?  Hell yes it was.  A super cool video and representation of just how fucking crazy the greens are gonna be at Chambers Bay next week.  But he ruined it, right at the last second like he always does.  He’s always THIS CLOSE to being the cool guy but then he screws it up somehow.  It’s always that way with him.  His name is Bubba.  That’s awesome.  He drives around on hover craft golf carts.  That’s awesome.  His golf game is self-taught, he doesn’t need a coach and it’s an extremely fun style to watch.  People love watching him crush drives. But his personality sucks.  No amount of trick shots or 350 yard drives can make up for it. It’s exactly why Bubba was voted Least Likely To Help In A Street Fight by the other Tour players. The guy sucks.

That is what he does. He ruins shit you should enjoy. He ruined two Masters, he’s ruining cool stuff on Periscope, he ruins Ryder Cups, and he very well could ruin this U.S. Open if he wins it.

Happy Birthday Bitch Tits

Phil Mickelson’s birthday has become a U.S. Open week tradition, sort of. Today FIGJAM turned 45 years old. Read that again and let it sink in. He’s only 5 years away from his Champions Tour debut. I remember thinking how old Hale Irwin was in 1990 when he won the open at Medinah. If Phil won this week that would make him the 2nd oldest open champ next to Hale.

Embedded image permalink

It would also complete his career grand slam on the 50th anniversary of Gary Player doing so. Hmmm……..Phil clearly loves the course, but him winning would almost be too much for the golf world to take this week. I’d have to mute Joe Buck if Phil pulls this off on Sunday night.

Embedded image permalink

How did Phil celebrate getting halfway to 90? He walked around Chambers having ‘Happy Birthday’ sang to him everywhere he went by the fans. He also had a big money match with Jimmy Walker, Brandt Snedeker, and Rickie Fowler. Rumor has it that Jimmy and Brandt let Phil win for his birthday. Nice.

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2015 U.S. Open: Day 1

Quit Your Bitching

The U.S. Open hasn’t even started yet and the players, golf journos, and golf traditionalists are already bitching about it. That must mean the USGA has done its job properly. Some of the players are starting to wrap their head around a different type of U.S. Open. I think Jason Day is one of them. He retweeted this fun little shot from the 18th tee today.

That snippet of video shows you some of what Chambers Bay has to offer. The ruins of the old buildings on the quarry site provide a lot of character and make the track look like it was made from an old Tiger Woods EA Sports video game. I think I’m going to love watching this, but I’ll need to ignore the bitching to do so. The players are complaining because its only Monday and the course is firm and fast. They’re afraid of being embarrassed by posting big numbers. Shut up and play. Par doesn’t matter one fucking bit. I’d gladly post +27 for four rounds if it meant winning a major championship.  Also, their concern would hold more water (pun intended) if the wind was going to be more of a factor. According to various forecasts, there won’t be a day that has wind above 10 mph. That is fairly calm on a course of this style.

Embedded image permalink

One legitimate complaint heard throughout the Chambers Bay open will be about the terrain. As you can see by the picture of Keegan Bradley above (tweeted by Jason Dufner during their practice round) you need to be part mountain goat to traverse the grounds. While this will test the fitness of the contenders, it will also be a disaster for journos and fans trying to get around the property. The whiny media is already complaining about their commute to the course via shuttle too. We’ve heard all this before when the PGA was at Kiawah. Please folks, just talk about the golf. We don’t care about your shuttle rides and lousy accommodations. Your life isn’t a struggle.

And lets settle one more thing while we’re here. The course is long, but it’s not too long. When you get 75 yards of roll off a driver and several of your tee shots play down hill, the 8000 yard course will play much, much shorter. The 546 yard par 4 getting much attention will probably play more like 450 if compared to the saturated courses most of us play.

The King Of Complaints? 

When there is complaining to be done, Gerry Watson can usually be found at the front of the line. That isn’t the case this here, at least not yet. Bubs got to the Pacific Northwest last week and is showing his fans what he’s up to via Periscope. I tuned in to see what his shenanigans were, mostly to mock him, but it turns out he’s been pretty entertaining. First, he and his whacky group act like stoned teenagers for much of each broadcast. I’m serious. They’re bouncing of the walls, look at me……its weird. That part I can do without, but the rest is really interesting. Bubba has given us a inside look at his practice rounds, his prep, tweaking his equipment in the Ping trailer, and several candid moments in the courtesy car with his boys. I highly recommend tuning in.

I think Watson is embracing all that is Chambers Bay. Before he found Periscope, he tweeted this video of a putt from one of his first loops around CB.

Crazy. That fucker went viral in about 6 minutes. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really like his chances because of how creative he can be. The course is very similar to Whistling Straits from what I can tell. You probably forgot that Watson lost the 2010 PGA in a playoff at Kohler.

50 To 1 Should Be 500 To 1

Tiger Woods has made his way to Chambers Bay. He came in early over the weekend to get a few extra looks at the golf course as advised by the USGA’s Executive Director, Mike Davis. He could play it 100 more times and it wouldn’t matter. The U.S. Open is not the place to show up in hopes of finding your game. Last we saw TW was in the midst of his train wreck of a weekend at the Memorial. I can’t imagine he can make the cut this week, but he showed up anyway and had some new gear in tow.

He tweeted the pic below and told his followers that the new head covers alongside Frank were Father’s Day gifts from his son and daughter.


Embedded image permalink

Well, now that we know that we can get on with our lives. The rest of the all-things-Tiger news for Monday was pretty quiet. That’ll change tomorrow when Golf Channel’s Tiger Tracker is on site reporting on anything the Big Cat does. There’s no Rory news from Monday either, but Nike did release the $wooshed duos scripted outfits for the week.

I’m pretty sure Nike doesn’t make either of their head covers so I find it strange that they show them with their outfits for each major. Otherwise, both have pretty clean looks for the week….I’m in.

On The Tee

The USGA announced tee times late on Friday afternoon last week and to my surprise there is no sign of their usual ‘Prick Pairing’. Twenty five years ago this would have been whatever group Scott Hoch was in. Now I’m not so sure who got that nod. Mike Davis was a little pissed at FIGJAM after the 2013 open at Merion, so the prick group might be Phil and Bubba’s. What did El Pato due to deserve that?  There’s also no ‘fat guy’ pairing like we had with Shane Lowery and Brendon deJonge last year.

Because the times were made last week you will see a few ‘TBDs’ on the docket. Those were spots saved for any player that jumped into the top 60 in the world rankings as of today. No one made that leap over the weekend so several alternates were added to the field. One of those was Kevin Chappell, the tour pro who missed a short putt to eliminate himself from a 5 for 3 playoff last week at his sectional. Good for him.

Also of note in the time below is Michael Putnam, the first name on the sheet. He’s a local and he also hit the first ever shot at Chambers Bay when it opened in 2008. Now he gets the first whack at a ball in the courses first major. Well done, Mr. Davis.

All times below are Eastern.

First hole-10th hole

10 a.m.-4 p.m. — Michael Putnam, United States; Marcus Fraser, Australia; TBD.

10:11 a.m.-4:11 p.m. — Garth Mulroy, South Africa; Richard Lee, United States; Lucas Bjerregaard, Denmark.

10:22 a.m.-4:22 p.m. — Jason Allred, United States; a-Kyle Jones, United States; Cody Gribble, United States.

10:33 a.m.-4:33 p.m. — Phil Mickelson, United States; Bubba Watson, United States; Angel Cabrera, Argentina.

10:44 a.m.-4:44 p.m. — Liang Wen-Chong, China; David Hearn, Canada; Hiroyuki Fujita, Japan.

10:55 a.m.-4:55 p.m. — Robert Streb, United States; a-Lee McCoy, United States; TBD.

11:06 a.m.-5:06 p.m. — George McNeill, United States; Masahiro Kawamura, Japan; Cameron Tringale, United States.

11:17 a.m.-5:17 p.m — Henrik Stenson, Sweden; Francesco Molinari, Italy; Brandt Snedeker, United States.

11:28 a.m.-5:28 p.m. — Jim Furyk, United States; Miguel Angel Jimenez, Spain; Colin Mongtomerie, Scotland.

11:39 a.m.-5:39 p.m. — Brooks Koepka, United States; Russell Henley, United States; Byeong-Hun An, South Korea.

11:50 a.m.-5:50 p.m. — Jason Dufner, United States; Marc Warren, Scotland; Matt Every, United States.

12:01 p.m.-6:01 p.m. — Brandon Hagy, United States; a-Matthew NeSmith, United States; Sebastian Cappelen, Denmark.

12:12 p.m.-6:12 p.m. — a-Nick Hardy, United States; Alex Kim, United States; Rich Berberian Jr., United States.

4 p.m.-10 a.m. — Jason Palmer, England; Roberto Castro, United States; Andres Romero, Argentina.

4:11 p.m.-10:11 a.m. — a-Denny McCarthy, United States; D.A. Points, United States, Shiv Kapur, India.

4:22 p.m.-10:22 a.m. — a-Bryson DeChambeau, United States; Blayne Barber, United States; Billy Hurley, United States;

4:33 p.m.-10:33 a.m. — Geoff Ogilvy, Australia; Ernie Els, South Africa; Retief Goosen, South Africa.

4:44 p.m.-10:44 a.m. — Bo Van Pelt, United States; Charlie Beljan, United States; Tony Finau, United States.

4:55 p.m-10:55 a.m. — Lee Janzen, United States; a-Ollie Schniederjans, United States; Darren Clarke, Northern Ireland.

5:06 p.m.-11:06 a.m. — Daniel Summerhays, United States; Thomas Aiken, South Africa; Danny Lee, New Zealand.

5:17 p.m.-11:17 a.m. — Jordan Spieth, United States; Jason Day, Australia; Justin Rose, England.

5:28 p.m.-11:28 a.m. — Tiger Woods, United States; Rickie Fowler, United States; Louis Oosthuizen, South Africa.

5:39 p.m.-11:39 a.m. — Jimmy Walker, United States; Zach Johnson, United States; Ian Poulter, England.

5:50 p.m.-11:50 a.m. — Ryan Moore, United States; Anirban Lahiri, India, Erik Compton, United States.

6:01 p.m.-12:01 p.m. — a-Jake Knapp, United States; Tyler Duncan, United States; Matt Mabrey, United States.

6:12 p.m.-12:12 p.m. — Michael Davan, United States; a-David Riley, United States; Andrew Pope, United States.


10th hole-First hole

10 a.m.-4 p.m. — Troy Kelly, United States; Seuk Hyun Baek, South Korea; Cameron Smith, Australia.

10:11 a.m.-4:11 p.m. — John Parry, England; TBD; a-Jack Maguire, United States.

10:22 a.m.-4:22 p.m. — Tim O’Neal, United States; Stephan Jaeger, United States; Kurt Barnes, Australia.

10:33 a.m.-4:33 p.m. — Gary Woodland, United States; Victor Dubuisson, France; John Senden, Australia.

10:44 a.m.-4:44 p.m. — TBD; Morgan Hoffmann, United States; Bernd Wiesberger, Austria.

10:55 a.m.-4:55 p.m. — Marcel Siem, Germany; Alexander Levy, France; Brian Harman, United States.

11:06 a.m.-5:06 p.m. — Hideki Matsuyama, Japan; Graeme McDowell, Northern Ireland; Matt Kuchar, United States.

11:17 a.m.-5:17 p.m. — Dustin Johnson, United States; Adam Scott, Australia; Sergio Garcia, Spain.

11:28 a.m.-6:28 p.m. — Martin Kaymer, Germany; a-Gunn Yang, South Korea; Rory McIlroy, Northern Ireland.

11:39 a.m.-5:39 p.m. — Patrick Reed, United States; Chris Kirk, United States; Jamie Donaldson, Wales.

11:50 a.m.-5:50 p.m. — Webb Simpson, United States; Keegan Bradley, United States; Kevin Na, United States.

12:01 p.m.-6:01 p.m. — a-Sam Horsfield, England; Shunsuke Sonoda, Japan; Oliver Farr, Wales.

12:12 p.m.-6:10 p.m. — Kevin Lucas, United States; Pat Wilson, United States; a-Cole Hammer, United States.

4 p.m.-10 a.m. — Tom Hoge, United States; Brad Fritsch, Canada; Tjaart van der Walt, South Africa.

4:11 p.m.-10:11 a.m. — Brad Elder, United States; a-Beau Hossler, United States; Jamie Lovemark, United States.

4:22 p.m.-10:22 a.m. — Ryo Ishikawa, Japan; Luke Donald, England; J.B. Holmes, United States.

4:33 p.m.-10:33 a.m. — Lucas Glover, United States; a-Bradley Neil, Scotland; Marc Leishman, Australia.

4:44 p.m.-10:44 a.m. — Ryan Palmer, United States; Joost Luiten, The Netherlands; Danny Willett, England.

4:55 p.m.-10:55 a.m. — TBD; George Coetzee, South Africa; Alexander Noren, Sweden.

5:06 p.m.-11:06 a.m. — Brendon Todd, United States; Branden Grace, South Africa; Thongchai Jaidee, Thailand.

5:17 p.m.-11:17 a.m. — Billy Horschel, United States; Paul Casey, England; Lee Westwood, England.

5:28 p.m.-11:28 a.m. — Bill Haas, United States; Charl Schwartzel, South Africa; Hunter Mahan, United States.

5:39 p.m.-11:39 a.m. — Shane Lowry, Ireland; Ben Martin, United States; Stephen Gallacher, Scotland.

5:50 p.m.-11:50 a.m. — Charley Hoffman, United States; Camilo Villegas, Colombia; Tommy Fleetwood, England.

6:01 p.m.-12:01 p.m. — Mark Silvers, United States; a-Brian Campbell, United States; Cheng-Tsung Pan, Taiwan.

6:12 p.m.-12:12 p.m. — TBD; Jared Becher, United States; Sam Saunders, United States.

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